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29-06-1914 Freud to Lou

Vienna, TheX, Berggasse 19

29. 6. 14

Dear Madam,

My letter today - contrary to what you might think - does not refer to the slightest provocation you have attempted to introduce into yours. My brave Rank is responsible for sending bulk reprints and I proposed, after a suitable interval, ask you to make your criticism.

They are much nicer than I dared hope. But I guess there must be another side to the coin that you have not yet shown. Because this topic is not pleasant. Accuse and denounce, expose and redress, it is not a pleasant task and it is not part of these operations that I made with a special sympathy. Life means that one is sometimes forced to what we hate most in the world. I have managed to solve this by writing bounden duty somehow to myself, as representing the single instance and abstracting me as much as possible of a court whose favor I had to get. So I intentionally lavished profanity everyone, and, my close friends, I did not need to win my case, as many compliments as I wanted. But deep inside me stirs still need to know how the whole can be seen by a third person - a judge, man or woman -, and I confess that I had assigned this role.

Naturally, I also know that the opponents, the talkers and performers tendentious also fulfill an important mission : they accommodate material, also difficult to assimilate, the use of the digestive system of the mass, but there are not things that we confess aloud. I support the true fulfillment of this mission in the dirt cursing suffered by this object, is even, during this procedure.

With the hope that your health is good, I

Freud yours truly.

28-06-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

483 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 28 June 1914 Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

I write within the scope of the Sarajevo assassination surprising (1), whose consequences are quite unpredictable. It seems to me that the personal involvement takes place shortly.

And now, our business! I think you are too harsh on Jones. For example, there was not even necessary to distinguish between ego-libido and object libido and, more, this work is a circle of listeners specific. I will give you reason to a point : he speaks repeatedly of introversion 2 where mean regression. This could well be accused. The essential : remarks on how a neurosis can hide another, or something serious, are also new qu'importantes. They come, if my memory does not deceive me, an "author unknown"3, told him that the case in question. It, you will not blame him, or in writing, or orally.

I think you are right to assume that your manuscript4 has exceptional importance. It is an attempt that promises much and that is an urgent need. I just been a good ten years on these issues, but I am not seriously attacked, unable to rn'appuyer on the observation. The fulcrum, observation of postmenopausal women has now provided you. I have a lot to advise you and offer you about it, but I can do so in writing. I frankly confess that I'm still too tired by internally, although, one façade, I still take the shot during the week. You will come to Vienna again, j’imagine, before I left, since, exactly, we will see later this year. We then discuss, and that is why I keep your sketch.

On the advice of friends, I gave, this year, the "evening Konstantinhügel" 5, so you can choose your days as you please.

No reaction to the bomb is still felt, outside Vienna, naturally. Here, some - few - are excited; others suggest more clearly that it would be too sharp, and you can imagine what others will tell. I do not believe that all subsequent statements, consequences, and even libel affect me much. For once, I gave the air - it was worth it - and I still relies on a solution to this untenable relationship with Zurich. I certainly do not pursue the controversy.

I still need to work fifteen days, here, of 8 h. the morning 9 h. Evening. Martin is already in Salzburg, au tribunal 6. Anna leaves before we, the 7 July7. It was in fact extraordinarily difficult one year.

Waiting to be hearing from you or see you,

Your Freud.

  1. The assassination of the Austrian Crown Prince, François-Ferdinand, and his wife, the 28 June, by Gavrilo Princip and other terrorist movement "Young Bosnia", triggered a chain reaction leading to the First World War.
  2. « Introversion » (withdrawal of the libido in its own self) is a concept that was introduced by Jung.
  3. Freud himself had raised the issue in "early treatment" (1913c) : "We are often forced to ask, when dealing with a neurosis with hysterical symptoms and obsessive… if we do not deal with early onset of dementia, following the name he was given (de schizophrenia, following Bleuler) of paraphrenia, as I prefer to call… », Psychoanalytic technique, 1967, pp. 81-82. However, Freud could also refer to the remarks made by Ferenczi about Jones (during the analysis of the latter?).
  4. See 482 Iron and notes 1.
  5. The farewell meeting traditional Viennese Association, at the end of the work year.
  6. See 438 Iron, note 1.
  7. A Hambourg, where she left the 18 July for England. The return journey to Vienna could not do that through Gibraltar and Genoa, with the help of Jones and under the protection of the Austrian ambassador.

27-06-1914 Binswanger to Freud


Constance, the 27 June 1914

Dear Professor !

Thank you very much for reprint (1). This work has me so interested that I read it in one go on the first night. I was held in suspense by the contents sometimes, sometimes by the causticity of your review. I can not find anything wrong, because this work is entirely a reflection of your personality and will be of the highest value for your future biographers. The shots that you distribute pleased me a lot ; but what pleased me most was the extraordinary vitality that emerges from this work. You can keep it as long as possible.

With cordial greetings I remain

Your [The. Binswanger]

1. "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement" (1914d).

26-06-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

482 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors: Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 26 June 1914

Dear Professor,

I have rarely been so uncertain value, or no value, a job as the one I sent you here (1). Can you tell me your opinion bluntly, I expect the worst. I ask you to consider the courage to submit it as a kind of sincerity that has no intention to conceal even what is poor. But I will not deny that at times, there are things in there that seem fair and important.

I'm glad not to be mistaken, by offering to leave you alone this summer. I find it hard to push my vacation until September (you know that Budapest in August is not really a summer resort suitable); I would therefore like to my decision from here, I have nothing to do, the 1he August. I probe to see if Jones is free to this time, and it is possible that I go to England I am not yet gone.

I read again a trait of "History of the Psychoanalytic Movement". I find it excellent and I am glad that you do not get left soften and do not make any changes. The effect can not fail to happen, and I look forward to your new.

Tomorrow I'm going to my sister province, Nyiregy dwell qui-près de haza (2), but I'll be back Monday night.

Cordial greetings to you and yours,


A significant contribution to the regression of genital and oral was given to me by a patient, already cured of impotence, who now must live in abstinence, because of gonorrhea. From, his teeth concerned with surprising frequency; he must constantly bite something, or cringe. I have come to believe that biting is also contributing to the genital libidinal (see the analogy of pace in the act of biting and coitus) and the symbolism of teeth is his last source. Therefore : perspective to explore the foundations of organic symbolic.

1. Probably "To understand the psychoneurosis of age back", mentioned in 479 Iron.

2. See 203 Iron and notes 3.

25-06-1914 Freud to Abraham

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami.

The bomb has now exploded. We will soon effects that cause. I think we should leave its victims 2 at 3 week, the time they pull themselves together and react, and, the remainder, I'm not sure that their response to our caresses is precisely to remove.

Rank has shown me that my familiar demon played me a ride. So I sent a correction to the last page Yearbook; Perhaps you find yourself in other work to add something.


Your Freud.

23-06-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

481 Iron



Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud

Editorship : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/

Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8

Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3

Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 23 June 1914

Dear Professor,

Jones recently sent me some reprints from, inviting me to make a report to the Zeitschrift; inter alia, the attached article on "Interrelation of Biogenetic Psychoses (1) ». I regret not find work in this spirit and genuine psychoanalytic, apart from a few pertinent remarks, it seems confusing and disconcerting. What is your opinion on this writing and how do I deal with my duty as rapporteur in this case?

Greetings from


(1) «The Inter-Relation of the Biogenetic Psychoses», American Journal of Insanity, 1914, 19, Reprint. in Papers on Psycho-Analysis, London, 1920, pp. 466-473.

22-06-1914 Binswanger to Freud

98 B

Constance, the 22 June 1914

Dear Professor !

Thank you very much for your letter of 19 June. I only ask you to tell me about when the next volume to be published in the Jahrbuch. I am very excited by the announced.

Since the 18, I resumed service, what I weigh a little. I'm not moody, not really worried, it was only a nicotine poisoning (1) with cerebral and cardiac events. I still suffer some dizziness and a slight tendency to exhaustion, but I'm still working better than doing nothing.

With cordial greetings, I remain, dear Professor, faithfully

your [The. Binswanger]

1. In the Journal of Binswanger (II, pp. 5-8), found at the time of 12 June [1917] the dramatic story of a new nicotine poisoning : "First nicotine poisoning three years. Vascular nature of the crisis even more pronounced at this time. »

22-06-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

480 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 22 June 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

We live in expectation of the "bomb" that must be shipped upon arrival. For the time being, anything that could interest me more strongly.

Your contributions or sketches, I also look forward. It seems to me that the Zeitschrift now needs some strong achievements. Regarding the ambivalence, should think especially the work of Bleuler (1). Abraham, in Prince, right in his remarks about the work listed, but it is really not a good time to brandish the red pencil criticism, otherwise we have no contribution; we must admit a diversity of viewpoints, or an alloy with a certain percentage of non-sense. – Putnam wrote me, me too, more kindly than usual (2). It is possible that four American, we gardions three years after the schism (3).

Regarding the summer, I will reveal that I have a craving for a time of solitude, because in Seis I do work for Kraus (4), which can not be cured in the course of quiet walks. After, all depend on when I'm done with this work, four weeks, perhaps, thus 4 or 5 September. Abraham will come before Congress. That would be fine then, if we could go all the period from 18 until September to go to Holland or Hamburg. The period 4 to 18 September has not yet taken, may remain Seis us; I will inform you of each phase.

You really should attend the conference occultist (5). But after the, it is not compatible with our convention (16-24 October!).

A Madame G., hi my cordial.

Otherwise, I work as a new real beast, of 8 am to 9 ½ hour evening!

Your Freud

1. "The excellent speech" (Freud, 1912-1913, Totem et tabou, 1947, p. 47) ambivalence was introduced in 1910 by Bleuler at a conference entitled "Über Ambivalenz" (De l'ambivalence), account in Zentralblatt 1910-1911, 1, pp. 266-268, et dans dementia praecox or group of schizophrenias (Dementia praecox or group of schizophrenias), Leipzig et Vienne, 1911.

2. In his letter of 2 June, Putnam had rented the study of Freud on Moses (Freud, 1914A), ("The Moses of Michelangelo", Tests applied psychoanalysis, pp. 9-40) and shared the view of Freud Adler : "I think you just see; I also believe that my own complex push me too anxious to attempts to ” justice “, which are, actually, that attempts at conciliation " (Hale, Putnam, p. 204).

3. La New York Psychoanalytical Society fondée par Brill, l’American Psychoanalytical Association initiée par Jones, la Washington-Baltimore Psychoanalytic Society fondée par William Alanson White (1870-1937) Boston Psychoanalytic Society and founded in 1914, with Putnam as president and Isidor Coriat (1875-1943) as secretary. Freud was feared the defection groups around Ely Smith White and Jelliffe (1866-1945) who had accepted the concept of libido by Jung desexualized.

4. Le projet de "Psychoanalytic view of the neuroses" (Presentation psychoanalytical neuroses) (see 432 F and notes 2).

5. An abandoned project due to the war.

19-06-1914 Freud to Binswanger

97 F

Prof., Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 19 June 1914

Dear Doctor !

I'm not nearly as "outraged" as you think. I found the same explanation that you offer. I just think psychiatrists also read the magazine, and I did not go willingly to your contributions. Can- be you I made this impression because of malicious

my concern, because I did not draw more information from the second letter of the first, to deduce if you're just "moody" or if you have a real reason for concern.

The VIand volume of the Jahrbuch is now complete and should appear in about three weeks. Your offer appreciable arrives too late, but in the next Jahrbuch (1) we will keep you plenty of room and do not want to do without you.

Soon you will receive something printed (2) on my part and I look forward to your response. Begging you to give your new Regards

your Freud

1. N'a pas digit.

2. Freud (1914d) ; cf. 99 B.

19-06-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

479 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors: Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 19 June 1914

Dear Professor,

Regarding the wish - very justified - to include in the report the important relationship between’ ambivalence of the wild and neurotics (1), I already made the necessary. On the question of the presi-dential letter 2, I joined the views of Rank and Sachs. - I load, naturally, the task of presenting a report to Congress on the theme of "A.[ssociation] P.[sychanalytique] I.[nternational] », but es-father that I will not come here; I wrote to Abraham in this direction. – Abraham a letter addressed to me, we noted (à la magazine) the work of Morton Prince, Haberlin et bloomer 3 would not have appeared without the development of writing. I believe, me too, that we should not save the editorial red pencil. Otherwise, we arrive again being cited as "psychoanalyst" against analysis, as a collaborator Beaurain (Yet which I brought contradiction) 4. (See the little book on dream collection Löwenfeld 5).

-I just browse the book Jelgersma 6; for the most part, it's good enough and sensible; he could dispense with its elegant reserve. - I recently wrote a small work on neuroses back age 7, with hinge points to onanism, the "neurasthenia" and - mixing-colie! I'll send it to you; please read indulgence, that is to say : do not reject immediately, if you do not seem fair. Anyway, write me your opinion on this topic. This is my first reaction to your Narcissism. - Attached is a kind letter of Putnam. I will answer him just as friendly8. - Abraham writes that he wants to come Seis 9. What can you me say about this trip? Should I again be on your back throughout the month of August? - Or do you want, for once, relax without me and without psychoanalytic discussions?

Apart from this, nothing to write. - Greetings from Mrs. G., who stay here10 a great pleasure. – Avec Varjas, caution should be exercised.


Your F[Ferenczi]

1. Ferenczi's paper on the "progress of the psychoanalytic theory of neurosis"(1914, 148), Psychoanalysis, II, pp. 152-162, for the Jahrbuch.

2. See 270 F and notes 6, as 473 Iron and notes 2.

3. Morton Prince, "Psychopathology of a case of phobia" (Psychopathology of a case of phobia), Magazine, 1913, 1, pp. 533-546; Paul Häberlin, "Psychoanalysis and Education" (Psychoanalysis and education), Magazine, 1914, 2, 213-222; Hans bloomer: "On the theory of inversion" (About the theory of inversion), ibid., pp. 223-243 et «The so-called natural instinct employment» (The drive occupancy called natural), ibid., pp. 29 sqq.

4. See 413 Iron and notes 7 and 8.

5. Article unidentified Grenzfragen of Nerven- and mental life (Problems limits of nervous and psychic life), Lowenfeld et Kurella Ed.

6. See 456 F, note 1.

7. "To understand the psychoneuroses of life" (Posthumous writings, 303), Psy­chanalyse, III, pp. 150-155 de Ferenczi, is dated 1921 in Complete Works of Sandor Ferenczi ; however, by comparing the text with the summary contained in this letter, one might think that this is the article mentioned here.

8. Putnam's letter has not been found. In its response 19 June, Ferenczi writes, especially, referring to the resignation of Jung : "Not only I am pleased that you are personally on our side in this internal crisis quite useless and ugly of the International Association, but it is also extremely important for the cause of psychoanalysis in the United States. The process must not be split artificially constrained; Science should be avoided compromise. »Hale, Putnam, p. 351.

9. In the Beginning, Freud had called Abraham to "spend the whole summer together" (letter 18 VII 1914, Freud-Abraham Correspondance, p. 188). For summer, "Freud had planned to go to Karlsbad cure his intestines, from 12 July, to go then Seis, in the southern Dolomites [at the time, South Tyrol] to spend their holidays themselves, before attending the Congress of Psychoanalysis qu'organisait Abraham, and that was the start 20 September in Dresden. Congress once completed, Freud, after a conference at the University of Leiden 24 September, expect his daughter [Anna] then in England and both would regain Austria " (Jones, II, p, 183).

10. Au mariage de Loe Kann a Herbert Jones (see 454 F, note 4).