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25-09-1907 Jung to Freud

46 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 25. IX. 07.

Honored Professor!

My answer is unfortunately, again with some delay, because I spent the last days for the most part in bed, due to acute gastroenteritis. I'm still somewhat diminished because of this.

I would be very grateful if you could provide the picture that was made by your son. Can I ask you to tell me where you can get the plate? I want to buy.

We have found a company here in Zurich Freudian doctors (1) which will hold its first meeting next Friday. We count about twelve. On the agenda there naturally casuistry.

The project of founding a magazine I would not mind, as you know; but I would not rush the matter, First because I have enough to my other commitments. It is only when all the net is that I can put myself in such a new company. I am now more involved in the issue of an international institute for research into the causes of mental illness (2). Must also await the resolution of this issue. In any case I do not think the right to review before the second half of 1908. Then the thing as it comes about of itself.

I am a talkative Eitingon absolutely no power - just what is love without judgment he pronounced that comes to mind that I'm jealous of his abreaction unreservedly polygamous instincts. I withdraw "without strength" as too compromising. While it will never provide something solid, Maybe he will become a member of the State Duma (3)?

Dr Gross said he got rid of immediately transfer to the doctor, making people immoralists sex. Transfer to the doctor and attachment are sustainable, dit-yl, a symbol of monogamy, and are thus a symptom, as a symbol of repression. The state really is healthy for the neurotic sexual immorality. You thus combines Nietzsche. It seems to me that sexual repression is very important and indispensable factor of culture, even if it is pathogenic to many inferior. There must be some disturbance in the world. Finally, culture is the fruit of disgusting things. I think Gross agrees too far, with modern, in the doctrine of short sex, which is neither spiritual, or taste, only convenient, and thus all but one element producing culture.

Sincerely, your fully dedicated


1. Jung reported in a paper on "The current status of applied psychology in different countries of civilization" (Journal of Applied Psychology, flight. The, 1907-1908, p. 4^9 sq. : "We then founded in autumn 1907 research firm Freudian (comprising about 20 Member), President is Professor Bleuler. Cf. G.W., 18.

2. We know nothing else of this project.

3. La douma russe, which met for the first time in 1906, say was hold by Tsar; two Dumas were elected thereafter, which however remained without effect.

19-09-1907 Freud to Jung

45 F

Rome, 19 seven.07 (1).

My dear colleague

On my arrival here I found your letter on the further course of the congress. She did not depressed, and I noted with satisfaction that you're not either. To you, I think this experience will have the best effect, at least those who are closest to me heart. Home, respect of the cause increases again. I was already on the road to tell me : what, after ten years already on the path of consideration? it may not be there suitable. Now, I again to keep for such. But you see, tactics you have taken so far loses its foundation. People do not want to do their lesson. So now they do not understand the simplest things. The day they want, it will prove that they understand the more complicated as. Until then the setpoint is : continue to work, Talk as little as possible. One could indeed say that one : you are a fool, to another : you are a thief, and it is rightly excluded from effecting the expression of these beliefs then. We also know that they are poor devils, CRAI-panied by which a part of shock, affect their career, and the other, are(2) chained in fear of the repressed in them- same. We must wait until they all perish or become slowly minority. What happens to fresh and new to us anyway.

Unfortunately I can not quote from memory the beautiful lines of C. F. Meyer and ending :

And that bell, that rings so merry There's a new world for the Protestant (3).

[And the bell, that sounds so gaily, It is that comes into the world a new protestant.]

However Aschaffenburg, you have so brilliantly drilled to date (see above my lapsus calami : am instead are), is apparently the main trickster, because it has this in him know everything better. It must be remembered that. You rightly raise the absolute sterility of our opponents, which must be exhausted in the same insults and rehearsals, so that we can continue to work, as well as all those who join us. The Celtic (4) surprised you is certainly not the only; This year we will hear supporters unexpected and you will get more successful in your school.

Now here is my ceterum censeo (5) : base our magazine. On va insults, buy and read. The years of struggle will seem more beautiful one day, in memory. About me, please, do not fuss. I'm too human to be good at it. Your desire to have my portrait brings me back to express a wish that will certainly be easier to fulfill. Fifteen years ago I did not ask of my own for a photographer, because I am so proud that I can not bear the physical decay. There are two years, I had my picture (Decree on) for exposure Hygiene, but I hate this picture so I do not want to do anything to reach it in your possession. My son made at about the same time a photo- graphy of me that is quite unpretentious and much better. If you want, I will look for you in Vienna. What is the best and most flattering for me, this is probably the plate that C.F. Schwerdtner has crafted for my fiftieth birthday (6). If you say a word assen-partment, I will send you.

I saw quite lonely here in Rome, in some fan-tasmes, and I intend to return in the last days of the month only. My address is Hotel Milano. With the start of the holiday I buried deep science and I want to go back a bit and I get something out of me. The city is incomparable place that this requires. Even though the main focus of my work should be done, I'm still working with you and the younger, as long as it will. Eitingon (7), I met in Florence, is now here and I will probably visit soon, to tell me detailed prints of Amsterdam. He seems to have again provided some woman. This praxis away from the theory. When I have quite overcame my libido (in the ordinary sense), I put a "love life of men (8) ».

With my cordial greetings and waiting for your answer,

Your very devoted

Dr Freud.

1. Reproduced in Freud, Correspondence 1873-1939, Freud was in Florence 15 and 16 September, during which the rencontra Eitingon, and Rome 17 to 26 September. Cf. Jones, II, p. 38 sq., and letters to family written that month (Correspondence).

2. Thousand [am] corrected are [are].

3. Misquotation of the epic poem by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825- 1895), Hutten's Last Days [The last days of Hutten], 1871, XXIV. In response to a questionnaire from the Viennese journal New leaves of Literature and Art, Freud quoted this poem in a list of "ten good books'. Cf. Freud, Correspondence 1873-1939, lettre à Hugo Heller You Inhe November 1906, falsely dated 1907 in 1re edition.

4. Der Celtic [the Celt] was falsely read as the Old [old] in Correspondence 1873-1939.

5. Referring to the famous formula by which Cato the Elder (234-149 of. J.-C.) ended all his speeches before the Roman Senate : Ceterum censeo Carthaginem this delendam. [The rest, I think we should destroy Carthage].

6. Proponents of Freud in Vienna did knock on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the 6 may 1906, a medal designed by a famous Viennese sculptor, Karl Maria Schwerdtner (1874-1916). We carry a profil straight Freud, the reverse Oedipus before the Sphinx, Box of Sophocles to "Who solved the riddle of the Sphinx and famous was a very powerful man" (one grec). See pl. 6.

7. Max Eitingon (1881-1943), born in Galicia, spent his youth in Leipzig. Voluntary Burghölzli, He went from there to Vienna and attended the Wednesday evenings 23 and 3o January 1907. He was the first foreigner to visit Freud, cf. the letter Freud wrote 24 January 1922, in Correspondence 1873-1939. Founding member of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Association, 1910, and sixth member of the "committee" in 1919, cf. the record after 321 J. The bases en 1921 the Berlin polyclinic of psychoanalysis, proposing to make analytic therapy accessible to larger segments of the population and organize training courses analytic, including mandatory training analysis. He went to Palestine 1934, where he founded the Association of Psychoanalysis Palestine.

8. Freud had already announced at the company Wednesday of 28 November 1906 he planned a study on "the love life of man". Cf. Minutes, The, p. 66; cf. also 209 F, n. 7 and 288 F, n. 1.

04-09-1907 Jung to Freud

43 J

Hotel de l'Europe Amsterdam, 4. IX. 1907.

Honored Professor!

Just two words in haste, abreact for something. I spoke this morning; unfortunately, I could not quite finish my lecture, because I have exceeded the limit of half an hour, not that I was not allowed(1). This is an ugly den of murderers here. It is indeed emotional resistance. Aschaffenburg has two slips in his lecture (instead of "no facts", "The facts") which to conclude that he is unconsciously already infected. Hence also his rabid attack. In conversation, something signifi-cant, he never tries to be taught a lesson, but strives to prove how incredibly great is our mistake. But it does not seek to hear more about our reasons. I collected a number of beautiful affects otherwise comment on its. As for the other, each hangs loosely to the coattails of those who walk in front of him and has more weight. The discussion will take place tomorrow. I will not say anything if possible, because every word that we sacrifice these resistors is a loss. This is a terrible band, stinking vanity, Janet unfortunately first. I'm glad you do you are never involved in the fray of an association of self-incense. How much nonsense and stupidity! Despite all this, I feel that the cause ferments. He still missing about three people with great intelligence and creative force, who are gifted enough to create an environment, and that Germany. We are now in Switzerland a little off center. I saw once again that if you want to be useful to the cause, must abide by the most basic things. What people do not know not is beyond all understanding, and that they do not want not know is simply amazing. Aschaffenburg has treated an obsessional neurosis and when the patient wanted to come to talk about sexual complexes, he was forbidden to speak, So - Freudian doctrine is nonsense ! A[schaffenburg] proclaims it publicly and beating his chest by saying (naturally with accents moralizing underlying). How can we talk to people in these conditions? With best regards, your always devoted


1. This episode (and all the "First International Congress of Psychiatry, Neurology and assistance of the insane ", 2-7 September) is described in detail by Jones, II, p. 118 sqq., et Ellenberger, TheDiscovery of the Unconscious, p. 796-798. For a discussion of Jung, see 82 F, n. 3. Aschaffenburg that appeared in the conference report, Monthly magazine, flight. XXII, 1907, p. sqq.

02-09-1907 Freud to Jung

42 F

Hôtel Anne home and Seehof am Ossiach (Carinthia) Annenheim, the 2 seven, 1907 (1).

My dear colleague,

So I know Amsterdam, just before or just after your conference dangerous, busy defending my cause, and I feel almost like a coward seek meantime mushrooms in the woods or go swimming in a peaceful lake in Carinthia, instead of defending myself or my cause at least put me on your side. To appease me, I think that it's better for the cause, you, as the other, the second, were to save at least part of the resistance that I would be prepared, we hear that no unnecessary repetition if I said again the same things, and are best suited to propaganda, because I've always found something in my person, my words or my ideas repelled foreign men as, while their hearts are open to you. If you, a healthy man, you con-hysterical type Derez, I have to claim my type "obsessional", each member lives as inside a closed world.

I do not know if you had or if you're lucky or unlucky; but I'd just be in the moment with you, rejoice in not being alone, and, if you need some encouragement, tell you about my many years of honorable but painful loneliness, who started for me as soon as I took the first look at the new world; lack of sympathy and understanding of the closest friends; distressing episodes during which I thought myself I was wrong and was thinking how you could still make a living for his failed profitable; the conviction, which gradually consolidated and could still cling to the interpretation of dreams as a rock in the surf; and the quiet certainty that finally took possession of me and ordered me to wait until a voice in the crowd unknown answer mine. It was yours; I do not know now that you Bleuler is also due. Be in gratitude and do not be troubled in the confidence of victory and live up to j Ouir.

Luckily I do not even claim too much your sympathy with my state. I completed entering the climacteric age by dyspepsia (which followed an influenza) tough enough, but during these weeks of beautiful tranquility dissipated except very slight reminders.

He was arrested for a long time that I would come home to Zurich. But I see this as a journey of Christmas or Easter, at work, not as I am now, where all investments are unloaded almost like sleep. It is indeed a real need for me to go back a few hours chatting with you.

With cordial greetings (and best wishes!)


Dr Freud.

1.]Reproduced in Freud, Correspondence 18731939, partially in Schur, Freud, Living and Dying ; almost all of the second paragraph in Jones, II, p. 118 sq.