01-01-1907 Freud to Jung

11 F

1. The. 1907.

My honored colleague,

Please abandon this error quickly that your writing on dementia praecox did not extremely pleased. The simple fact that I criticized can prove. Car, if it were otherwise, I find enough for you to hide diplomacy. It would indeed be very unwise to offend you, you, using the highest that has ever been associated with me. I see reality in your essay on d. pr. contribution to my work the most important and richest is reached me, and I see among my students in Vienna, you have the advantage of probably not unique personal contact with me, in fact one that can be put on the same level as you for understanding, and no one who is able to do the same for your cause, and ready to do. I interrupted a letter should be more detailed, partly for reasons of accidental, partly because my guess, confirmed by you, the identity of the dreamer made me stop. I just thought you would have been able to meet without betraying the interpretation tree trunk penis =, and’ "Alternation1 »

career (horse . I hear you now

( Lifetime

omitted the first mention for reasons of diplomatic prudence. The only thing inaccurate, that is to say capable of arousing an inaccurate representation, seemed to be the name of the wish fulfilled in the dream, which can, as you know, be shown that once the analysis is completed, but that is for reasons of principle stating otherwise you do not write. If you let me try to influence, I would urge you not to grant resistance, you encounter, as well as me, particular importance, and such an effect on your publications. The great gentlemen of psychiatry have little importance; the future belongs to us and our designs, and youth is - probably all - strongly left for us. I realize Vienna, where colleagues, as you know, systematically observe my account dead silence and where occasionally an apprentice me destroys any; and where I still 40 listeners gathered from all faculties (2). Since Bleuler and you, and to some extent also Löwenfeld (3), I have opened a certain audience in the literature, the movement of our novelty can be stopped, despite the reluctance of authorities, destined to perish. I find therefore very appropriate that we share the duties as our character and personal circumstances, you try to mediate with your head, while I continue to play the stubborn one who is always right, and assume my contemporaries they swallow the piece not unpleasant diluted. But please, do not give anything of substance by gently teaching and kindness, and do not stray too much from me, when in reality you are so close, or we will see that we still oppose one to the other. Indeed, I believe nevertheless secretly, in the particular circumstances of the case, that most * Sincerity is the best diplomacy. I tend not to treat colleagues who are in resistance other than the patients who are in the same situation.

Of 1′ "Indistinctness" which should save quite a bit of dream work, there is much to say, too much for this can be written. Maybe your way you will it lead however in Vienna earlier in America (4) (is closer). I rejoice greatly to devote a few hours to discuss these things with you.

Many things contained in your book I have not written, because I totally agree with them; that is to say : I can not do anything without objection accepting these lights. (About my case (5), I still think it deserves the name of true paranoia.) But I had a lot of new things to learn. The problem of "choice of neurosis", you rightly say it is not at all clear by my discoveries, I was very busy during this time. I totally screwed up my first attempt at explanation, therefore I hold. I, it is true, on a certain channel, but not there yet. About your inclination to use here already toxins (6), I would love to watch you jump to a component which of course I attribute a much greater value than you at this time; you know, the + + + (7)sexuality. You dismiss the issue : I myself am not able to end it with; What wonder then that we do not know one another as? Nemo me impune lacessit (8) sounds to my ears, the time the gym.

The ancients knew what god Eros is usually inexorable.

At present my cordial greetings for the new year. Continue to work together and leave no misunderstanding between us form.

Your very devoted

Dr Freud.

Small observation was ready for you before your letter.

1. Cf. Young, "The new views Delia criminal psychology», Journal of Applied Psychology, flight. IV, No. 4, July to August 1908; [work translated into German appear in G.W., 2, where, in § 1135, an explanation of employment by Freud of the d Word’ "alternate". (Change).] (Freud did not use that term, however, these writings, This letter is the only occurrence). The "career", etc., see Dementia praecox, G.W., 3, § 13o.

2. Freud did every Thursday and Saturday classes at the University of Vienna, Cf. Jones, The, p. 375.

3. Leopold Löwenfeld {1857-1923), psychiatrist in Munich, was published in 1901 Freud writes About the dream (The dream) collection Border issues Nervous- and mental life, he was with H. Kurella editor. He also included contributions of Freud in two of his own books : "The marriage Freud psychoanalytic method" [Freud's psychoanalytic method] (ed. franç. in Technology psychoanalytical, p. 1 sq.) in The psychological coercion phenomena [Psychic phenomena obsessive], Wiesbaden, 1904, et «My views on the role of sexuality in the aetiology of the neuroses" [My opinions on the role of sexuality in the etiology of neuroses] G.W., In, in 4and edition Sex life and nervous disorders [Sexual life and disease-ner veuses], Wiesbaden, 1906.

4. The desire of the dreamer (So Jung) visit America plays, a role in dream analysis mentioned above. Cf. G.W., 3, § 124.

5. Freud, "Further remarks on the defense neuro-psychoses" ["Further comments on ¡neurotic psychoses of defense"], 1896, para-graphe III : "Analysis of a case of chronic paranoia", G.W., The, p. 392 s., Jung says the case in Dementia praecox, G.W., 3, § 62 sq.

6. See ibid., § 75, as 85 J, n. 4.

7. Recalls the three crosses drawn in chalk inside doors farmhouses, to ward off evil.

8. "No one provokes me with impunity. "It seems that this is not an ancient currency, but the motto of the Order of the Thistle Scottish, or order of St. Andrew. Cf. Ch. N. Elvin, A Handbook of Mottoes, 1860, Lon-don reprint, 1963.

* And allemand : greatest; reading adopted by edition princeps ; the German edi-tion gives coarsest : the roughest sincerity. (N.d.T.)

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