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29-01-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

451 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors: Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Eiisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller 8c ° C, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 29 January 1914

Dear Professor,

I hope to start here a series of letters in which it will not matter disease (I mean, my own disease).

The only notable event that I can mention since my return, is the speech of Professor Apathy 1 (Apathy of neurofibrillary) against psychoanalysis. He took the head of the "eugenics movement" and for this reason is unleashed against psychoanalysis as qu'égarement panérotique of the Jewish mind. Some liberal newspapers have reacted to this attack, defending the Jews, shows the "grain of truth" in your teaching, and warned against the identification between psychoanalysis and Judaism.

Critics of my collection of articles 2 will emerge in the coming weeks ; they are favorable, because I did not send copies of press my opponents predictable.

To the prosecutor, the contradictions between the two types of women appear, eneffet,s'estomper. Aware of his predilection for the Jews and secret

antipathy towards them are., in my opinion, closely related to the castration complex.

I treat a case of impotence for a year and a half : I am more sure you can connect to a building sadistic-anal. In coitus, the patient sees (Ics) 1) an act of cruelty, 2) of incontinence (but not urethral anal). It retains the sperm, as a normal individual feces. The patient has long suffered from incontinentia alvi [1]. It is incredibly reserved, he does not let himself "go" in any way.

One of his brothers was interned for life for a murder committed in a state of excitement. Two other brothers are more or less powerless. One of his cousins (an anal character evident) is the same man impotent for which Stekel and I did one day consultation.

I am eager to have new.

Sincerely yours F.ferenczi]

[1] Latin text in ie : incontinence of Contents.

L Istvan Apathy (1863-1922). Professor of histology, zoologist, but also a poet and film-letoniste. Founding member of the Hungarian Society of Social Sciences. At the meeting of 24 The 1914 (constitution of a section of eugenic), Apathy attacked the "worldview wormy" Freud, describing it as "a representative panérotisme Semitic". Géza Szilagyi said the attack â Apathy in the newspaper Az Ujsag (The Journal) (« Freud és Apathy»), the 11 and 12 March.

2. See 422 Iron, note 2.

19-01-1914 Jones to Freud

19 January 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

I note therefore that we should vote for Dresden if we are given the opportunity. Our group can not be legally integrated into the Vereinigung before Congress does not accept, I guess, for the time being, we have not the right to vote, but I ask Eder, Secretary, who knows better than me with Jung, to write to this. But I guess the vote will be "crossed", and thus will not represent the relative strength of the two parties.

My attitude, on both occasions, I do not think so incoherent that, obviously, it seemed you. Both times, I wish dissolution, if you can get safely, but I see a big difference between a minority group trying to impose a time when nothing happens, and exploring possibilities when the other side asks Congress. Rest your remarks on reviews made me a strong impression, because it would force a decision inevitably more than any suggestion at the present time.

What you say about the state of Loe saddens me, but I guess it is partly due to his state of mind while she waits Herbert Jones. I look forward to what comes out of his visit, if they come to London, etc., I count on you to inform me, since I do not write for the moment.

As for the very vague about my own wedding, I definitely follow your advice, taking the time to think and choose calmly, advice that I feel at once wise and necessary. The idea, of course, came to me several times recently, which is natural in the circumstances (installation, etc.), but I understand that I should become more «Ready» [accomplished] in the analysis of my own mental processes before I venture to link my fate to someone else.

You ask me about Moses. One of the reasons why I hope you will sign, is that, that you do or not, authorship of the text emerge quite clearly the style and content, and if you do not, the Zurich will surely wonder what it all means, etc.

I have a strange case today, close enough to the case of hysterical paranoia Bjerre1. An old daughter 45 years believes the vicar of the parish and her sister make inappropriate comments to the pleasure of seeing her blush, at the instigation of his mother, he hinted to her of the pulpit, and another man does not want to meet her because he thinks she is in love with him ; a brother suffering from paraphrenia. All this is very similar to the paranoia, with sharp projections, but, after months of analysis, I'm sure this is just hysterical. It reacts to the analysis as a hysterical ordinary (report, no abnormal male intuition, etc.) and has been some progress.

Something unpleasant is happening here. Haberdasher, psychiatrist deemed, sent to British Medical Journal, a letter vulgar and offensive, to protest against the "phallic worship" and "pornography" of "Freudianism"2. Unfortunately, this is unwelcome opponent, because he has nothing else to do (being retired) that conduct polemics, and he has such a complex Dispute [complex quarrelsome] or such Querulous delusion [mania deplore] it usually ends up exhausting his opponents who have less time, and again it is unscrupulous and dishonest, it distorts the words and phrases to make puns, not caring in the least to discover the truth; it also has a good pen uncommon and no lack of spirit, all things that allow always "put the nail" his opponents, especially when it can excite prejudice in his favor.

I went to see Eder, who had already written a letter implausible (ψα was the largest Mount Pisgah3 centuries, etc.) who had moved to this area and would excites the polemical verve Mercier. We talked about this and decided to wait a week, to see if someone else wrote, in one camp or the other, and otherwise, let this story fade into oblivion it deserves. We will certainly soon new opportunities controversy, and probably more favorable, or at least less degrading. Yet if someone else takes up the challenge of Mercier, or take a written defense, we must intervene. What do you think of all this ?

I worked tirelessly and I translated nearly half of the texts Ferenczi4.

Abraham attend ma contribution to Yearbook the end of February, but I do not think it is possible5.

Faithfully to you


  1. Poul Bjerre, For radical treatment of chronic paranoia, Yearbook, 3, 1912, p. 795-847.
  2. View British Medical Journal, 1, 1914, p. 172-173, 276. Charles A. Haberdasher, M.B. 1878, MD. 1905, London ; former lecturer on insanity at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School and author of numerous books, including an Text Book oj Insanity, London, Swan Sonnenschein, 1902.
  3. Mountain east of the Jordan, the top of which the Lord showed Moses the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 34,1).
  4. Jones (1916 h).
  5. Jones (1914 a, 1914 h).

15-01-1914 Abraham to Freud

Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

In answer to your questions :

  1. Eitingon (from what he told me himself) was in Vienna for the first time in late January 1907.
  2. The’ "Freudian Association" must have held its first meeting in mid-year 1907. Myself, I made a presentation during one of the first meetings (on sexual trauma) which was published in November 1907; I had to decide by the end of summer.

3. It is difficult to answer the third question. When I arrived at Burghölzli in December 1904, it was already interested in psychoanalysis. This interest grew rapidly during the period following. For the period prior, Here what is safe :

  1. "The occult phenomena" (1902) de Jung, in which your interpretation of dreams is cited (p. 102).
  2. The analysis of Jung attempted on patient B. St., published in the appendix to the "psychology of dementia praecox".
  3. Several studies conducted by the Association had already been published.
  4. Hysteria was analyzed by Jung (in 1904, certainly).

I guess a very strong interest in psychoanalysis was born probably in 19o3, but perhaps only 1904.

I address my cordial greetings haste. Yours


15-01-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

450 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price: year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 15 January 1914

Dear Professor,

I'm afraid not to be presentable for a visit on Sunday and not being able to enjoy your Sunday table, Saturday and Sunday because I will still have to undergo (in two steps) small interventions on my olfactory organ well abused. But I may be sufficiently recovered Sunday evening to chat with you a few hours. I think I will not undertake my return trip on Monday afternoon - a man quite well with, I hope.

My consulting work well. I am employed full-time. I just started (there three days) Analysis of a typical masochistic, a man of value, very intelligent (prosecutor), who came to me indirectly on your board. A lady (a young widow) who loves him and he would really love too, went one day you advice and you led me on the patient. (The lady was not aware that impotence, not masochism.)

It's funny how differently we hear the history of the disease and patients according to the complaint that was, or, informed in advance of the context. This is for us patient complaints as material dreams : you never know at first if they are to be taken in the positive or negative direction. Yet, it happens all too often tell patients that the opposite of what is true in the unconscious rather than part of the actual perception of themselves. If you know the structure of a neurosis, is separated from the first interview the chaff (perception of self-) from the chaff (reaction formation). If you are not yet educated, we tend not to believe the patient at all.

The masochistic patient begins his story with the fact that deep down he was never in love with women with whom he was engaged in masochistic manipulations. For example, the woman with whom he has now been more than ten years a relationship of this kind, it (sentimentally) quite foreign. It performs the act masochist (nates at oscula) * * as a duty officer, once a week " (ipsissima verba) **, and then a cumshot. But if a woman really loves, he can not even imagine the masochistic act with her - by cons, there is, en face d'elles (of these women), completely inhibited for intromission and ejaculation (not entirely for the erection). This is a striking confirmation of your theory of masochism, that the masochist is subject, precisely, the unloved person (to repel the threat of castration that it came from such a person). - You told me, at the time that, your experience, the masochistic homosexual was once threatened by the father, the masochist by heterosexual mothers But we can also imagine a case (Perhaps it is there a) where masochistic tendencies develop in respect of a certain type and powerlessness in relation to the other type of the same sex (when, for example, the boy met a friendly welcome with a wife and a cruel threat from another, it could, later, become impotent with women loving people, but develop against women like severe stress masochist).

The second dream of my patient brought an even stronger confirmation of your hypothesis (It goes without saying that I still give him absolutely no explanation, but I let him talk uninterrupted). He dreamed he was gone, recovered, the cure with me and my assistant and I had said that his case was unique; it was the first case was recognized as masochism (?). He does not remember the word in place of the question mark, there are two expressions which he does not remember. The first idea is : obligatio faciendi ***, second, easement!!. **** 2. Therefore, two legal terms, whose second, particularly, which means both serfdom, submission, has hitherto been characteristic of masochism in this sense; but will, from now, also be interpreted in the sense of Roman law, namely as the duty to support the intervention of a third person on my property.

Goodbye and see you soon your Ferenczi

Article Polish is still not quite kosher for the Jahrbuch, too long for the Zeitschrift, very suitable for Imago.

* Latin in the text : kisses on the buttocks.

** Latin in the text : in his own words.

*** Latin in the text : required to perform.

**** Latin in the text : serfdom, slavery.

  1. In his lecture on "Case Foot Fetish", the 11 III 1914, the Viennese Association, Freud proposed a formulation reverse : "Someone who was bullied by a man early, will tend to be a masochist to women, and vice versa ", Minutes, IV, p. 280.
  2. Obligatio ad faciendum : "An obligation which is to, to act, and not omit something ; whoever does not fulfill this duty commits an offense punishable by law ". Easements : "Restriction of property rights by right of enjoyment of others in the form of easements (for example, right of way, grazing rights, usufruct). »Karl Luggauer, Lawyers Latin (Latin legal), 2and eds., Klagenfurt, 1970.

15-01-1914 Lou to Freud

Göttingen, 15. The. 1914

Dear Professor,

Is it possible that I could take cognizance of the letter Bjerre, which you spoke (must in all cases be held in generalities). I would refer you naturally soon. If you think this request intrusive, I apologize and considered null and void. I would still like to know where to place Bjerre, in particular with respect to Zurich. We do not fit 26.

All these things, which are the subject of your current work, are particularly present in my mind and occupy more than one. This year will undoubtedly bring clarity and a fresh and joyous war!

With my most affectionate.

Your Lou Andreas.

[Fine print]

Sigmund Freud à Lou Andreas-Salomé (probably with the letter Bjerre) immediately after the 15 January 1915.

Lou Andreas-Salomé à Sigmund Freud (probably by returning the letter Bjerre) requesting a test Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement with opinions about, this work in June 1914.

26. Since August 1912 about ; a final discussion was held in April : cf. note 11 may 1913 in the Journal.

12-01-1914 Freud to Abraham

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

So we all agreed to Dresden. Our meeting was held on 14.

Your comments on the exhibition (at the instigation of your son) seem very relevant. I think it should go the same for all evil, and new perspectives are opened there, for therapy and understanding for our.

I am in the writing of the history of the psychoanalytic movement 1. The text is very energetic and straightforward. I ask for your help, for the time being, the following :

a. Eitingon when he come home in Vienna for the first time?

b. When the Association Freudian Zürich she began her activity?

c. When the clinic began Bleuler interest in psychoanalysis?

With my greetings and heartfelt thanks, Your faithful


(1) S. Freud : "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement", 1914, trad. fr. Payot.

12-01-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

449 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 12 January 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

I am working furiously on the "History of psychoanalytic movement" and I also do a lot to further. So I beg you to accept without back- thinking purely practical information.

We all vote for Dresden. Jones writes about it today ; it's complicated and incomprehensible. But it does not account, dit-yl, since his group has not yet been approved (1).

I arrive probably not read the work Karpinska. Your approval is good enough. As Jahrbuch is complete, perhaps take us in the Zeitschrift?

If you come on Sunday 18, I hope that you will also have time for us. Usual arrangement. Do you want Lou to our table? Sincerely

your Freud

P.-S. Provide letter of Brill.

1. Jung had not yet recognized the British Association - which was absolutely unable to act (Jones, II, p. 160).

12-01-1914 Freud to Lou

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

12. The. 1914

Dear Madam,

The young person who answered the invitation is obviously part of your closest relatives, if not yourself. This relationship assures him in any case a place of honor.

At the same time, Thank you for contributing to Image 24 I hope to read soon myself. Unfortunately- Cement, there is a printers' strike and can not print.

I currently working hard to Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement25 our Yearbook and I expect that my statements will end all indecision imposing separation desirable.

I had a letter from Bjerre, there a few days, in which he tries to hide our differences. I can not follow him on this ground.

With my most affectionate and begging you to send me soon the new direct, I

Freud yours truly.

24. The article written at the request of Freud 4 November 1912 "About the type of woman", which appeared in the first issue (February) Grade 3 (1914) of Imago.

25. "Contribution to the History of the Psychoanalytic Movement", published in March 1914 dans le Yearbook for Psychoanalytic et psychopathological research, flight. IV (G. W., X).

10-01-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

448 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 10 January 1914

Dear Professor,

Abraham writes that he is Dresden. We should all agree on this. I think Jung wants to get the numerical majority with the help of America. I send you, enclosed, Article Polish. It is very good. The few critical remarks are also easy to refute, they arise from the lack of practical experience of the author. Maybe I should add a small postscript(1). But you can also publish this work uncritically.

I will not come to Vienna Sunday in fifteen (the 18).



1. No postscript has been published.

09-01-1914 Jones to Freud

9 January 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

Abraham says that Jung was asked about the location of the next congress, I wonder if this is not the best time to suggest a dissolution of the association. The Berlin, Budapest and Vienna (London is not yet an official group, and we have not heard from Jung) combine in this application, Jung may be wary and keep Congress nilly, in the hope that we keep away. This would leave only master of the field, This should not happen if. Do not you think you could write him personally and offer, or a solution, whether, at least, an adjournment of the Congress this year, person who has authority or moral right a little bit similar to yours ? We could then refer the matter to a referendum in all groups, with individual vote, which would give us a good chance to win, because many undecided, comme Eder, vote in the sense of fear of repeating the painful farce of September.

Thank you very much for your encouraging letter which arrived this week. I work hard studying various issues in question, and I highly interesting materials. A case has made me realize more clearly than in the past significance of the castration complex in women, and its relation to the horror of blood and the humiliation of menstruation (Wake ideas childhood deprivation penis). It makes me think that the strange horror of menstruation as reflected in the folklore may be due, to a great extent, this complex in men; A typical example is the isolation of menstruating women who fear that their presence is a factor of impotence (symbolically, for example, not rotate milk, etc.).

I was chosen with McDougall, d’Oxford, to mediate a discussion on the Theory of Sexuality at a joint meeting of the British Psychological Society and the Psychiatric Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, the 10 March (1), as well as a discussion of ψα to the British Medical Association, the 30 July (2).

My clients spend all my expectations. I was eight patients per day, and I had to go to another this week Eder. Both pay 50 Kr. each, other 25 Kr. If things continue at this rate, and there is no reason why this is not the case, I can get married, which, I hope, will be my next step in life.

No doubt you received this week my two shipments ; the unfortunate Putnam, I am sorry for him.

About Loe, I guess the battle will be fought on the issue of morphine, because she chose this field : if it does not reserve morphine, she feels that its vessels are burned. I hope to have better news in your next letter ; she did not write from my visit to Vienna.

Have you decided to put your name to Moses ? Definitely !



1. See letter 180, note 2.

2. Jones (1914 i).