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The Lutecium Cooperative is the new style of the Lutecium domain. It is essentially managed by the users.

Lutecium is a Non Profit Organization located in Paris

One of the major object of the Lutecium Site is the questions regarding Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis.
A brief history of the site is available.

An important page is the Subscribe entry or Products Page entry which will invite to support the site with some financial participation. As they are the only way to get some funds.

When a text is not presented in its original language, it is translated automatically by a robot. The result is usually pretty poor. The users are invited to correct the errors generated by  the robots. For this, check the “modify translation” tag and edit it.

If your mother tongue is not in the present list send a mail to the Lutecium Webmaster to have it added.

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