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25-05-1914 Jones to Freud

25 may 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

I am very happy to hear from Sachs that you're back in full form; I did not know that you were sick. I hope you'll have no trouble with these intestinal disorders, and that there will definitely end holiday. I will you know what your plans are, if you have already made. What is the date of the conference in Leiden, and you will he able to come to London after this ? I guess you go to Carlsbad in July?

I fully echo your desire to talk. My repeated visits to Vienna, during the last two years, I have "spoiled", and five months of absence seem long enough already ; I have to arrange for them to come twice a year. Anyway, I hope we will meet again before the time of Congress, especially now that it has been postponed.

Sachs's visit comes to an end. It was very satisfactory in all respects. He drew great satisfaction, and I equally. Live under the same roof is always a good test, and in this case it was successfully passed. I appreciate his excellent character more than before (time that I was perhaps a little influenced by aversion Loe its place), and we agreed to sea-eve. There is also good news to give its communication on our society Swift (1), everyone was greatly appreciated. He spoke 21/4 h. practically without any notes, and with complete success. There is one error that I can not heal - he insists to confuse genres (Starfish. Identification Interpretation of Dreams (2)!)

We enjoyed the third and last trials of "Geschichte (3)». I find it supremely good, nothing too high, and quite final - the final word on the matter. The passage on the "paar kulturelle Obertöne" is beautiful (4). I wish we could relieve you from the trouble of dealing with these oppositions, but no one else is in a position to say with authority the things you say once and for all, so it was impossible to relieve you of this work. But hopefully it will not appear again you need to leave the field of pure science in the positive sense. My desire is long form around you a circle of men who take care of the opposition while you continue the work itself, and the prospect of an ideal situation like this seems very promising.

As for suggestions on the latest events, they are all on the attached page. The first sentence "Wir haben… is gone (5)"Does not seem sufficiently clear in its context. The rest of the paragraph is a series of paraphrases Jung, and some readers may not understand that last sentence refers to your own point of view: (Perhaps we might add «Earlier» or "In Contrary » (6)).

Then in view of the misuse that can make presentations of patients (and what Jung can replicate), I suggest you add a word or two before the extract from the letter of Pf, to indicate that you have reason to believe that the author is a reliable person (7).

Finally, word "Blunt full» contradicts outwardly extracts from the letter, and does not make clear sense. I guess this means that the approximation of Jung with Dubois could be the last step - that of patients being treated with care (8)?

The changes you mention in the letter of today seems to be an improvement on the way we had commented, and I totally agree.

I write to Fisher Unwin, but send me a postcard, please, to tell me what you mean by people which should send the book. Is it homage to the author? A Angleterre, we do not send the books as examination in Austria.

Putnam tient nests, as you will see in the attached letter. I have not yet had time to read the test S. Hall, but I will report to the Magazine (9).

I received bad news from the activity of Jung. He announced a call for boarding. Congr. of Neurol. and Psych. de Berne, in september, the one 30 July before the British Medical Association, and the 24 July before the Psycho-Medical Society of London, the latest on the psychology of understanding ; in the latter two cases it will also involve me, This is not a pleasant prospect. These communications will take place just after the release of Yearbook, and they should let it show his reaction10. I [am11] bet he does not dra-vien Dresden, I hope we will have a little peace and the good work.

I'm not surprised, naturally, you have discovered that Loe can be challenging, largely because I can testify. I'm afraid she does not give up morphine, same for you and Herbert Jones. I know it by Lina deceived us all last summer on this point, although I do not know the details, because when Lina (to whom she had also hidden things) has pierced through, she made him promise not to reveal. Do not tell, please […12], although I am sure it is true. I was shocked to discover how Loe gave free rein to his insincerity and exaggerations in other directions (especially for me), even though I like to think it is mostly unconscious distortions.

I learn from your letter of today it will probably be married at the end of the week. In this case, nobody will for her future happiness as deeply heartfelt wishes that mine, and I pray that they come true. She remains in Vienna until July ?

With all my love

Affectionately to you


1. «Die Psychologie Swifts», pronounced the 21 may, shown in Zeitscbrift, 2, 1914, p. 412.

2. Jones implies that Sachs identifies with Freud, which also confused genres. In the analysis of his dream of "Hollthurn"), Freud says that during a trip to England, nineteen years, he picked up a starfish on the coast and exclaimed "He's alive" (He is alive), rather than "it's alive" (It is alive). See Freud (1900a, p. 455-456, 519-520; trad. franç., p. 388-389, 441-442), Didier et Anzieu, Auto-analysis of Freud, Paris, PUF, 1988, p. 272-273.

3. Freud (1914d).

4. The passage in question concerns the attack against Freud Jung and Adler : "In reality, where n'a percussion, the symphony become universal, the part sung by the civilization, but remained deaf to the melody of the instincts " (see Freud (1914 d, p. 62 ; trad. franç. S. Jankélévitch, p. 149) ; GW, flight. 10, p. 109).

5. Last sentence of the first paragraph, ibid. p. 63 ; GW, ibid., p. 109.

6. Freud has not added suggested words ("Earlier" or "contrary"). Here is the passage in question : "However, we heard that the current conflict neurotic became intelligible and soluble that when the incident of the antecedent history of the patient, following in reverse the path libido had taken to achieve disease " (trad. franç.), p. 150-151.

7. Freud does not mention Pfister in the passage he quotes, but he agreed with the suggestion of Jones and adds a footnote on that page to narrow the "informant" is a person "worthy of confidence". See Freud (1914d, p. 64; trad. franç. S. Jankélévitch, p. 152) ; GW, flight. 10, p. 110. Pfister is however mentioned by name several times in the same test.

8. In the published version, Freud uses the comparative conservation fuller rather than schonungsvoler. "Dubois treated with more caution neuroses by moral encouragement" (GW, ibid.).

9. Jones (1916-1917).

10. The theme "Die Psychology der Träume" – the name of Jung included among stakeholders – is on the agenda of the International Congress for Neurology, Psychiatry, and Psycho­logy, Bern, 7-12 September 1914; see Magazine, 2 (1914), p. 403. For the other two com-munications, see Jung (1914-1915). For intervention Jones at the meeting of the British Medical Association, see Jones (1914 i).

11. Lined in the original.

12. Illegible word crossed out in the original.

18-05-1914 Jones to Freud

18 may 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

The first two batches of tests came1, and we were delighted to read. When you are aware of all the allusions and references, It is also interesting that pleasant to have your delicate strokes thrusting. I'm sure the effect will be great, qu'il is affermir notre camp, give energy, and that he will "dismantle" the other side, comme dit Shaw.

You can imagine that I have no complaints at all, but since you have asked me to share with you all my observations come to mind, I draw your attention to some minor details.

The first is personal : S. 46 (Flags) you write "Alle drei (Brill, Ferenczi and myself) had a familiar in Zurich learned2». For my part, I am afraid decline this honor, the facts are as follows : I bought your book 1906, I practiced and ψα (imperfectly, certainly) one year before the Amsterdam Congress in September 1907 (3) where I met Jung and Otto Gross. That fall, I was in Munich, and I learned more Gross I've never heard of Jung. On the way back, in December, I spent 5- 6 day in Zurich, I saw Jung everyday, and so I was invited to the Salzburg Congress in April following. Jung is then introduced me to you, that you may have given the impression that I was his student. Since then I've only stayed two days in Zurich. I am an exception to your assertion minimum (S. 43) "In all other places (outside Vienna and Zurich) this donation was of interest initially nothing more than a passionate usually accented rejection4».

S. 45. The direction is reversed by the omission of the word "no" : "The ψα Freud is now advocated and practiced not only in Austria, etc.5»

[S. 46 : the dates6]

S. 55. It. Jelliffe should be replaced by "White and Jelliffe". White is much stronger than Jelliffe and should not be ignored7.

S. 44. "Of that character trait of young… its tendency to ruthless insistence aside an inconvenient others8». Of course, this is absolutely true, and in principle I am of the opinion that we should not pity a war of such magnitude, but I can not find this less strong enough, personally, and I fear that, further to strengthen, it would weaken, a personal note, the overall effect of the es-sai. There was no interest in giving weapons to the enemy. Sachs asked me to add that it is quite of my opinion.

We expect the third batch with the keenest interest.

Faithfully to you


  1. Freud (1914 d).
  2. "All three (Brill, Ferenczi and Jones) studied psychoanalysis in Zurich. "Phrase deleted ; see Freud (1914 d, p. 31) ; GW, flight. 10, p. 70.
  3. In 1910, Jones stated that he was familiar with the work of Freud 1907, and recognized, to deplore, his lack of experience in psychoanalysis, see letter 26, note 9.
  4. "Everywhere else (outside Vienna and Zurich), This surge of interest has produced, initially, We reject that supported, most often quite passionate " (see Freud (1914d, p. 27) ; GW Flight. 10, p. 65-66).
  5. Referring to Freud's use of a passage in English Havelock Ellis. The not included in the published version ; see Freud (1914 d, p. 30) ; GW, flight. 10, p. 69.
  6. Lined in the original.
  7. Freud revised the text accordingly : "White and Jelliffe, à New York, launched a new periodical (The Psychoanalytic Review» ; see Freud (1914 d, p. 30) ; GW, flight. 10, p. 91.
  8. This passage - vindictive – was abandoned : "This trait of Jung… its tendency to deviate sharply anyone gets in his way. »

17-05-1914 Freud to Jones

17 may 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

I badly need a few hours of discussion with you. Writing a letter is a poor substitute. Be sure that I do not mean to sweeten my article Jabrbuch(1) there will be some amendments and additions (invisible in Fahnen that have been addressed), but not in the sense of mercy.

It may be that we surestimions Jung and his actions in the coming time. It is not in a favorable position to the public when he turns against me: i.e. his past. But my general opinion on the matter is very close to yours. I do not expect immediate success, but an uphill battle. Anyone who promises to liberate humanity from the tests will be sex hero's welcome, we leave talk - some nonsense that delivers.

Putnam tient nests, see his latest Journal of Abnormal Psychology on sexuality in interpreting dreams (2), and leaving aside the sophistry of excessive respect Adler.

But Stanley Hall declared allegiance to Adler and, for personal reasons, this accident I was more bitter than other. It can now invite Worcester lessons Indiv. Psychology. I can see(3) what they will do to his sermons (4).

MacCurdy spontaneously promised to act against Jelliffe he proposes to review its official organ instead of Magazine. Temperament, it seems to be real-ing U.S..

I could write for hours about Loe. This is a charming woman, but it is challenging. Not a matter of relent when she is happy, nor obey when it is at its worst. There is every reason to ask: when should it take "Lachs mit Mayonnaise (5) » ? Marriage is decided, but the date is not fixed, and it is not certain she can stay until July. She wants to finish with morphine before leaving, but it decreases very slowly.

Do not worry about the Napoleon Jekels. It is good, he found one of the springs of his character, but he did not see the other, yours. Better not to rush. Bacon was certainly a very extraordinary person ! Take advantage of your visitor and have good thoughts for your caring


P. -S. : Fisher Unwin wrote that the English edition of the’Everyday life released on 3 June (6). He asked for a list of individuals and periodicals, who to address book. PrEN I drained the liberty of telling him that you (J.) give him the necessary advice, and to send you a copy en revanche (7).


There are negotiations underway with F. Alcan (Paris) about the French translation ; they can easily lead to something.

1. Freud (1914 d).

2. Putnam (1914 a).

3. « I picture to myself » : Freud here seems to follow the German syntax : I imagine.

4. The interest that Hall was at Adler, opposed to Freud, see Ross (1972, p. 406-407, 409- 411). Adler could not speak at Clark University.

5. In a story that Freud analyzes in The joke an individual apppauvri, just borrow a little money, is reprimanded by his benefactor to have ordered a good meal in a restaurant, and replies : "If I do not have money, I can not I offer salmon mayonnaise, if I I must not m'en offrir. Then, when then I do ?» (Freud (1905 c) ; GW, flight. 6, p. 51, 53-54.

6. Brill (1914).

7. Sic ! In French in the text.

16-05-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

475 F

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price ; year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K. 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Vienna, the 16 may 1914

Cher Ami,

I react quickly to your friendly telegram : I'm uber-well-with, completely restored and better than before Brioni. Therefore, it is not yet time for the! I'm trying to correct “movement ψα” and I have in mind the recommendation of Jones not to mitigate. Him and Sachs, good letters today. Putnam, an honest advocacy for sexuality in The Interpretation of Dreams, in J.[ournal] of Abnormal Psychology (April to May). Otherwise, nothing but losses : Stanley Hall, as I said, quite Adlerian, la Spielrein, bonkers *, I wrote something against it 2. Scientia posting an article on Adler shrink.[psychology] individual] (3). Shortly, we invite America to rid the world of sexuality and aggression based on!

Your fantasy amphimixis of partial drives is eagerly awaited. Read anything sensible long.

Still no desire to work.

A Ophuijsen, we could tell right away the real reason and, the next time, you can really do.

The first action of Abraham will be well received, you too. The 20/21 September4 suits me perfectly. After, I will be ex-posed in Leiden, perhaps 23, then from Hamburg. Was still quite uncertain.


votre Freud redivivus **

* Yiddish in the text : madwoman, hammer.

** Latin in the text : resurrected, back to life.

  1. « Dream Interprétation and the Theory of Psychoanalysis », Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1914 (April to May), 9, pp. 36-60.
  2. Spielrein (letter has not been found) had complained that Freud probably had something against it, because he did not send him patients. Freud replied, the 15 In 1914 : "That you also become dingo (bonkers), and with the same symptoms as your predecessors! I received one day, without suspecting anything, a letter from Ms. Jung, telling me that her husband was convinced that I wanted him. This was the beginning ; the end, you know. And your argument that I would not have sent yet no patient? This has manifested itself in exactly the same way in Adler, who thought himself persecuted because I sent him no patient. Do not you recognize that this mechanism is known to grow abused a person in order to make then responsible? » (Aldo Carotenuto Carlo Trombetta et, Sabina Spielrein entre Freud, Jung et; 1981, p. 275.)
  3. "Individual Psychology, their conditions and results » (Indi-vidual psychology, its assumptions and results), Scientia, 1914, 16, 74-87.
  4. The proposed date for the conference planned.

15-05-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

I did not really concerned about your health in my last letter; I thought that there was nothing serious. That's what happens when your own pain you lock in your narcissism. I hasten to add my voice very warm good wishes to your doctor. I hope I will learn soon that you find yourself in your work and complete satisfaction. An attendant-way, Perhaps you apply a little to your health epigraph which you speak! Car, actually, you do not seem justified to see things in black.

Regarding the issue of the presidency, I entirely agree with you. Except that I do not quite understand how my proposal for the honorary presidency feels "retired", because its intention is to make our meetings you lead an active. I do not need, of course, make sure my absolute preference would be to see President. This issue will certainly, in the narrow circle of our friends, its fairest solution.

This letter, dear Professor, requires no response. Do not give, Just at this time, of unnecessary trouble. I want to complete what I told you last time by telling you that I have a small test site : "Relations between the drive for food and sex drive (1). "The Zeitschrift should still not be without my contribution.

I will tell you more about our plans for this summer, as soon as I know more myself! At the occasion, I want to know when your holiday; mid July or later? With cordial greetings and best wishes,

Votre Karl Abraham.

1. Cf. article cited in note 2 the letter of 3.3.13.

15-05-1914 Freud to Sabina Spielrein

Freud à Sabina Spielrein

15 may 1914 Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

Dear Madam,

Now you also become dinguo( 20) and with the same symptoms as your predecessors ! I received one day, without suspecting anything, a letter from Madame Jung21 telling me that her husband was convinced that I wanted him. This was the beginning; the end, you know. And your argument that I would not have sent yet no patient ? This has manifested itself in exactly the same way in which Adler believed persecuted because I sent him no patient. Do not you recognize that this mechanism is known to grow abused a person in order to make then responsible (22) ? For at least six months, I have not had a single customer in Berlin, and also that I had not been able to send. I have great difficulty in taking care of my young people in Vienna. Half of analysts and all those who are not enjoying themselves to insult me, how you wonder why after all neurotics do not come to me to indicate to doctors. I do not know if Abraham could do much, but I am sure he will take into account your wishes if you do not you keep too much outside activities Association.

After the relationships we have had so far, what do you think I have against you ? Is there something else here that the expression of your bad conscience that he could not release you from your idol ? Think again and write me what you think.

I cordially greet you, Freud

20. Freud uses an original expression Yiddish, passed through the use Viennese : "Bonkers", meaning, today, something equivalent to our modern "crazy" (or "crazy") (N.d.t.).

21. Cf. correspondence S. Freud - Emma Jung in S. Freud, C.G. Young, Correspondence, op.cit., t. II, p. 209 sq. (it is the letter of 30 October 1911).

22. Cf. Totem et tabou, ed. fr., p. 63, G.W. IX, p. 64, S.E. XIII, p. 50.

13-05-1914 Freud to Abraham

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

Thank you very much for your long letter. Meantime, I was sick again, and I have absolutely no respite, as if the torments and work wanted me to wear!

The last access my intestinal pain brought my "personal physician (1) "To undertake, on the safe side, rectoscopique examination, after which he congratulated me warmly as if I concluded that he had taken for highly probable carcinoma.

So it is nothing to this time; I must continue my wade. We have not even decided this summer. One, Rank as proposed, you adopt 20 and 21 September (Sunday) for Congress, we can have our private meeting the 19, I can see my lecture at Leiden 23 about, and then I will go see my daughter and grand-son in Hamburg. A Hollande, my youngest daughter will make a leap to me from England; Well then I will more than Berlin interval between two trains.

Pending, I promise to record your visit after your excursion in the Dolomites. Maybe we'll all Dresden.

See you as president definitive, this is indeed what I want personally. I know all that we have to wait for your energy, your correction and your conscientiousness (pleasant contrast with your predecessor). Somewhere else, It is argued that the problem of relations with America and the importance to keep the group well all recent London, speak in favor of Jones. Under these conditions, I want you to leave all care to make a decision that will take place during our Pre-. It would be premature, in fact, to decide now. We can not know if the Swiss actually leave after the publication of the Jahrbuch, which should also affect the choice of the President. For my part, I would like to keep away, possibly, book me for some extreme. Your proposal honorary president either does not please me ; firstly, she has something that smells "retired", and second, the present time, overshadowed by crises, does not seem conducive to the honors are awarded. I do not want to miss, however, thank you cordially friendly idea. In calm weather and fertile, I would have gladly accepted. For the time being, the establishment of a chairman and a vice-president seems essential and the distribution of these two functions between you and Jones, alternating with short intervals (every two years), opportune. More, as I said, I am sure that the Committee will find a solution to this issue, without being disturbed by problems of personal ambition.

I feel truly mortified by my lack of enthusiasm and ability to work, and lasts from Easter. This week, I finally completed the proofreading of the first third of the "Contribution to Psychoanalytic Movement"; there was virtually nothing in this section to change. I did add an epigraph insert name and rank in a passage where praise was anonymous. I intend to change much in the third section.

All your works projects have my complete sympathy. I hope to have tomorrow, by Sachs, from you and Berlin.

Do not hurt, in this letter, the low level of morale and get my, you and yours, my cordial greetings.

Your Freud.

(1) Physician (Leib - body and Arzt - doctor) normally means in German : personal physician, ordinary. But Freud plays on another specialized sense of Leib - belly, abdomen (N. d. T.). This is the Dr Walter Branch, Lecturer on gastrointestinal diseases at the University of Vienna.

13-05-1914 Jones to Freud

13 may 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

You thought, j’imagine, Sachs that would give me all the news from Vienna, and it gave me much. And the case of the Vereinsleitung been adjusted for the time of the most satisfactory, but we must prepare for the possibility of further trouble soon. Jung is not killed, but just temporarily defeated. In July, the prend the words devant the British Medical Association1. He exercised a powerful attraction in America and perhaps in England, where ψα is still a sapling. For all these reasons, I hope you do not amenderez of your Referat Yearbook (2) one iota, because the issue was not only the Vereinigung.

Sachs says that your health improves, Wolfgang Ernst and overcame his original weakness, two good news, but your youngest daughter struggled to get rid of his cold ; I hope that the sea air of England will remove the last traces, s'il in subtract3.

Attached letters received from Abraham. Business does not seem very bright in America, although I was delighted to see that the 13 items advertised in the program of the American Psychopathological Association, one and all por-Taient on a theme of ψα, 11 is positive and 2 only negative4. MacCurdy, on which I had high hopes, seems to have shown a dark side in the case of Herbert Jones (surely jealousy, because it is very gay), and this bodes ill for its activity ψα, where the character is at least as important as intellect. No new Putnam for two months, but I wrote recently - also requesting permission to publish his excellent article in the last Magazine (5).

Loe wrote a long letter this week, after three months of silence, but I'd love to know what effect you had on it the sad news of the death of his aunt, which was really a beautiful woman. This is yet another case of death due to causes, ultimately, psychic (Do you remember talking to me about this one night, at a late hour), as was that of Scott's Antarctic expedition6, I discovered that. Loe decision about his marriage did not surprise, because it was the only sensible decision, and I am delighted. However, I can not be very optimistic about its future, because it does not waiver cera-morphine, though I pray with all my heart it may have a few years of happiness. She continued treatment until the end of your working season ?

The history of the’Work of Jekels was fun, quoique un peu contrariante. It can encourage me to write my book on Napoleon for Fonts, Perhaps at the end of this year after the Congress will7. Do you think I should sacrifice other work it ?

I will pass this summer to write a small book on The treatment of neuroses Ferenczi and translate8. Then I signed the contract to produce next year (the end) a big book on ψα for a scientific audience, but not medical, and this will require an immense9. Besides these tasks, I have enough others to fill the free time of my evenings.

Sir Ed. Durning-Lawrence has died10. I dined with him there for about a month11, and he assured me that Bacon wrote Shakespeare not only all, but all Spenser and Marlowe (he paid the same way to use their name), and he also supervised the translation of the Bible ! ! Peace to his ashes ! The passage, we found another set of contemporary references, where the name is written Shackspere12, thus confirming what you told me about Jacques-Pierre13.

Sachs wrote you about London, who enchants. His company is a great pleasure to me.

Affectionately to you


1. Young (1914),

2. Freud (1914 d).

3. Allusions to Freud's nephew, the son of Sophie, et à Anna Freud, who was about to go to England.

4. The fifth meeting of the American Psychopathological Association was held in Albany, NY, 6 may 1914.

5. Putnam (1914 b).

6. Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912), naval officer and explorer, led the fateful second expedition to the South Pole (1910-1913) ; see Scott’s Last Expedition : The Personal Journals of Cap­tain R. F. Scott, C. In. O., R.N., on his Journey to the South Pole, 2 flight., London, Smith, Elder, 1913.

7. Ludwig Jekel (1867-1954), Viennese psychoanalyst, devoted to a brief study Napoleon (Jekels, 1914). Jones was never published his essay on Napoleon Bonaparte.

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11. In Jones (1957 a, p. 429; 1957 b, p. 460), Jones dinner date this 1913.

12. The c is emphasized two features in the original.

13. See letter 20.