16-12-1907 Jung to Freud

56 J

Burghölzli Zurich,

16. XII. 07.

Honored Professor!

You are quite mistaken if you believe heavily that we will waive your presence in Innsbruck or Salzburg. On the contrary, we hope and expect to be able to serve under your chairmanship. It is proposed to hold the congress after congress psychologists Frankfurt (1) after the 20 April (I unfortunately can not remember the exact date at this time). I hope this time will not be too inconvenient for you. To facilitate the participation, it is best to limit the meeting to an evening and a day, so that all participants, even the most remote, do not stay more than three days away from work. Once you have answered me if this date is your approval, I will submit specific proposals to alleged participants.

I am currently in negotiations for the establishment of a review, I'd like to ensure wide dissemination. It must become international, because we must emancipate the German market, as far as possible. I relaterai this later, Once I have the results farms.

Claparède will take a long time in a certain reserve, because there is no material. It is actually a psychologist. But his benevolent neutrality is ensured.

Excuse, please, the brevity of this letter. I am very busy.

Your fully committed


1. Third Congress of Psychology expenmeniaie, Frankfurt am Main, 22-25 April 1908.

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