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30-05-1907 Jung to Freud

28 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 30. In. 07.

Honored Professor!

Today I can not unfortunately short answer to your kind letter if, because I am constantly taken by all sorts of matters concerning the clinical.

Receive my warm foremost thank you for the news about Jensen. It's almost like you could imagine. Yet he accuses his medicine, here is excellent and arteriosclerotic already alarmingly. In the circle of my knowledge on bed Materials with pleasure. Women are the ones who best understand what you are doing, and usually immediately. Only those who have a culture of 'psychological' boards have before my eyes.

I gladly write something for your collection. This idea is very friendly. I just do not know what. It would have to be something suitable. The section of the Future or something like that would be too bad; Harden me l'a extorqué. I'd never written spontaneously. At this time it is the experimental work that I meet the more, and they are not adapted to a wider circle of readers. It is not excluded that the dementia praecox sends me, its inexhaustible depth, something good. To this is added as an obstacle that I have for now so overloaded with administrative work that I just found the time to my own work. A fortiori there is no question of material immerse myself in the. A systematic development of dementia praecox is also impossible for the same reasons, because there must be an unlimited time. So I formed the project, there is some time, to change my situation so that I have more free time, able to devote myself entirely to scientific work. My project, RAM-ment is supported by the Pr Bleuler, is assistant clinical or laboratory psychology, as more or less independent institute, I would then appointed director. In this way I would be independent, freed from the shackles of service in the institution and I could work exclusively on what I want. From this then I would tend to separate the professorship of psychiatry at the direction of the establishment. Because the two together, this is too much and it prevents productive scientific work. It is true that I would not leave the actual career of psychiatrist asylum, but the damage was not so great. I would anyway equipment. And I can imagine that I would have enough satisfaction with the only scientific work. As I can see in my dreams the last period, this change has an underground base "metapsychological-sexual", which is trans-parent for you, and which I also promise a series of sensations of pleasure. Who knows your science has tasted the tree of paradise and became light.

I still relaterai different things soon.

Yours most dedicated,

your Jung.

26-05-1907 Freud to Jung

27 F

26 may 07.

My dear colleague,

Warm thank you for your praise of Materials! You would not believe how few men come to something like this, This is actually the first time I hear about it a warm speech. (Not, I must not be unfair to your cousin(?) Riklin.) This time I knew little work deserves praise; it was done on sunny days 2 and gave me so much pleasure to myself. It brings nothing new to us, but I think it allows us to celebrate our rich. I do not expect that it certainly does open your eyes to the severe opposition; long since I tend more ear on that side, I hope and since so little of the conversion of the professional, I have brought to your testing galvanometer, as you rightly recognized, a half-interest, what you now have me punished. A profession of faith as me yours is actually more valuable than the approval of Congress over, also because it provides me in passing that future congresses will give me their approval.

If you are interested in the fate of the Materials, I drained maintenance-aware about it. So far there has been only one report in a Viennese newspaper 3, laudatory, but devoid of understanding and affect that could be for example about your demented. A journalist like this, who does not understand the accent of passionate abstract property, it does nothing to write : Mathematicians say that 2X2 frequently 4, or : 0n ensures that 2 X 2 are not usually 5.

That Jensen himself said? He spoke very loved-ably 4. In the first letter he expressed his joy, etc., and stated that the analysis was, for all the essential, hit the intentions of the small work. Hence it does not hear our theory course, as well as in general, by old man, he seems unable to understand other intentions than its own poetic intentions. He thought the match was probably put in the account of poetic intuition, and may need to assign a part in medical studies he made at the beginning. In a second letter I then became indiscreet and I asked about the subjective poetic work, from where the material came from, where his person, and other things. I then learned that it is actually ancient relief, he owns a copy Nanny (5) Munich, but has never seen the original. It is itself a fantasy woven this, namely that it is a Pompeian; himself loved to dream in the furnace from noon to Pompeii and entered once there in an almost visionary. Otherwise he knows nothing about the source material; in another early work it suddenly came, he left everything aside, began to write, has never been blocked, almost always found it just as ready and arrived at the end of a line. This probably means that further analysis would lead to his own childhood through to his own most intimate erotic. Everything is new fantasy egocentric.

In conclusion let me express the hope that something will happen to you as you one day that you will able to interest a circle of secular, and then you just doterez my collection rather than Future (6).

You are right, I kept silent about the’ "Bird", for reasons that are known to you, respect the publisher and the public, or soothing your influence, as you want. Someone who takes care of the issue will be very grateful for the reference work Steinthal. Riklin I was made aware of work in the journal Steinthal (7) in 1869. Hear- you the same thing?

I'm really curious to see the work of Bleuler on dem. It will probably contain a progress report to the theory of sexuality, but little progress must be. I hope it does not make your job redundant. Theoretical constructs that I sent you twice (8) were for me, I must say, a beautiful torture; this is not my usual kind of work and without observation equipment. But you have nothing against such theorems. If I were younger or richer or reckless, in each of these three cases I will take up to three months in your clinic and together we piocherions this and certainly would come after.

I really have no reason to expect Bezzola and Frank among us. I am glad to B[ezzola] if you got rid of him without sweetness; judging from his acts symptomatic, we do not make him certainly not harm. The mechanism of its success - they are durable? very doubtful, - Is certainly, as you sup-pose, transfer, you say : transposition. I believe that I myself have recently expressed to you this suspicion when I wrote to you for the first time about her (9).

I receive your work well, apart from my reaction this time. Me you should expect in the coming time as the second edition of the Daily Life (towards the end of June), which is taken in one or both of your examples (10). Bresler (11) did not send reprints from little essay on religion and compulsion, you just heard on Wednesday examples where you were with me. The publisher has failed to make! Two small trials, m'a qu'on extorqués (12), probably appear only later.

Thank you very much for two shells from the enemy camp (13). I'm not trying to keep more than a few days, until I can read without affect. It is only the emotional idiocy. First they write as if we had never communicated with dream analysis, case history or explanation of a failed act; However, when they put the nose on the material evidence, they say : but it is not evidence, it is arbitrary. Try to give proof to someone who does not want! There is nothing to do with logic, we can say that it Gottfried of Strasbourg, I believe, has said irreverently of God's judgment :

Holy Christ that create wind as a sleeve is (14).

[the holy Christ is made of wind like a handle].

But let take five to ten years, and analysis " aliquis(15) », Now that is not a proof, will become evidence without that nothing is changed. Nothing is here and continue working, do not waste too much energy rebuttals, leave on the fertility of our designs against the sterility of those we fight. The aggressiveness also clear from the work of each line Isserlin. Some things really are too stupid too; any evidence of ignorance.

Yet, be quiet, all happen. You live now, if I did not see. We are not the first to have to wait until we begin to understand their language. I still think we have more supporters secret that we know; I'm sure you will not be alone in the Amsterdam Congress. For each experiment repeated mockery to us, my belief that we have something great hands grows. In the obituary you write me one day (16), remember me present this testimony : any contradiction that I did not even troubled.

I hope that your head will recover soon, and your workload decreases while. I miss your letters when you're too long pauses.

Your cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

1. This letter was published in part in Sigmund Freud, Corresponding dance 1873-1939 and discussed in Max Schur, Sigmund Freud, p. 298 sqq.

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24-05-1907 Jung to Freud

26 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 24. In. 07.

Honored Professor!

Your Materials is beautiful! I recently read a line. The clarity of your presentation is fascinating, and must, I think, be struck by the gods sevenfold blindness not to see finally. But the real psychiatrists and psychologists to manage all! I do not be surprised if the academic side is brought to this occasion all the platitudes fools we have already raised against you. I must often try to put in the time before the reformation of my mind to experience psychological reasons that are raised against you. Long ago that I do not understand more. My thought then seems not only incorrect and incomplete in terms of understanding, but in truth also poor moral; it now seems like a great dishonesty to myself. You have probably perfectly right in seeking affects the resistance of opponents, especially affects sexual. I am extremely excited to see that the complex sexual tell your public Materials, Yet although harmless in this regard. What I am most angry, it would simply treating it with kindness. Jensen said that (1) itself?

Can I ask you to tell me during what judgment you reserve literary side? A question that you put it down, open, and whose criticism may seize, is why the complex is repressed in Hanold. Why did he leave not carry on track with the singing of canaries and other perceptions?

The role of the bird is also fun. It is in any case for reasons of intelligibility that you did not go further in the direction of this symbol. Do you know the work of Steintlhal (2) the mythology of the bird?

My two silent pauses of recent times is due to the fact that I'm overworked. Pr Bleuler is ill and is in the bathroom for three weeks. During this time I have with me the school management and many other things. I recently made a little more work (3), "way annex", as you would. I had to prove something accurate about reproductive disorders, that goes without saying for you, Moreover, as for me; but you can not write in large letters on the back of these pachyderms, they do not understand. I will send you all the same thing later and you soustrairai not forgetfulness, as my last work on English exams galvanometer (4). My subconscious felt unpleasantly affected, Vienna, what you did not pay our electric exams interest their rightful. The revenge that was to come one day. Late finding!

I'm busy lately discussing Bezzola, also unsatisfactory manner. I examined his case and I myself tried repeatedly. This is the original method of Breuer-Freud, reinforced in the direction of hypnosis. It provides people with a mask and made him relate mainly visual images. It leaves many elements traumatic, it is repeated until they are exhausted. Good results, As far as I could control.

Many people subjected to testing begin in a state of self-hypnosis and sleep-live trauma. It seems to me that there was also confabulé, at least that's what my six year old child that I currently handles; she tells stories purely confabulées and avoids traumatic elements with extreme care. Among uneducated people I've had failures so far with this method. Frank focuses attention by suggestion in hypnosis the traumatic element (provided that there is a!) and a living repeatedly, until exhaustion. The effect of the two methods is not quite understandable for me. I suspect that both spend more or less next to the transposition accompanying. In one of my cases, I treated and, thing was clear to me; woman rented primarily the kindness with which I was interested in his business. I tormented for another two sessions without having any visual image, and it is only when I directly asked about dreams and sexuality she began to come alive. That there was wrong with it, Bezzola is that opposes you in blindness deepest, and it has also begun to lie about me. You better recognized its me - a little soul and […]. Resistance and division in your own camp there are worse.

Your Materials Bleuler said it was wonderful - is that these connections do exist in it, or you could put them anywhere? This sting still bites occasionally in Bleuler, but it is harmless. He is currently writing his work on dem. praec., that one is entitled to expect with impatience. It ensures the continuation of the great "battle Freudian".

In the last issue of the Journal of the entire criminal jurisprudence [General Review of Penal Law], Heilbronner 5 Utrecht submitted the diagnosis of de facto 6 a detailed critique. I'll send along the critical Isserlin. Receive, honored Mr. Pro-fessor, Best greetings from your always devoted


1. Wilhelm Jensen (1837-1911), German playwright and novelist, native of Holstein, which was read to the very time. See the postscript to his study of Freud on Materials.

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23-05-1907 Freud to Jung

25 F

23 may 07.

Dear and honored colleague,

Because you make me wait so long for a response to the Materials, I have to believe that you are deeply engaged in the work of the dem. pr., and I do not want to wait any longer my information.

I see two problems in your writing : a) shall mean that the retraction of the libido away from the object, b) What are the differences between the paranoid projection outside and other projections. I'll tell you what I think.

a) I do not think not the libido withdraws from the real object to fall on the representation fantasy replacement, with which it conducts its game then auto-erotic. According to the meaning of words indeed, it is not auto-erotic as long as an object, that is a real object or fantasy. I believe instead that the libido leaves the object representation, which, by precisely devoid of investment designated as the inner, can be treated as a perception and projected outward. It can then be allowed so to speak coldly for a moment, and subjected to the test of reality usual. "They told me I like coitus. Well they say, but it is not true. "The successful repression would far, libido manifests itself then become free of any auto-erotic as in childhood. - I think all our misunderstandings arise because I do not have enough accentuated the process in two, decomposition of delivery and return of libido libido.

We can then build 3 case. 1) Repression by the process described successfully permanent, then this is the course that seems characteristic of the dem. pr. The projected object representation appears perhaps only temporarily in’ "Delusion", libido definitely runs in auto-eroticism, impoverishes the psyche as if you know exactly.

2) Or else, upon return of libido (failure of the projection), only a portion is directed Towards auto-eroticism, Another new research subject, which must now be found at the end perceptual, and that is treated as a perception. Then the delusion becomes more urgent, contradiction against her increasingly violent, and all combat defense comes again, as rejection of reality (repression turns into rejection [Rejection]), and this may continue for a period, until finally the newly incoming libido is still thrown to the auto-erotic, or in part is permanently fixed in the delirium of desire against the projected object. This is, in proportions varying mixtures, the course of the dem. praecox in the paranoid, If certainly the most impure and the most common,

3) Or the delivery fails completely, after reaching a while the projection object of desire. Libido newly incoming wins now become the object perception, produces extremely strong delusions, libido changes to belief, secondary processing of my trips; women also hides the paranoia, in which auto-eroticism fails to be fully, but the mechanism is, however, explained that through this series up to the dem. pr. complete.

These three patterns that I represent. You'll see what we can prove clinically, thus bringing into existence. I look for now that it is in the dem. pr. the return to pure auto-eroticism is doing the best. What you say is indeed conclusive! I repeat here in passing that I do not believe that the known mechanisms are demonstrable in dem. pr. and not in real paranoia as Bleuler thought.

b) Less clear, because I lack the fresh impressions, are my ideas on the problem (b), how is the paranoid projection from the hysterical projection and projection in amentia. It is certainly in the latter we have the hallucinatory fulfillment purest, where the image of the desired object perception becomes directly, by regression, - Discharge with no libido overvalued. Refoulement concerns me here instead the opponent and reality. There is not here either reversing the sign, pleasure is pleasure, it is not changed in displeasure as paranoia. So for this type - see my analysis of the past (1) - Two characteristics : not discharge the desired object, subtract libido (with excessive force) to the object representation. This is also undergoing a reversal, a prolonged struggle and not a chronic paranoia as in (the. pr.).

In hysteria, the analogous process, hallucination of the idea of ​​what is desired with the subjugation me, occurs, as episode short in crisis, by regression from the object representation to the perception overvalued. Lability that characterizes hysteria. The repressed becomes, only temporarily, displacing the. During its course, any hysteria can become acutely psychotic hallucinations of the above-mentioned species.

In paranoia (which is the theoretical; the. pr. effect appears to be primarily a term clinical), representation of the desired object is never made directly, or by means of regression, due to excessive investment of libido. Here we have the first delivery through the projection, with libidinous investment diminished, and only secondarily on reinforcement by hallucination libido back after discharge. I must say, even if it is demonstrable that a good scheme, the regression and projection are two different processes, which also take different paths. Which is also characteristic of paranoia, is that the regression fades as; the idea of ​​what is desired is seen as word heard, and not as visual image; So it comes, by capacity-, thought processes. Visual hallucinations, certainly secondary, I still do not, it looks like a secondary regression.

The Destins of libido, where it is localized in relation to me and to the object, and variations in discharge regarding libido, and also the chronological thereof, this is what should be the characteristic of neuropsychoses [Neuropsychosen] and psychosis.

After these things more than difficult, something more comfortable. From your six year old girl you will definitely learned that the attack is a fantasy become aware, as we discovered during regular analysis, and as they have led me to recognize common sexual trauma in childhood. The therapeutic task is then to find the sources from which the child has reached his sexual knowledge. Children usually give little indication, but confirm what was said and that they guessed. Research in the family is essential. If it succeeds, This analysis gives the most challenging.

I must add something to Bleuler. Auto-eroticism is yet unequivocally identified in Three trials. Mentally, if you want, negatively. The fact that the child does not speak just as he starts to immediately and fully in the full transfer, as your observation also shows.

My patient is very informative Görlitz, as any errors. Everything was still in effect recognized, and dem. pr. is added. Mon Gymnasien, I speak of the Materials, who fled to the geometry, showed the best obsessional symptoms, the most beautiful fantasies. Also remained infantile in his genitals. I saw him there a few months, in demented apathetic.

With my cordial greetings and waiting for your answer,

Your cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

1. Cf. 11 F, n. 5.

13-05-1907 Jung to Freud

24 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 13. In. 07.

Honored Professor!

Above all, I urge you to forgive me for the long break I am permitted. I could not not write Vou-lais earlier, to see a little clearer. I really wanted to first welcome and fully assimilate your notes on paranoia. First, the chronic! You will soon learn that assistant kraepelinien (1) I was killed in the Zentralblatt Gaupp of a book review on dem. pr.. You are naturally included. It is touching seeing as he struggles all around the helpless thing. If you do not have the Zentralblatt, I can send you to build the handout I received. He nevertheless had to write explicit work on it. Now at least one draws with guns. But in the end the case was once again the effect on me, because I see that it is infinitely difficult to communicate your ideas to the people.

The auto-eroticism another triumph to bring to its active. We recently succeeded analysis in a catatonic cultivated and highly intelligent, which has a very good look. She walks always stiff and without affect and can with difficulty keep it in a good department, because it occasionally filthy with excrement. She told us spontaneously since she got sick, it becomes in his thought as a child, that old childhood memories emerge en masse, where she completely loses. When she defiled with excrement, it is simply the idea (in a state close to’ "No thoughts") do not sit on the seat of the cabi-net, but to defecate on a paper on the floor. Ble remarkable thing, she did that as a child. She had then, dit-elle, constipation and is too tired on the seat; she then began to defecate still on paper. The disease appeared also excited states local, with masturbation. Significantly, sexuality sensu strictiori does not at all on the psyche, but is in most cases local and is perceived as something alien and unwelcome, or at least it does not produce corresponding discharge.

I thought many times your "views on paranoia", also accompanied by Bleuler. The delusion that takes its origin in affect (= libido), that we are quite understandable. It seems to me that your explanation of the "outward projection" you can hear the genesis of the idea of ​​persecution. But in the d. pr. everything is projected outwardly. Delusions usually involve a mixture of disordered wish-fulfillment and obstacles. Up to now, I've always found the illuminating analogy : the ecstatic religious, wishing divinity, sees himself one day filled with the vision of divinity. But the contradiction with reality brings also the opposite : certainty is doubt, the devil and god sublimated sexual pleasure sexual anxiety mystical union, with all its historical ghosts. Here we see how desire creates directly outward projection, because there is a desire to reality. One can often find the same desire [Wish] in the unconscious of paranoid, except that the contrast tends to objectify. Persecution is then often simply compensated by a feeling of grandeur, happens less often to produce objectivations. In the paranoid dem. pr. however, the fulfillment of desire is much more frequent. When you say that the libido withdraws from the object, you probably want to say that it withdraws from the’real object reasons for normal delivery (obstacles, obvious impossibility of the fulfillment, etc.) and it turns to a fantasy of reality markdown, with which she begins her game auto-erotic classic. Projection towards the end of the original desire emanates perceptual reality, that, If it is impracticable, its reality is created on the hallucinatory mode. Only it succeeds in psychosis wrong, in that only the contrast is expressed objectively. Where did it come from? it is not yet quite clear to me, perhaps that the contrast component is reinforced by the normal component correction. I am extraordinarily grateful for any corrections you make to my design. It is only there that I hope to bring you.

Bleuler still lacks a clear definition of self- eroticism and its psychological effects specific. However, he accepted the concept for the presentation of the dem. pr. in the manual 2 d'Aschaffenburg. It does not mean, however autoerotism (for reasons known), but "autism" or "ipsisme". To me, I'm already used to "auto-eroticism".

Your patient Görlitz now catatonic symptoms unmistakable level auto-erotic Lowest, it stains. This is what his father wrote me recently. A psychological treatment, even a simple analysis are totally excluded, Unfortunately, as I see it quite often in our daily catatonic.

Maeder (3) has now published analyzes of dreams in the past Archives of Psychology.

Here I also get your Materials (3). Please accept my heartfelt thanks ! I immediately put myself reading eagerly.

I am now in analytical treatment of a girl six years with excessive masturbation and Lies, after an alleged seduction by his foster father. The thing is very complicated ! Do you have experience with such small children? Except representation entirely without color and without trauma affects the consciousness, I did manage to get either spontaneously or by any suggestion abreaction accompanied affect. Currently, it seems that the trauma is a deception. But where the child knows all the stories she sex? Hypnosis is good and deep, but prevents the child with the greatest innocence all suggestions to represent the trauma. There is meaningful that this : in the first session she spontaneously hallucinating one - "small sausage roasting, whose wife said she was becoming bigger - ". When I asked where she saw so sausage, the child said quickly "on Mr. Doctor! "So everything you could want in fact transposition. But since the sex is completely blocked. No sign of d. pr. !

With lots of friendly greetings, Your most devoted


1. Max Isserlin, "About Boys Dementia praecox Psychologie der and the application of Freudian research maxims in psychopathology " [On Psychology of Dementia praecox Jung and the use of maxims of Freudian psychopathology research ], International journal of Neurology and Psychiatry, flight. XXX, n.s. XVIII, may 1907. Isserlin (1879-1941), de Konigsberg, was a neurologist in Munich; it was a long time assistant to Kraepelin, He died in England, where he lived as a refugee.

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4- Delusions and Dreams in "Gradiva" W. Jensen. Ed. orig. : Journals in applied psychology, fasc. 1, Leipzig et Vienne 1907. Ed. franç., Paris, 1971. Cf. Jones, II, p. 362. : "It was Jung who drew attention [of Freud] on this story, and it was, According to Jung, wrote his little book on purpose to make him happy. "This correspondence supports this assertion, however, affect; Perhaps he confuses the Jones Materials with the volume of new About Powers [Higher powers] the same Jensen, Jung pointed out that, in fact, Freud.