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26-11-1906 Jung to Freud

6 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 26. XI. 19o6.

Honored Professor!

In the same letter you will receive a reprint, a response to the conference Aschaffenburg (1). I arranged a little thing my subjective point of view, That is why you will perhaps not agree with everything. I hope I did not hurt you with it! In any case I wrote honest conviction. Moreover, I also pleaded your cause in Tübingen (2) the assem-bly of alienists, in the face of opposition overwritten health-, in wherein the Privy Hoche (3) distinguished himself by the stupidity of his arguments. Fortunately, the Gaupp (4) is then stored a little more on our side, assuming that at least something worth being examined.

I recently rescanned an obsessional neurosis in a German colleague - naturally again complexes sex up to the seventh year! After the first session already, disappearance of anxiety, However, that still shows a strong tendency to reappear, course only subsequent to trauma. I think it is extremely important for the therapeutic there already or not tic provisions and habits of thought already stereotyped (formatting cleavage *, by habit, all the unpleasant). As far as I've seen, the’ "Hysteria tumance deliv- ** "Usually responds poorly to the analysis.

It may interest you to know that Dr Frank (5), the former director of the insane asylum Münsterlingen, here also uses your analysis with great success and has created a great practice in a very short time. There is still a great connoisseur and practicing your method, D is ther Bezzola (6), médecin-chef du sanatorium lock hardware, canton de Thurgovie. Both agree to try your method is an event that opens up new avenues for neurological practice. They both spoke recently in this direction in Tübingen. This makes them both fun nonetheless (humanly) to allow you to depart on a few points. You see that your design made rapid progress in Switzerland. In Germany, however, it seems that the current generation must first destroy. It stifles the prejudices.

With expressing my respect, Your most devoted


1. "The theory of hysteria Freud; a response to the Aschaffenburg- burgsche criticism » [The Freudian theory of hysteria; a reply to the criticism of Aschaffenburg], Munich medical weekly, LIII, No. 47, 20 November 1906, G.W., 4.

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3. Alfred Erich Hoche (1865-1943), professor of psychiatry at Freiburg im Breisgau; decided opponent of psychoanalysis.

4. Robert Eugene Gaupp (1870-1953), professor of neurology and psychiatry at Tübingen. Editor of International journal of Neurology and Psychiatry.

5. Ludwig Frank ( 1863-1935), neurologue à Zurich, supporter of Forel. Cf. 17 J, n. 4.

6. Dumeng Bezzola (1868-1936), psychiatrist from the Grisons, one of the leaders of the anti-alcohol.

* And allemand : Secession. (N.d.T.)

** And allemand : « Habituation hysteria ". (N.d.T.)