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24-04-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

470 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud.

the 24 April 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

A Brioni, I had noticed something like a home inhibition, and I connected it to the presence of Rank, but I did not go look further, because I was suffering from withdrawal of libido hypochondriac. From, expressed a grand home with tracheo-laryngitis net loss of general signs prodromal. I have not stopped working – by greed and sense of duty - but I missed it last Wednesday and, today, I am far from feeling good, either locally or in general but, first of all, I can not think.

The surprising resignation of Jung (1) we really eased the task. There seems to be a part of the force that… etc. (2). What happens in it, it projects, can not guess, we may as well ignore it. Maybe he succumbed to the burst of the Zeitschrift* and bomb Jahrbuch too late. Immediately, I felt like a "steering committee" and I brought an action in which you and other friends must be, or are already, informed by a circular Rank (3).

The conquest of fire, I just have nothing. The cultural history is silent. But I'm very curious to see what you two come out of serious.

Materials for the Jahrbuch must, as stated Hitschmann, limited! Rank and Sachs withdrew their contribution (4) therefore. You'll want to put aside your well exposed for another time, ferment or leaven as a new job.

With cordial greetings to you and to Mrs. G.,

Your faithful Freud

* Criticism of Ferenczi about "Symbols of Transformation libido" Jung (1913, 124, Psychoanalysis, II, pp. 88-104), Magazine, 1913, 1, 391-403, and critical discussions about its work by Abraham, Ferenczi and Jones, in the next volume of the Zeitschrift (1914, 2, pp. 72-87).

(1) Four days before, Jung wrote to Freud : "Very honored Mr. President! I am persuaded by the recent events that my designs are so steep in opposition with the designs of the majority of the members of our Association that I can not consider myself as a personality fit for the presidency. I also commend my resignation to the Conference of Presidents, with gratitude for the confidence I have enjoyed so far. With the expression of my respect, Dr. C.G.jung. "Freud-Jung Correspondence, II, p. 334.

(2) « … force which sometimes does and sometimes creates evil with good " (see 35 F, note 1).

(3) The 30 April, Freud wrote identical letters to the presidents of the six European (Berlin, Budapest, London, Munich, Vienne et Zurich), asking them "to appoint, among the six presidents of the local groups that come into play, the person to whom you want to entrust the management of the association until the election of a President ; you are not required to exclude your own person… Myself, I am inclined to elect Dr.. Abraham, as provisional president of the association, since it is he who is best placed to carry out, from his place of residence, preliminary steps for the conference to be held in Dresden " (unpublished letter). The proposal was accepted Freud.

(4) UNIDENTIFIED contribution.

24-04-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

You certainly have been as surprised as me to see with what solicitude Jung rule our business. Our reservation was eventually bear fruit ; in one way or another, we will be rid of him, perhaps even a whole Swiss.

I immediately brought into action the convening of the Conference of Presidents and I asked to write a circular Rank which should enable a decision by letter and thus save themselves a trip. The process is accomplished in two stages : First among friends, and only if they are in agreement, formally to all presidents (c.à.d. two more people). I ask you to support the proposal that you assign to the Congress leadership.

I enjoyed Brioni (2), but when there, I struggled against an indisposition which I had not known and is reported here as a tracheo-laryngitis serious. At this very moment, I am not well at all and intellectually, particularly, I'm completely inactive. Perhaps our members get weighed down by the intoxication of spring.

Hitschmann find the Jahrbuch is already more than fulfilled, so that Rank and Sachs withdrew their contribution. One can very well accept Sadger and set aside.

Last week, I spoke with two members of the U.S. Ward's Island (the group most seriously) ; they assured me Jung's influence at home is not at all important. He seems to have strong support in the person of Jellife.

With cordial greetings to you and your dear wife, and my best wishes for the new era ajungienne,

Your Freud.

2. Island in the Adriatic.

22-04-1914 Abraham and Eitingon to Freud (translation 2009)

50 It

Berlin 22 April [1914] (a) (1)

congratulations message Zurich2 abraham cordially Eitingon

a. Telegram.

1. This telegram is conserved among the letters of Abraham (see F / A, p. 168) and reproduces the original post here.

2. The 20 April, Jung announced in a circular to the heads of local groups API resigned as president central (IZ1914, p. 297).

22-04-1914 Jones to Freud

22 April 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

What a day full of surprises ! First your letter, Jung then announced his abdication (1), obviously because he understood that his position was no longer tenable. So, my prediction was confirmed : "Give enough rope to a dog, it will eventually hang ", and our policies fabienne is justified (3) ! I briefly acknowledged receipt of his letter, and now await your instructions. Will you still postpone our meeting until July, or will it be necessary to appoint a successor to earlier administrative purposes ? I would suggest everyone to find Berlin, because you can go overnight, and Sunday, whatever. Among Obmänner, the only opponent outside Zurich Seif, and less likely to see land in Berlin and Munich. The passage, Jung why he wrote our Verein, au lieu de Association ?

Thank you for the new Loe. I guess she has not projects. I was shocked to learn the attitude of the Jones Family, and I wonder who you're talking. You will definitely sign me on the spot if, at one time or another, I can be of any aid, in this respect or another. Pending, better that I do not refer to it, because it might offend or Herbert my intrusion. Here more than two months that I have not written, but I guess it is because of his indecision.

You're absolutely right about Morton Prince. This is a fun and charming companion, but it is a perfect fool. Long ago I gave up all hope of making him understand a word in psychology, but I find it useful in many ways.

I know a little Garvin. This is a very balanced, well disposed toward us, but focuses on organic psychiatry.

Everything is going well here, and we expect a visit from Sachs.

I see you've already started counting the weeks before the holiday you are. It is a tiring period, and I hope with all my heart that you will soon perked, for example new Küsnacht(3).

Very affectionately yours


1. Jung circular letter to the presidents of member companies, dated 20 April 1914, to announce his resignation from the presidency of the International Psychoanalytic Association ; see McGuire (1974, p. 551).

2. Political patience, the image of the Roman general Fabius Cunctator, which the Fabian Society in London had taken the name and, with patience and loopholes, had managed to overcome superior forces in avoiding many battles.

3. Location Jung, on the outskirts of Zurich.

20-04-1914 Jung to Freud

358 J

Association psychanalytique internationale

Küsnach-Zurich, 20. IV.1914 (1)

Honored Mr. President!

I am persuaded by the recent events that my designs are so steep in opposition with the designs of the majority of the members of our Association, I can not consider myself as a personality fit for the presidency. I also commend my resignation to the Conference of Presidents, with gratitude for the confidence I have enjoyed so far2.

With theExpression of my respect

Dr C. G. Young 3.

* *


1. Datylographiée, signed. The three crosses are drawn to the fm pen. Circular to the local presidents, subsequently reproduced in Magazine, flight. II, No. 3 (1914). 297.

2. The third avril, Jung gave to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zurich resigned as privat-docent. It was accepted on 3 June by the cantonal education (extracted from Protocol Board of Education, based communication due to the kindness of M. Franz Jung).

3. In My life, p. 204 sq., Jung relates a dream he had three times, in April, May and June 1914; « … in the middle of the summer arctic cold and broke ground freezes in the gel… every green was frozen alive ". The third dream, however, "had an unexpected ending : there was a tree with leaves, but fruit (My tree of life, I thought) whose leaves, by the effect of the gel, were transformed into sweet grapes, full of sap beneficial. I picked grapes and gave a large crowd waiting ".

19-04-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin, In, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Assuming you are now back in Vienna, I will respond to your letter today detailed 6. I hope your little trip brought you the rest you wanted.

The Jahrbuch Jung is poor. It seems to me that the new one will be a significantly higher quality; I am pleased that it should appear in June. Hitschmann told me that you have somewhat eased my comment, in the preface, on the exclusion of the case analysis (I agree completely). Or, there some time this, Sadger asked me for an article Jahrbuch large enough to reverse, felt that pre-cases, but also points principle. I then refused temporarily. Under these conditions, should we accept?

I would also like to ask you again to tell me what day you propose to Congress, you or members Vienna. Jung proposed the 4 and 5 September, taking into account the International Congress of Neurology to be held later in Bern.

The new Zeitschrift für Sexualwissenschaft I'm not a big impression. Eulenburg, the remainder, is senile; so, in recent discussions, I spared.

Our group will meet in May; our debate must focus on the phenomena of Oedipus in childhood. For my part, I must now get back to my thesis, I was forced to abandon all winter. I would much rather deal with a few issues that I now have more to heart. The two things may be reconciled. There was a recent issue of Simplicissimus a joke that vividly illustrates your essay on narcissism, especially on the issue of hypochondria; this is why I send.

Apart from this, cordial greetings, My wife also, to you and yours.

Votre Karl Abraham.

19-04-1914 Freud to Jones

19 April 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

Thank you for your letter. I know you're very eager to hear from Loe. His condition is improving rapidly and reduces morphine. What you interpret as his "hatred" against you is true, but this is not the whole truth. I will share most of the cases when the treatment is complete. I hope you realize that, Despite this "hatred", you have no more faithful friend she, it always leads with great panache in real problems. The most I could betray, is that the reason for his aversion is identical to that of its commitment. The Jones family behaves in a manner very unfriendly and rude to her. But it was too much talk of accidents intimate your life together, it will be better to show less openness towards foreigners now.

I agree with your proposal for a meeting before the Congress1, but I would prefer that the dates are closer. It will be difficult to get away in May. You can learn more about this.

I'm pretty tired and ailing in recent weeks, and I think I'll try – doing nothing for some time. Brioni was a great moment of relaxation, but too short for a recovery; it will have served to highlight fatigue and weariness latent2.

I was surprised that you are provided you also my etching. I've heard the most contradictory judgments it has inspired. Ferenczi had great praise, Abraham took the same position that you. I find masterful, although it makes me look older than life.

Two letters (Pfister et Brill), I have circulated in the C[ommittee] you parvien-dront. This is what I learned about what is happening in Zurich.

I know you are very busy, but I do not think you slack to the Magazine in the coming month.

I still consider you as a friend Morton Prince donkey. I visited a certain Dr Garvin the NY, who knows you and is reasonable (3).

Very affectionately yours


1. The Vand Congress was scheduled for September 1914, but the war thwarted projects.

2. Stay on Freud, in the company of Rank and Ferenczi, A Brioni (on the coast of the Adriatic), see Jones (1955 a, p. 105 ; 1955 b, p. 118).

3. William C. A. Garvin, MD. 1903, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons; founding member of the New York Psychoanalytic Society (12 February 1911).

18-04-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

469 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Heraugsgegeben by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 18 April 1914

Dear Professor,

After a very restless night (I had to change three times now), I am exhilarated yet arrived in Budapest, full of pleasant "engrams" stay on Brioni. Not to mention all that has been experienced also, I have to travel to get better acquainted with Rank, I have learned the value of personality, Also nice and friendly qualities that I already knew. Gradually, the "Committee" becomes a circle of friends where you feel safe and secure. But it is not without pain that I had to find my position vis-à-vis you, exactly, is still not completely natural and your presence awakens in me all kinds of inhibitions that influence my actions and even my thoughts, and at times almost paralyze. I did not want to disturb your holiday with this information - but you will have noticed, anyway.

The next few days will be dedicated to reporting the Jahrbuch Do I not also prepare – as we had one day project – the presentation of the Munich Congress (1) (with the small piece of theory of knowledge) for the Jahrbuch? Or is it that I am already too late?

It is with great pleasure that I remember the rediscovery of fire (2). It was a treat. I still believe that the solution is relevant.

Greetings from

Ferenczi your

1. "Progress of the psychoanalytic theory of neurosis" (1914, 148), Psychoanalysis, II, pp. 152- 162. Yearbook, 1914, 6, pp. 317-328.

(1) "It was, disbelief and belief " (1913, 109), Psychoanalysis, II, pp. 39-50; first published in German in Popolare Vorträge über die Psychoanalyse (Popular lectures on psychoanalysis), Vienna, 1922.

(2) It is only much later that Freud published reflections on the production and extinction of fire (1930a [1929] Civilization and Its Discontents, trad. M. and Mrs. Ch. Odier, 1971 ; 1932a and [1931J, "On taking possession of fire", Results in, ideas, difficulties, II, 1985, pp. 191-196). See also 470 F. A few weeks later, Rank manifested the intention to write an article on fire (Rank letters to Freud, of 25 and 26 WE 1914).