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30-11-1907 Jung to Freud

54 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 30, XI. 07.

Honored Professor!

Last Tuesday I had the association of doctors my presentation (1) almost half past one on your research, and he was received with great applause. Over a hundred doctors were present. Person, but two impor-tant neurologists, who straddled the workhorse of morality, has opposed.

Our meeting yesterday of the association was held Freudian pleasantly and with animation. Pr Bleuler opened the session with some burlesque and wanted to relate to those who criticize you. Von Monakow (2) was also pre-feels, and of course reported to the person in his, which greatly amused all insiders. We see what can make the suggestion mass - there were 25 people - Monakow has been little. This time the opposition has resulted in deadlock. Whether it is a good omen. Dr A - was also present. It operates a little neurosis.

The past five days I've had in my Dr Jones (3) Lon-don, a young man very talented and active; it was mainly to talk with me about your research. Because of its splendid isolation (4) London, it has not yet penetrated too deeply into your problems, but he is convinced of the necessity of your assertions theoretical. It will become a strong support of our cause; car, Also good qualities of mind, He has enthusiasm.

Dr Jones, supported by my friends Budapest, suggested the idea of ​​a congress supporters of Freud. This conference should be held in Innsbruck or Salzburg in spring, and be organized so that participants are not away from home more than three days, which should be able to do in Salzburg. Dr Jones believes that at least two people come from England; Switzerland it would at least some.

My presentation Amsterdam that, for reasons related to the complex, I always forgot to mention, must appear in the Monthly fiir Psychiatry and Neurology. I still have it on a little lime.

This week I'm going to Geneva; this is the second university where your ideas will not find rest.

Receive the most cordial greetings from your devoted entirely


1. "On the significance of Freud's theory of Neurology and Psychiatry» [On the importance of the teaching of Freud in neurology and Psychiatry], Correspondence Journal Swiss doctors, flight. XXXVIII, 1908, p. 218 sq. G.W., 18. Bleuler took part in the discussion of Jung, while Max Kesselring, cf. 293 F n. 7, Otto et Veraguth, cf. 115 J, n. 6, defended positions contrary.

2. Constantin von Monakow (1853-193the), Swiss neurologist from Russia, so renowned.

3. Jones recounts his visit to Zurich in Volume II, p. 41. He took part in the third meeting of the society Freud, the 29 November.

4. The expression (sous sa forme adjectivale « splendidly isolated ») was first applied to the position of the British Empire against Europe by the Canadian politician Sir George Foster, the 16 January 1896. The forms of "splendid isolation", the recovery 26 February 1896 par Lord Goschen, quickly became popular. Freud uses to describe his own situation (letter to Fliess 7 may 1900, in The Birth of Psychoanalysis).

24-11-1907 Freud to Jung

53 F

24. XI. 07

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague,

I am writing today to something personal. These next few days will make you a Dr A —, lawyer, who wants to study national economy in Zurich, gifted man who has spent his entire life in very deep trouble, and was brilliantly presented through psychoanalytic treatment of one of my colleagues, Dr Spring (1). It will ask you for permission to attend meetings of your association, if possible in any way; because his interest was not extinguished with his recovery. He hopes that you will not designate anyone as old patient, welcomes and probably more generally to say a few words with you. His sister is being treated at home with access hysterical : simultaneous analysis of the brother-sister pair has delivered all sorts of valuable confirmations. A short path leads from there to the two preparatory degrees Materials you overdrafts. You're certainly right. I would not even decide with certainty whether this is really a sister died young, or if Jensen has never had a sister and raised a playmate at the forefront of sister always wanted. The best would be to question, but his latest information was so vague that I can not decide. The reading was very informative. All ingredients Materials are found in The Red Umbrella, l'ambiance de midi, flower graves, butterfly, be forgotten, Finally, even the ruin. Even the improbability factor, too great match reality with the fantasy object is identical, the clearing in the forest is the same as in his memory, although the location is another, and the new love has the same as the old red umbrella. Some features of the Materials, we learn from this that they are the new basics of something more significant. And the scourge of the flies Materials, is accidental and only developed in comparison, comes from the bumblebee Red umbrella, that, by molesting, as messenger of the gods saves the hero's death. This news is written in a way abominably hard, but its meaning is very good. The objects of the love of men form series, One is the return of the other (Master of Palmyra) 2, each and the revival of the infantile unconscious love, except that it must remain unconscious; when it is consciously awake, he holds prisoner libido, and the new one is not.

Should bring the first news about and : I lost, I can not forget and that is why I can not love in any other properly. The second -In the Gothic house - Simply expresses the idea : even if> she remained alive, I should lose, by marrying another (it can probably be the sister), and it is only the third, our Materials, completely overcomes pain, ensuring : I'll find, what in the old man can not be a presentiment of death and consolation in the Christian beyond, material presented in a quite contrary. In the two new, there is no trace of an indication of the "process" of Materials. In this, view casual relief must have caused a new awakening the memory of the dead. What do you think now of this bold construction : little sister was sick and always with the lame foot peak (3); later she died of tuberculosis. This element should be excluded by pathological fantasy, which enhances. But one day the grieving man's remarkable that, on the relief he met, that signs of illness as, foot peak, can be transformed into charm and advantage, and thus was completed the Materials, new triumph of fantasy that fulfills the wishes (4).

With cordial greetings,

Your Dr Freud.

1. Paul springs (1871-1950), specialist in internal medicine in Vienna, one of the first followers of psychoanalysis, 1904, and very close collaborator of Freud. Lived in New York from 1938.

2. Published in Drama 1889 d'Adolf von Wilbrandt (1837-1911),

3. Original : Equinus (talipes equinus), deformed foot wherein the plant is turned backwards and toes down.

4. Cf. the Afterword to the second edition of the study Materials, Freud takes these ideas and outlines.

15-11-1907 Freud to Jung

52 F

15. XI. 07

Vienna (1) IX, Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague,

It is always for me a very encouraging start to the day when the mail brings an invitation to the meeting of your association with my name; Unfortunately time does not then generally I reach participate through the fast train. News about your internal events are reassuring to hear; transfer from the religiosity would seem particularly fatal; it could indeed be terminated by resignation, because of the general tendency of men to take ever new copies of the pictures they carry with them. So I will do my best to become known as unfit to serve as an object of worship, and you probably think I'm already. In my last letter, I was irritated and I slept badly; soon after, I got myself together and I said something similar to me your letter offers, to know that we have good reason to be satisfied. In addition we do not make the mistake of judging only after fermentation bubbles rising in the literature. The most decisive transformations do not necessarily relate to a particular publication express. One day you realize they are performed.

Publication of Binswanger, from a fortress of orthodoxy, be noticed in Germany despite the text peacemaker uncle accompanying. With this young man you have in any case made a brilliant pass. Do you think it is strong enough and durable to found his side a focus of infection?

Yesterday I received a job Warda (2), shot volume tributes to Binswanger sen. He's goodwill, which he has already demonstrated in previous works, but it seems quite private talent; it is those who, alone, percent did not advanced one iota, and thus the work made an impression miserable.

Imagine that I have not received the Nacke reprinted from work (3), although I have requested in the correspondence, any more than that of Aschaffenburg (4), But who sent me the first attack of politeness. However, I would much inconsolable if I did not point your conference congress in Amsterdam.

There is some time, a Dr Kutner (5) Breslau, formerly assistant Wernicke, wrote me that he wanted to come to Vienna seeking his first teaching Psycha. I told him honestly that I could set to provide actually teaching a short visit, and how it is not, and he no longer has waved since.

I must admit that I do not currently working; no doubt it I continue to work without interruption. The test on Riklin stories should now be corrected through. The Materials did not really aimed at all. The Seller boring me to wait two new Jensen!

Rejoice from you soon Sincerely your dedicated

Dr Freud.

1. New stationery, letterhead printed : "Vienna".

2. Wolfgang Warda, founding member of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Association (1910); the Quitta in 1911. Son essai "The pathology and treatment of obsessional neurosis" [Pathology and treatment of obsessional neurosis] is in : Monthly journal of psychiatry and neurology, flight. XXII, 1907, supplement.

3. Cf. 49 J, n. 2.

4. Cf. 43 J, n. 1.

5. No doubt Robert Kutner (1867-1915), urologist, later in Berlin.

08-11-1907 Jung to Freud

51 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 8. XI. O7.

Honored Professor!

Receive the most cordial thanks for your letter (1) who acted beneficial. You are right to rent the humor as the only appropriate response to the inevitable. That was my principle, until the repressed takes despite all the above, times only, fortunately. My religion is very strong once secretly created a compensation from you, that I had once taken in hand, and this was only possible on the path of communication. I wanted there to prevent trouble in my actions. But still I believe my humor, who will not abandon me to dangerous places. The common goal of the work provides a salutary counterweight and much heavier.

It would be great if you could choose Christmas, that is to say, the day after the second day of Christmas, for your visit to Zurich. You must not under any circumstances believe that your coming inconvenience in any way my boss; it will be "busy" as always, and will demonstrate to you an unusual scientific interest, that amazes any profane by the greatness of his modesty and humility. My boss is the most notable example of a very successful secondary character, a "worthy problem of sweat noblemen (2) ».

Easter is unfortunately a bit far; this is in fact the only reason that I prefer Christmas.

In Zeitsclirift for Sexology (3), writing seems to be of great importance. If " 175 »(4) have the matter in hand, it does not guarantee its scientific. The me semble a priori suspect that you were not invited to collaborate. I still do not think that way is there to offer ideas. I believe that the path goes through flatter psychiatry. The progress of your case in Switzerland have taken this path, and given the limited time, the result is beautiful. I am also now known to exhibit the meaning of your teaching to society cantonal doctors. Currently the second doctor lunatic asylum Préfargier (5) is here to be initiated. Dr Jones was announced in London for the same purpose 20.XI. So it works as well as we could wish. If Germany wants to be left behind, others may well come to mind. By Binswanger their garlic-jun. writes that he will publish an analysis(6)made in the clinic of Jena with a preface by his uncle. This deserves a multiple question mark. But it would be very. What is certain now, is that the case did not fall asleep again. The worst, this is a cause to kill by silence. This stage should be overcome.

Get the best regards and many thanks for your entirely devoted


1. Non-conserved.

2. Citation de l'ode of Klopstock The Zürchersee [Le lac de Zurich) 1750.

3. Cf. 74 F n. 2.

4. Colloquialism referring to homosexuals : one effet, the § 175 du code pénal allemand en vigueur à l’époque punissait « les relations contre nature entre personnes du sexe masculin ».

5. A Marin, Canton of Neuchâtel. The doctor's name is unknown.

6. Experimental analysis of a hysteria [Essai d’analyse d’une hystérie]. Cf. 167 F, n. 2.

02-11-1907 Jung to Freud

5o J

Burghözli-Zurich, 2. XI. 07.

Honored Professor!

I fall into all the concerns of the patient treated analytically, because I am constrained to represent all the fears of the possible consequences of my confession. It is necessary that I give you a result that should interest you. You may remember that I told you a short dream I had when I was in Vienna. I was then unable to solve. You searched solution in the field of complex competition. I dreamed I saw you walking next to me in the form of an old man very old and fragile (1). I was therefore deeply concerned from time to time, but without success. It was only after I've confessed my sorrow that the solution came (as usual). My dream reassures me about the +++ danger (2) you represent ! I could not get this idea at the time, of course not! I hope the gods of the underworld now leave me in peace with these annoyances.

I do not know if I tell you something new you in communicating the history of child Jensen is clear now. The solution lies in an extremely beautiful in new The Red Umbrella and In-house as Gothic (3). These two pieces are wonderful parallel to the Materials, going down to the smallest subtleties. The problem is the Vamour between brothers and sisters. Jensen was he a sister? I renounce you spread details. I would only spoil you the charm of discovery.

Je suis devenu pour mes mérites comme occultiste « honorary fellow of the American Society for Psychical Research (4) ». As such I am a bit busy again more occult phenomena. Your findings here are proven as the most brilliant. What do you think of this area?

It is my hope that the keenest you will come to Zurich for the Christmas holidays. I can certainly then welcome you as a guest in my house?

With best regards, Your most devoted


1. Cf. similar in Jung's dream, My life, p. 190.

2. The + + + are added. Cf. 11 F n. 7

3. In Volume About Powers [Higher powers], Berlin, 1892.

4. Led by the American philosopher James Hervey Hyslop ( 1854-1920), which was founded in 1906. It is probably he who proposed the election of Jung.