19-08-1907 Jung to freud

39 J

Burghölzli Zurick, 19. VIII. 07.

Honored Professor!

As always you touch this time also in the mile by accusing my thirst for notoriety of being the agent provocateur of my fits of despair. I would, however, replicate my sincere enthusiasm for truth gives me the desire to find a way to present your doctrines would be most likely to help them break. If it was not so, my absolute devotion to the defense and spread of ideas and my no less absolute veneration of your personality appear in a very singular light, I would like to avoid, even if the component of personal gain can not be refuted by someone who does not see clear. I still unpleasant presentiments, because I do not take a trifle to defend the fact such before a position such public. I have now completed my presentation and I see that I usually chose the position you held for the best, the position intransigeante. We can not, if you want to be honest, do nothing. Luckily I have also successfully completed an analysis of hysteria in a person uneducated, which strengthened me morale.

You asked me in your last letter to express my opinion on the Dr Abraham. I ask first of all that I am "jealous" of him, because it corresponds with you [forgive sincerity, you certainly seem tasteless!). There is no objection to A[braham]. I just do not find it quite nice. I would have offered to work for example in my work, He refused. But now he listens carefully to what I say and Bleuler, we examine how, etc. Then he made a publication. Of our various assistants, he has always kept a little away from the great work, and then suddenly the scene between, as a separate existence, in publiant. Not only me, but also other assistants as it felt somewhat unpleasant. He is intelligent, original mais pas, a remarkable ability to adapt, but the psychological insight he totally fails, This is why it is generally very ill loved. I urge you to avoid this judgment a venomous personal notes. Apart from these critical, A[braham] is a nice man in society, very hardworking and extremely active in all the affairs of the bureaucratic establishment, that nobody can say me. There may also come a droplet of venom, On this last point because my boss has long since reached the peak of perfection.

I want to ask you one more clarification : do you see sexuality as the mother of all feelings? Sexuality is not it for you just one component of personality (most important, it is true) and therefore the complex sexual component most important and most frequent hysterical syndrome? No there not that hysterical symptoms are codéterminés the complex sexual, but conditioned mainly by sublimation or by a complex non-sexual (profession, situation, etc.)?

In my little experience it is true that I have not seen that complexes sex and I say expressly Amsterdam.

Receive the most cordial greetings to your very devoted


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