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29-08-1907 Jung to Freud

41 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 29 August 07.

Honored Professor!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your good letter. The last time I was already a little embarrassed because I thought you were in trouble my long silence. This is one of my faults, I can never do two things at the front. A letter to you for me part of the "things".

Dr Eagle, who recently asked a question of technique, I wrote that you did not go quite well? You have not said anything to me. I hope it's just something quite passenger.

Could we not consider greet you once in Switzerland this fall? In our clinic it would be a day of celebration and honor, and I would of course extraordinarily happy see you and hear you again. I returned from Amsterdam and 10.XI could tell you about my Apostolic.

I fear I have painted Abraham (that is what its name) too dark in color. I do not know anything about its history, what is significant. The report fails comfortable, which I do not feel guilty. He often slight thoughts of persecution for my. His wife (1)est de Berlin, it suffers from auto-eroticism Berlin, with all the psychological consequences. It acts on A[braham].

The feeling or perception of an instinctual investment, this is great, I find, and this trend seems to greatly simplify many things. If you do not know what the "I" of its bleulérien Affectivity, you can safely include my design of complex I (2), because both are worthless, are really the "psychology of surface". More, virtually, we must keep the relationship with the surface, for didactic reasons. I am very grateful for formulating your opinion on the role of sexuality; it is what I expected.

I'll be in Amsterdam I 10.ix. Address : Hotel de l'Europe, Doelenstraat.

Hope your prophecy will be fulfilled, quelqu'un Restera hormis qu'il l'opposition.

Get the best greetings

entirely devoted to your


1. Hedwig Marie, born Burgner (1878-1969).

2. Cf. Young, About the psychology of dementia praecox, § 86, n. 1.

i. Reproduced in Freud, Correspondence 1873- 193g, partially in Schur, Freud, Living and Dying ; almost all of the second paragraph in Jones, II, p. 118 sq.

27-08-1907 Freud to Jung

4o F

Hôtel Anne home and Seehof am Ossiach (Carinthia) 1

Annenheim, the 27 August 1907.

My dear colleague,

You forgive me for having used you, on map 2 open, address more formal. —- So your letter was charming and I was once again shown that more a treatise. At the beginning, you found yourself in front of you seemed serious and scare you contrast. I would be sorry that you thought for a moment that I really doubt something you. But then you have recovered and you have found the only position that can be taken when one is in front of his + + +3 unconscious, that of humor, and yours is deliciously successful.

It made me favorable to Abraham, is that it directly addresses the problem of sex, and that is why I gladly made available that I. Your description of his character so the door seal correctly that I would accept it without further examination. Nothing to object, and yet something that precludes intimacy. Someone a little "ramp, but sharply4 », you say, and this should be your harshly contrasting open and leads to others with him. It would be interesting to know the private relationships that are developing such a reservation, the injury secret sense of self, or the sting of poverty and misery, sullen youth, etc. Otherwise, Is a descendant of his namesake?

To respond to your request, a bundle of this paper would not. Not that I know much, but you could say such a variety of things possible also justified. For the moment I do not want anyone to allowed to say that sexuality is the mother of all feelings. We know indeed, as the poet5, two sources instinctual. Sexuality is one of them. Feeling seems to be the internal perception of an instinctual investment. There are certainly feelings combined from both sources. I do not know what to do with "personality", as little as the "me" bleulérien his study of affectivity 6. I think these are the concepts of psychology and surface we are in metapsychology, behind, even when we can not even cover the inside.

I infer (for the time being) the complex role of sexual hysteria only as a theoretical necessity, and not their frequency and intensity. This is probably not provable at this time. When we see people getting sick from their job, etc., it is not yet decisive, the composante car (homosexual humans) is easy to discover in the analysis. I know we meet somewhere so the opposition between me and Investment investment object; but without requiring direct (clinical), I can not speculate at all.

I'm so out of all I do not even know the date of the Amsterdam Congress. I have yet to hear from you before? I stay here until 10 September.

Sincerely yours Dr Freud.

  1. See facsimile pl. 7. The Freud spent two weeks in this hotel. Cf. Jones, II, p. 38.

2. Is not retained.

3. On + + +, cf. supra 11 F, n. 7.

4. Faust I, 521. Freud had never seen Abraham. As soon as they began to correspond and Abraham had visited Freud in Vienna, Freud had a very positive opinion of Abraham.

5. Schiller, in The worldly-wise [Sages], Freud liked to quote. (En parlant de la nature 🙂 Entre-temps, before the building of the world. The philosophy is maintained. / It maintains in the mechanism. / By hunger and by love.

6. Affektwitât, Suggestibilität, Paranoia [Affectivity, susceptibility to suggestion, paranoia] Hall, 1906.

19-08-1907 Jung to freud

39 J

Burghölzli Zurick, 19. VIII. 07.

Honored Professor!

As always you touch this time also in the mile by accusing my thirst for notoriety of being the agent provocateur of my fits of despair. I would, however, replicate my sincere enthusiasm for truth gives me the desire to find a way to present your doctrines would be most likely to help them break. If it was not so, my absolute devotion to the defense and spread of ideas and my no less absolute veneration of your personality appear in a very singular light, I would like to avoid, even if the component of personal gain can not be refuted by someone who does not see clear. I still unpleasant presentiments, because I do not take a trifle to defend the fact such before a position such public. I have now completed my presentation and I see that I usually chose the position you held for the best, the position intransigeante. We can not, if you want to be honest, do nothing. Luckily I have also successfully completed an analysis of hysteria in a person uneducated, which strengthened me morale.

You asked me in your last letter to express my opinion on the Dr Abraham. I ask first of all that I am "jealous" of him, because it corresponds with you [forgive sincerity, you certainly seem tasteless!). There is no objection to A[braham]. I just do not find it quite nice. I would have offered to work for example in my work, He refused. But now he listens carefully to what I say and Bleuler, we examine how, etc. Then he made a publication. Of our various assistants, he has always kept a little away from the great work, and then suddenly the scene between, as a separate existence, in publiant. Not only me, but also other assistants as it felt somewhat unpleasant. He is intelligent, original mais pas, a remarkable ability to adapt, but the psychological insight he totally fails, This is why it is generally very ill loved. I urge you to avoid this judgment a venomous personal notes. Apart from these critical, A[braham] is a nice man in society, very hardworking and extremely active in all the affairs of the bureaucratic establishment, that nobody can say me. There may also come a droplet of venom, On this last point because my boss has long since reached the peak of perfection.

I want to ask you one more clarification : do you see sexuality as the mother of all feelings? Sexuality is not it for you just one component of personality (most important, it is true) and therefore the complex sexual component most important and most frequent hysterical syndrome? No there not that hysterical symptoms are codéterminés the complex sexual, but conditioned mainly by sublimation or by a complex non-sexual (profession, situation, etc.)?

In my little experience it is true that I have not seen that complexes sex and I say expressly Amsterdam.

Receive the most cordial greetings to your very devoted


18-08-1907 Freud to Jung

38 F

18 August 07 (1).

Hotel Selva à St. Christina, Groden (2).

My dear colleague,

Depletion of my personality by the interruption of our trade takes so thankfully end. Myself lazy and wandering around the world with my family, I know you returned to work and letters remind me again what has become for us the two most interesting.

Do not despair. It was probably in your letter that these ways of speaking. It is immaterial to be understood for the moment by officials. In the mass still hiding, anonymous, behind, there is enough people who want understand and then suddenly emerge, as I have often experienced. Tween- worth does not in fact be essentially the story, and there your Amsterdam conference will be designated as a landmark. That you designate as the hysterical person in your, the need to make an impression on men and take them on the influence, what makes you so fit to be a master- First and guide, it will find its account even if you have not made a concession to the judgment which is the currently. One, at that time, you have succeeded in a more abundant still put your seeds in the personal mass fermentation of my ideas, no differences remain more between your case and mine.

I do not feel well enough to undertake the journey to Sicily in September as planned, where this time the sirocco is undisputed reign, and therefore I do not know where I will spend the coming weeks. I'm staying here until late August, busy mountain walks and picking edelweiss; I do not go to Vienna before the end of September. Overall it is sure that you write to me for the moment my address Viennese, because the post was in the mountains is unsafe. My little pocket diary is not a single rating for four weeks, so all intellectual investments are radically empty. I nevertheless remains very grateful if you remember something in my memory.

Germany undoubtedly contribute to our cause only from the date on which any monk has solemnly recognized the superior. The shortest path might- be to interest the Emperor Guillaume, of course, includes all. Do you have relationships that extend into- is ? Not me. Maybe Harden, the editor of the Future, sniff- Does it work in your(3) psychiatry future? You see I am here right mood to joke. I hope. vacation you have been placed away from the work you have made all the rest I hope to achieve here by a distance intentional.

Your always cordially dedicated,

Dr Freud.

1. En-tête « Berggasse » biffé. Letter reproduced in Freud, Corresponding dance Schur and partially in, Freudand Living and Dying.

2. The Freud went Lavarone this resort in the Dolomites, Italian today, and called Selva Gardena in.

3. Cf. 27 F, n. 6.

12-08-1907 Jung to Freud

Burghölzli Zurich, 12. VIII. 1907.

Honored Professor!

Forgive me please my long silence. During the three weeks of military service I really have not had a single moment for me. We were harnessed 5 am to 8 pm. Night, it was always dead tired. When I returned, administrative affairs of the asylum were piled up and more Pr Bleuler and the first assis-tant (1) went on holiday. This means that there was something to do. To overflow the extent, the Congress Secretariat Amsterdam started to squeeze my manuscript, that do not exist yet. So I had to throw myself headlong into the development of my lecture. This is a tough issue! Above all it is an extremely difficult task to dilute the richness of ideas, to cook this dilution and ultimately successful shot wizard to draw something homogeneous. But what seems almost impossible, is to dilute the product again to make it somewhat digestible public ignorance. I am now just at the turn of the newest web design hysteria, Detailed introduction to sexuality in the psychology of hysteria. This often makes me almost to despair. Finally I console myself always thinking that the foregoing either is not understood 99 % public, and I can say in this part about what I want. We do not understand anyway. This is a demonstration, a finding that 1907 someone said, officially, before an international conference, something about the Freudian doctrine of hysteria in a positive intention. In fact I come increasingly to the conviction that you are perfectly right to almost solely on account of the fact that the poor will not want to understand. We do all kinds of experiments on the subject. America moves well. In three weeks, six Amer Rican, a Russian, an Italian and a Hungarian were spent here. Germany fails.

As soon as I finished my lecture, this child pain, I hope you write again.

Begging you again to forgive me the long break.

your always devoted


1. Abraham, cf. 35 J, n. 8, although his letter to Freud's 9 August did not report his absence.