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31-07-1914 Abraham to Freud

Brunshaupten, 31.7.14.

Dear Professor,

I will answer immediately. Here, we are not cur-rent anything. It is possible that we leave today or tomorrow. Because there are many signs that suggest the mobilization tomorrow or Sunday. En cas de guerre, it is possible that we stay here. We can do little other travel plans. So we wait probably Berlin. En cas de guerre, also, I can not get away from, since I am assigned to health service (1). Without this, I did, me either, no obligation.

Our station is already half depopulated, enabled officers and soldiers on leave have been recalled. In case you séjourneriez Munich would not be impossible to meet; but who knows?

It is expected still no power trigger war, but the situation did not look less serious. Newspapers are allowed to publish only half of what they know.

All I can promise you today is to give you my new regular. Your letter bearing the stamp of 3o is still very fast arrival. I entrust this letter best wishes that I make for all of us.

I look forward to your new work with as much impatience as possible at the moment!

Well with my cordial greetings.

Abraham your.

Have you not received my last letter?

(1) As a result of lung disease (emphysema) in childhood, Abraham had been exempted from military service and was part of the reserve.

31-07-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

494 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3

Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = MK. 18.

Budapest, the 31 July 1914 (afternoon)

Dear Professor,

As the post probably will not work tomorrow (the announcement of general mobilization came here at the moment |1]), I hasten to give you a brief news.

If the above information is confirmed, I will join, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the 7and regiment of the Territorial Army - Honved Hussars – as a medical reserve.

The holiday trip is abandoned. (Even if I do not join the regiment, I will stay here as a hospital physician.)

It will be difficult to manage by the business of writing, due to the disruption of rail traffic and postal. I think Rank will soon be returned home (2). For the time being, I have no contact with him.

Here, emotion is at its peak (the news of the Russian intervention).

Madame G. returned from his summer residence - like everyone else also.

The Platonic idea as substrate transfer is tasty (3). It seems that Jung has also been proposed as the word Imago quite disembodied.

Cordial greetings to all, Carlsbad et à à Seis (4),

Ferenczi your

1. The 28 July, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. The 29 July, is the partial mobilization in Russia, protecting country of Serbia. General mobilization in Austria-Hungary, condoned by the staff and signed by the German Emperor, Vienna is announced on the morning of 31 July.

2. Rank went on vacation in Tyrol, the 29 July ; He then spent a fortnight in Semmering, to return to Vienna 15 August (Letter from Freud to Rank 12 August 1914, unpublished correspondence, archives J. Dupont).

3. The 27 July 1914, Jones wrote to Freud : "I had, last week, a long conversation with Mrs.. Eder, who just a month of analysis with Jung […] You may be interested to know the last date for method transfer process. The patient overcome the learning that is not really in love with the analyst, but it is currently, first, struggling to understand a Universal Idea (with capital letters) the Platonic sense : whereafter, what appears to be the transfer may well stay ". Freud has copied this passage for Abraham (Freud/Abraham, Correspondence, on. cit., letter 29 VII 1914, p. 191-192) and also expressed Ferenczi, it seems.

4. Place in South Tyrol where Freud had intended to go after his stay in Karlsbad.

29-07-1914 Freud to Abraham

Carlsbad, 29.7.14.

Cher ami,

Where are you and what do you do? Is this how you imagined the rest re bene gesta? Could you by chance

I say yes, in a fortnight, the excitement of these days will be a distant memory a little ashamed, or the fate that threatens us for decades is about to decide? Do you know if we can meet this year for a conference close?

Nobody knows, and the influx of new uncertain, the ebb and flow of hope and fear can only disturb the mental balance of each of us.

We are here, solitary, busy wait for letters to arrive late and leave write letters irregularly; we hope to leave, Carlsbad le Lundi 3, since we can still win free Germany; and Munich, we will ultimately land, after several forced outages, à Seis (1). We are extremely pleased that none of our son and step-son is directly affected by the war, but actually, we also have a little shame at the sight of the victims that accumulate around us. The weather is terribly wrong, as if it was the projection of the current state of minds. Eitingon wanted to visit me, but the tumult of the war has prevented; tasks put our depe- 24 hours to deliver, I also asked to abandon his project. En effet, the big fight stifle interest in the little that we have successful completion.

I'm happy to have finished, in the last days of calm, two technical articles(2), one on transference love and the other entitled : "Remembering, repetition and working through. "I think my way of presenting things turned; from the reckoning, I became more sincere, bolder and more direct. Currently, I still can not get used to the idea of ​​starting a new job.

First, scene change.

Here's what Jones writes today in express terms - I transcribe it for fun : « I had a long talk with Mrs E. last week, who has just had a month’s analysis with Jung… You may be interested to hear the latest method of dealing with Übertragung. The patient overcomes it by learning that she is not really in love with the analyst but that she is for the first time struggling to comprehend a Universal Idea (with capitals) in Plato's sense: after she has done this, then what seems to be the Übertragung may remain. »(3)Risum teneatis, Casimiri! I look forward to hearing from you. Your faithful


(1) Siusi, in South Tyrol, then Austrian

(2) Trad. fr. In psychoanalytic technique in P.U.F., 1953.

(3) “I had, last week, a long conversation with Mrs. E., who just a month of analysis with Jung… You may be interested to know the last date for method transfer process. The patient overcome the learning that is not really in love with the analyst, but it is currently, first, struggling to understand a Universal Idea (with capital letters) under plate tonicien : whereafter, what appears to be the transfer may well remain. “(N.d.T.)

29-07-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Ostseebad, Brunshaupten 29.7.14.

Dear Professor,

Your letter of 26 I received here the day after my arrival. The thanks that you send me are indebted to you that I pay by promising to do everything for Congress and we compensate you compensate all wrongs in Munich. Who can doubt certainly not the small circle of "Five"(1) will make every effort and give the best of himself, not only for the Congress, but also in the future. - Your presentation will appear in the right place as possible. I think we have a very extensive program.

Here also, not everyone is concerned by war. I believe that no power will trigger a general war. But everywhere is great concern, although opinion is very favorable to Austria. What will happen to our projects? It is temporarily impossible to say. Rank wrote me yesterday to me strongly discouraged the Dolomites. It would be unfortunate if the appointment does not take place. At worst, could transfer in Switzerland. - The conference also made a bit of a problem. It is hoped that the matter will be decided quickly in the coming days.

Our Jahrbuch happened to me yesterday by the good care Deuticke. I am very pleased that, despite all the difficulties, we could come to end in six months. I will start preparations for the next when I am in Berlin. En effet, he must appear at any price in the spring 1915.

Receive, you and your wife, my cordial greetings and those of my wife.

Abraham your.

(1) Cf. note 1 : 10.12.13.

29-07-1914 Freud to Eitingon

61 F

[Header Vienna], Carlsbad smile 29 July 1914 noona

Dear Doctor

I have just received your letter express. Your telegram announced, not yet. Many things have changed since I sent you the telegram : but you are always welcome ! I did not know at the time that a telegram should be sent urgently ifb must travel as fast as a train. Since we understand the seriousness of the situation1. Declaration of War, manifest, closure of rail traffic for days of mobilization, this seems to be a different situation than you imagined only yesterday. It seems impossible that you arrive by Friday, and the date on which you can leave in any case seems uncertain. Under these conditions I ask you to give this tour. I can not admit that you expose yourself to such discomforts and uncertainties such, and I want to thank you very much for your intention for its implementation.

Incidentally the weather is so terrible here – girls in the house say : since the men are away – it becomes difficult to perform the movement necessary to cure.

We hope to come to Munich after blocking traffic, outside the 3 August. My three son, fortunately (but so undeserved), one has not yet fulfilled his military obligations, lui il reste encore un tiers in, it has recently been postponed for the second time2. Shadow hover also present on our conference, but nothing can predict two months away. Perhaps most things be returned in order to then.

The key is that we got rid of Z[urich], Abraham worked brilliantly3.

Receive my cordial greetings, on my part and that of my wife4 and greet your dear wife, that the fact that you give up your journey certainly not displease.

Your Freud

  1. Express letter.
  2. Afterthought.
  3. The 28, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The 29, appeared in the press a "manifesto of war" Franz Joseph Ihe. The 31, was decreed the mobilization General.
  4. The son of Freud (see DIP) : [John] Martin (1889-1967), lawyer, was at the time the first part of his training in Salzburg, 1'Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag from Director 1932, emigration in London 1938 (BL/W) ; Oliver (1891-1969), engineer, lived for a time in Berlin before 1933, emigration to France, then for America; Seriously (1892-1970), architect, lived from 1920 at 1932 à Berlin, emigration England. Ernst had reduced military obligations (Freud à Abr., 18 October). – Their fate during the First World War, see Jones (II, p. 244-246) ; also detailed in F / Iron II.
  5. That is to say, as director of the Jahrbuch (6and year, 1914) and Acting Chair of the API after the resignation of Jung.
  6. Martha Freud, née Bernays (1861-1951), married since Freud 1886 (voir Behling 2002).

28-07-1914 Binswanger to Freud

102 B

the 28 July 1914

Dear Professor !

Hereby I make my request to join the group Viennese (1). I like this group because I think I can at best and deepen my worship and my admiration for you as my attachment. I look forward to seeing you in Dresden (2). You are right to interpret my silence as optimum signum ; I think to be true-ment out of danger.

My wife joins me to greet you warmly and wish you a great holiday.

Always [The. Binswanger]

1. The statement contained in this membership Boarding school, Physicians. Psychoanal., t. 3 (1915), p. 184.

2. Cf. 96 F, note 7.

26-07-1914 Eitingon to Freud

58 It

[En-tête III Berlin], the 26 July [1914]

Dear Professor,

I sent you a telegram this morning early to learn if you have not changed your arrangements given the impending war, I will wait for your answer before going to Karlovy Vary.

Mobilization for she one of your son?

In the hope that the weather will soon be past that threatens, My wife and I greet you cordially, yourself and those you love

Your faithfully devoted M. Eitingon

28-07-1914 Eitingon to Freud

60 It

[En-tête III Berlin], the 28 July 19141

Dear Professor,

It is only now, few hours ago, I received your dispatch; I send my telegraphic reply before this letter. I expect to be in Karlsbad early Friday 31 July(a) if the transport of persons is not blocked.

I hope that the political situation will be clarified a bit by then.

With my warmest greetings to you and those you love

Yours M. Eitingon

a. Date afterthought.

1. This letter was obviously sent by express; see the following letter.

27-07-1914 Jones to Freud

27 July 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

It says here - what may be wrong – that Austria had declared war, and all sides, this is only rumors and general preparations for Armageddon. I wonder how this can naturally affect your son, Rank, etc., and I hope that everything is going well. Emergency, if that was your daughter join, I could of course escort ; do not hesitate to let me know (and let me know anything else I could do).

I had fully appreciate what you write it. She has a beautiful nature and will certainly thereafter a remarkable woman, provided that its sexual repression does not make him wrong. It will of course terribly atta-played, and this is one of those rare cases where the father is the real father figure.

I am delighted to give you good news of her, because his health is excellent and it seems happy days and respond bravely to his new environment. We have a few to take the boat Saturday, and she enjoyed the output as other. I hope to see more, because I do not have regular holidays this year will, and it is pleasant to spend a few days so interesting company. Ferenczi will be here next week, and probably join us there too. Family Arundel is excellent, and it could not be in better hands (1).

I learned today that Abraham the’Exit [resignation] official arrived from Zurich, ensure that your article has produced one of its desired effects (2). I read the letter Maeder, and those Bleuler and Pfister, all full of interest. Abraham said he will join you in Tyrol.

Ferenczi offered me to continue my analysis with him here, and, as there are still some gray areas that I can not solve alone (mainly in dreams), I would be very grateful for the opportunity.

Two other patients come to me to India next month, this will make nine hours a day. I do not listen Jung went Friday, and I'm not going to Aberdeen, but I write a report qu'Eder read there (it is one of the secretaries (3)). I had, last week, a long conversation with Mrs.. Eder, who has just completed a month of analysis with Jung. She discovered that since her childhood she has continued to be torn by a conflict between scientific and philosophical inclinations - those- there, which are the strongest part of his nature, should no longer be repressed. Maybe you are interested in the latest in a method for treating Übertragung, The patient surmontç the learning that is not really in love with the analyst, but, first, she struggles to understand a Universal Idea (with capitals) within the meaning of Plato ; after she succeeded, what appears to be Übertragung can remain.

I saw yesterday Loe. She had spent a few days in bed as a result of pain caused by vomiting of seasickness, but it's better now. Elle retourne one Hollande Mercredi, to get Trottie (4). It seeks by all means to do harm to Lina, to whom she dedicates a fierce hatred. Why did you- you of my observation on morphine, whose sole purpose was to arouse your suspicion ? Here it is angry against me, probably because it was the truth; I do him much more confidence than before, since I discovered the lies she told to my account, I hope, however, that things will calm down, and that we will one day be good friends. I was amused to hear about your discussion with MacCurdy, which seems to have left from the front of the stage.

I was so glad to hear that you enjoy Karlsbad, and I send you all my good wishes and my love.

Your faithful


1. Voir Young-Bruehl (1988, p. 65-69) to an evocation of Anna Freud stay in England, where there is no question of "the family of Arundel".

2. Allusion à Freud (1914 d) and the company's decision to leave Zurich International.

3. See Jung (1915) Jones and (1914 i).

4. Son chien.