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11-04-1906 Freud to Jung

1 F

11. 4. 06.

IX, Berggasse 191.

My honored colleague,

My heartfelt thanks for sending your Diagnostic Studies Association2, by whose impatience I had acquired. This is of course your last job, "Psychology and experience of association", that made me the greatest pleasure, since, relying on experience, you said that I did not say anything as true of hitherto unexplored areas of our discipline. I expect that you will certainly still often led me to confirm, and I find so readily corrected.

Yours colleague,

Dr Freud.

  1. Was simplified in this edition printed in the header (on paper 13,5 X 17 cm. (For the full header, see facsimile pl. 2). Freud uses a different header from the letter 52 F.
  2. Diagnostic Association Studies; Contributions to experimental psychopathology, flight. The, Leipzig, 1906. The book contains six works of Jung and other doctors of asylum cantonal and university clinic of Psychiatry in Zurich Burghölzli. Young, who ran the experiments, is also the editor. The works were first published in 1904. at 1906 in the Journal of Psychology and Neurology as separate items, followed 1906 at 1909 six other trials which appeared in 1909 combined in the second volume of Diagnostic studies. Jung's work, y compris " Psychoanalysis and association test », 1906, be found in the Collected Works, Rascher, Stuttgart et Zurich, 1966, flight. II. [Henceforth abbreviated, G. In. and Arabic numerals.] The first reference was made public by Freud Jung in June 1906 in a lecture at a seminar of jurisprudence from the University of Vienna : « Tatbestandsdiagnostik und Psychoanalyse » [ "Psychoanalysis and the establishment of the facts in judicial matters by a diagnostic method., in Tests applied psychoanalysis, Gallimard, 1971, p. 45] Archives of Criminal Anthropology and Criminology, XXVI, 1906 : « [These tests] only became meaningful and fruitful when Bleuler in Zurich and his students, especially Jung, began to deal with such "experiments of association". [Entire melte works, henceforth abbreviated G. In. and Roman numeral, VII, 4].