06-02-1914 Jones to Freud

6 February 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

First, regarding the joint extracts. It is (1) translation of Sappho to the loved object, which nicely illustrates the relationship between Libido and Angst describing the symptoms of a Angstanfall, (2) an excerpt from an interesting press exposing design Hamlet, and (3) correspondence of the ψα published to date in the British Medical Journal, key letters are marked with a cross in the margin. Would you be kind enough to return the? You will see that the para-noïaque Mercier, son (1) a French father who defended the "purity of English spirit" and abhors everything that comes from the continent, is stuffed into a hornet's nest. The four letters this week, including Stoddart, Director of Bethlem Asylum and well-known psychiatrist, are favorable. The editor, however, rejected a letter from Eder (I wrote) which merely contest the citations made by Maeder and Mercier was written with great suavity. Generally, therefore, the situation is quite good, and any fair play has not gone of old England(2).

No news from you for a long time, I was wondering if there were further complications with Loe, that would require some time to adapt. I'm glad to hear it gets better, but I am anxious to know what happened, if Herbert Jones is still there, what they decided, if it comes to London, etc. She did not write at all.

I'm glad you liked Louis, I was afraid that you will not find too obvious. It interested me a historical perspective, and as a demonstration of contributions that can bring ψα historical problems, but perhaps on a psychiatric (paranoia against hypochondria).

Jung sent a circular, and we all vote at our meeting next Thursday. In Journal oj Mental Science October seems a very remarkable account of the trial Wandlungen Jung, signed by a certain Alexander Neuer (unknown to me, and that is not in the directory of doctors)(3). This is a follower of Adler, he traces Jung Adler (not a historical perspective) and it is very insightful about "the veiled attack, but wild "Jung against you. If you want, I could get a copy of the magazine.

I discovered that the three stages of mental development of mankind according Count (we vainly sought last year) stages are religious, metaphysical and positivist: Your originality is no begun. The complete series animism, mythology, religion, philosophy, science, it omits the first two, – characteristics of its period ! I'm overwhelmed from all sides, and am delighted to learn that the same applies to you. What are you writing now ? I hope I did not bore you too.

Sincere friendships,

Faithfully and cordially


1. Almost illegible word, which forms a kind of black spot on the manuscript page.

2. See letter W. H. B. Stoddart, William Brown, David Forsyth et Edith G. Collett, Bri-tish Medical Journal, 1, 1914, p, 340-341, in response to those of Charles Mercier, British Medical Journal, 1, 1914, p. 172-173, 276.

3. New Alexander, An Attempt to Expound the Psycho-Analytical Theory, Journal oj Mental Science, 59, 1913, p. 660-666.

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