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21-12-1907 Freud to Jung


21. XII. 07

Vienna, IX., Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague,

This time you have spoiled me. You do not really hold to provide energy. The time after Easter suits me very well, even better than the date of the meeting is closer to two days of Easter (1) themselves. If you choose rather Innsbruck Salzburg, the first of the two cities is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most comfortable, we should expect no trouble from me, because there is only 6 hour fast train to Salzburg. I am also ready to retire yet personally should you believe anyway, the best thing happen in my absence - for which there would be some good reasons. My presidency will certainly not. That's no good. Bleuler is or which must be at the head; differentiation, division of roles!

The company of the newspaper makes me actually even more fun, this is a vital issue for our trends.

Jensen I received the following response to my questions; it shows on the one hand as he is reluctant to support such research, But let the other sense that reports are more complicated than simple scheme can not represent. The question principale, whether the approach of the original image people had something pathological, he did not respond at all. I transcribe his letter, because it is barely legible without a magnifying glass : After an introduction, treatment that excuses "lapidary" of my questions, the dit :

"I do not. I have not had a sister, and even no parent inbred. It is nevertheless true that The Red Umbrella is woven of memories of my life, my first childhood love for a childhood friend who grew up in a certain intimacy with me and died of consumption at the age of eighteen; and - many years later - in the person of a girl with whom I had established friendly relations and was also removed by sudden death. The "red umbrella" comes from the latter. In the poem, I felt the two figures, to some extent, be merged into one ; the mystical element, which is mainly expressed in the poems, also has its origin in the second girl. The new Childhood dreams [Youthful dreams] my collection Aus make * (2) Time [-A quiet time], flight. II, based on the same basis, but is limited to the first. — In the Gothic house [In Gothic home] invention is a perfectly free ( !) »

Abraham stayed with us from Sunday to Wednesday. Nicer than you have described, but something inhibited, nothing involving. At large, it can not find the right word. He talked a lot about Bleuler, which apparently holds strong as a problem

I cordially greet you and wish you a Merry Christmas,

Your Dr Freud.

* Determination transparent slip.

1. 19-20 April.

2. Freud first wrote Schri, then crossed out the word; the pensait, probably the Journals in applied psychology [Written appli-cated psychology].

16-12-1907 Jung to Freud

56 J

Burghölzli Zurich,

16. XII. 07.

Honored Professor!

You are quite mistaken if you believe heavily that we will waive your presence in Innsbruck or Salzburg. On the contrary, we hope and expect to be able to serve under your chairmanship. It is proposed to hold the congress after congress psychologists Frankfurt (1) after the 20 April (I unfortunately can not remember the exact date at this time). I hope this time will not be too inconvenient for you. To facilitate the participation, it is best to limit the meeting to an evening and a day, so that all participants, even the most remote, do not stay more than three days away from work. Once you have answered me if this date is your approval, I will submit specific proposals to alleged participants.

I am currently in negotiations for the establishment of a review, I'd like to ensure wide dissemination. It must become international, because we must emancipate the German market, as far as possible. I relaterai this later, Once I have the results farms.

Claparède will take a long time in a certain reserve, because there is no material. It is actually a psychologist. But his benevolent neutrality is ensured.

Excuse, please, the brevity of this letter. I am very busy.

Your fully committed


1. Third Congress of Psychology expenmeniaie, Frankfurt am Main, 22-25 April 1908.

11-12-1907 Jung to Freud

44 J

Burghölzli Zurich, II. IX. 07.

Honored Professor!

Last night I went to Amsterdam and am again in a better condition to consider my experiences with the prospect of Congress spatial and temporal distance. Before you try to paint the events that followed, I thank you from my heart for your letter, which came just at the right time, because it was then a blessing for me to feel that I was fighting not only for a great discovery, but also a great man worthy of veneration. The recognition of the facts slowly or quickly, or we fight them, it can leave me pretty cold, but the real manure is poured on everything that does not fit, this is disgusting. One thing I've eaten in quantity unheard in the Congress, it is up to the contempt of the genus homo sapiens nausea.

Discussion of my presentation accidentally came prematurely to an end did not take place until the next, although there was no real reason for the return. Bezzola a pris the words of the Prime Minister, to "protest" against you, against me and against the doctrine of sexual hysteria (accents underlying moral !). An hour ago, I tried to get along with him, only, amicably - not. It does not envy you that you write books, or your income, what can make us die of laughter or rage. Nothing but rabid affect, without logical basis, against you and me.

It is then Alt (1) of Uchtspringe announced that terrorism against you, namely, that never again a patient to a physician for treatment Freudian tendency - lack of awareness - crap - etc.. Strongest applause and congratulations going to the speaker are those of Pr Pull (2), Berlin. Then came Sachs (3) Breslau, who said some very large rubbish, we can not repeat; also violently applauded. Janet can not remember to note that he also has heard your name. It is true that knows nothing of your teaching, but he is convinced that everything is nonsense. Heilbronner Utrecht is only questionable as "elements of your doctrine (4) "Experiences of association. He found that everything I was exposed to this subject illusion, not to mention Freud. Aschaffenburg was not present at the discussion, so I decided not to conclude. However, before, Frank Zurich spoke strongly for you, Gross well Graz, which has also extensively explained, section in the psychological, the signi-fication of your theory, insofar as it affects the secondary function (5). Damage that G[ross] is such a psychopath; it is a strong intellect and he, with its secondary function, gained influence psychologists. I talked a lot with him and I saw qv'il is a zealous partisan of ideas. After the discussion, le Privy Binswanger, Jena, qu'Aschaffenburg told me he had said before his lecture that he need (B[inswanger]) assistance during the discussion ! You will recall that in my last letter I told you about lapses of Afschaffenburg]. Another slip, I have experienced retrospectively, was : "Breuer and I ayons » c.-à-d. "Breuer and Freud have ". All this fits very nicely for my diagnosis. Besides his absence the next day was due to a judicial summons that he could not return. Yes A[schaffenburg] there was, I would have absolutely told the truth again. The others were too stupid.

To my great surprise, He was among a young English man from London, Dr Jones (6) (a Celt Wales!), who knows very well written and your work itself psychoanalytically. You will probably visit later. He is very intelligent and could perhaps provide a day of good work.

Oppenheim (7) Binswanger and are in a state of benevolent neutrality, but both show opposition to sexuality. Despite the current opposition, excessively large, I acquired consoling certainty that your ideas penetrate slowly but surely from several sides, precisely because they do not release anyone who has once accepted.

Janet is a vain, even if it is a good observer. What he says and is now simply sterile. What else happened at the congress is, as usual, unimportant. I could once again see plenty that psychiatry, no ideas, is on the decline, This is already the case in Kraepelin. The anatomy and classification attempts were still above, or "ways annexes", that lead nowhere.

I hope that your health will recover completely soon. In these circumstances of course I dare not insist on my desires, but I rejoice much to hope to see you during the Christmas holidays.

Maybe then I express on this occasion a desire designed long repressed but always : I'd love to have a photograph, but as I've known you, and not as you were there for years. I have already expressed this desire your wife to Vienna. But it seems to me that something is falling back into oblivion. Would you have the great goodness to fulfill perhaps once? I would be extremely grateful, as always happens from time to time that I need your picture.

With best regards and wishes, Your most devoted


1. Konrad Alt (1861-1922), director of a sanatorium in Saxony famous Uchtspringe. He is the author of the report that the conference published the Monthly magazine. Cf. 43 J, n. 1.

2. Theodore Pull (1862-1950), professor of psychiatry and neurology at Berlin (1904-1912), then in Halle (1917-1930). Meanwhile he s'ctait devoted to the philosophy (positive). He worked primarily in the areas of child psychology, tests of intelligence and knowledge of the character. Ziehen is the first to use the term "complex compounded by the feeling" [emotional complex], in his book Guide to physiological psychology [Guide physiological psychology], Jena 1891. See Jones, II, p. 120 et Ellenberger, p. 692. Jung continued this term with the work he wrote in Riklin 1904, "Experimental studies on the associations Healthy» [Experimental research on healthy men's groups], G.W., 2. Jung further recognized the paternity of Ziehen verbatim in his work 1905 on psychological diagnosis for finding G.W., 2, § 733, n. l3. Freud used the term for the first time in Psychoanalysis and the establishment of facts in judicial matters by a diagnostic method, cf. 1 F, n. 2.

3. Heinrich Sachs, professor of psychiatry at Breslau.

4. Cf. 1 F, n. 2. It was, Field Research Jung, non de Freud.

5. Refer, is a hypothesis Gross (The cerebral function secondary, cf. 33 J, n. 6) : there are two psychological types, which respectively correspond to the primary and the secondary function of the brain. Cf. explanation of Jung G.W., 6, § 528.

6. Ernest Jones (1879-1958) soon became one of the most faithful disciples of Freud. He was living in London; from 1908 professor at Toronto, Canada. Founder of the American Association of Psychoanalysis (1911) et de la British Psycho-analytical Society (1913). It was founded in 1912 the "Committee" of the closest collaborators of Freud, cf. instructions after 321 J, He is the author of the biography in three volumes The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud, Paris, 1958-1969; ed. orig. New York and London, 1953- 1957, for the preparation of which he had access to this correspondence, Courtesy of Jung. Cf. C. G. Young, Letters, II, p. 365.

7. Hermann Oppenheim (1858-1919), Berlin neurologist, founder and director of a private clinic deemed. He was a relative by marriage of Abraham, and supported by sending patients; later he turned against psychoanalysis.

08-12-1907 Freud to Jung

55 F

8 December. 07.

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague.

While the "complex" because of you - I'm not sure what -, I rejoice with you new really interesting, alongside which I can not place equivalent. Congress in Salzburg in spring 1908 ren-Drait me proud; I suppose, however, that you do not be inviting me, as annoying. Dr A-sent so far - even if it is not for me - an enthusiastic description and finely observed, I think he, how you appear to the association of Zurich. Your English is very friendly to me because of his nationality; I expect that the British abandon this cause more once they have recognized. I have less confidence in the French, but in fact they are in Geneva Switzerland. The test Claparède the definition of hysteria (1) leads to a very comprehensive judgment on the efforts so far; the idea of ​​a multi-storey building comes from Breuer (in the general section of Studies) (2); the building itself, however, should have another look, and in Claparède not plan on longer if he had questioned the patients instead of unnecessary authors. The work is, however, a progress; refutation of the "suggestion" was very necessary. After your visit we have learned, I hope, to take into account all sorts of things that still fails today.

In the table of contents of a new journal, Folia neurobiological (3), I found, my joy, a presentation : «Jung, Freud's theory of hysteria '. I opened to the appropriate page and I found reality - a line. After this traumatic printing, I excluded from the subscription to the new "central body".

I wait for next Sunday's visit of Abraham comes from Berlin.

The last week was spent preparing for me and writing a lecture I then made the 6 this month in a small room at the publisher Heller (4), to about ninety people. This took place without incident, which is enough; for many poets and their ladies ç'aura been a heavy meal. Overall it was just an appetizer, for an appetite. The New Observations ensured the conference state still fetal, she will probably be reproduced. It was still a foray into an area that we had so far barely scratched, on which we could establish conveniently. I notice that I forgot to tell you the title of the conference! It is therefore called : The poet and the production of fan tasmes 5, there was more a question of the production of fantasies that the poet; next time we will restore the balance.

Rejoice from you soon Sincerely your dedicated

Dr Freud

5. 'The poet and Fantasizing ". The review was not New Observations, but New Beuue, flight. The, No. 10, March 1908. Ed. franç. "The creative writing and dreaming", in Tests psychoanalysis appli-cated, Paris, 1971. Cf. Jones also, II, p. 365.

1. "A few words about the definition of hysteria", Archives of Psychology, flight. VII, 1908. See the "reporting" of Jung.

2. Studies on Hysteria, part. III, "Theoretical" (Theoretical observations] Josef Breuer.

3. Folia neurobiological, Leipzig, flight. The, No. 1, October 1907; contains only a brief mention of Jung's lecture in Amsterdam. Cf. 43 J, n. 1 and 82 F, n. 3. Jung's name is in the list of permanent employees of the new "international focal point for all of the biology of the nervous system" (subtitle). A true account of the conference appeared in Volume II, No. 1, October 1908, p. 140.

4. Hugo Heller (1870-1923), Seller Viennese, although profane, one of the first members of the company on Wednesday. His library was a cultural center of Vienna, and lots of arts events, literary and musical took place in the "living art Heller" - and the first production of Don Cossack Choir. Heller was also the edi-tor, inter alia, thereafter, of Image and International Zeitsch-rift. See also 58 F, n. 1.