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29-08-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Obviously, some new to me have failed in your hands. But I'm glad you finally new highly detailed; map and letter arrived after a journey of three days, and I hope it will be the same for this letter.

You will then all well. How many times have I not thought that your youngest could do in England; I had reason to suppose that this is Van Emden to serve as an intermediary.

Home, all is well. Personally, I proposed the health service, possibly also for External Affairs and Transport Service. There is one week, I almost take the train to Dirschau (mouth of the Vistula). But things have taken a different course, and I remain - at least temporarily - to the military hospital of the racecourse Grunewald. I have much to do, especially in surgery; Maybe I will later take care of the special section neuro-psychiatric. Customers now very small. For a scientific, I still lack of peace. The need to work for the community and the uncertainty of the first weeks of war captured me completely. But the news is not they now excellent? German troops barely 100 kilometers from Paris, Belgium is liquidated; England is also on earth. Russia is no better. Austrian success arrived timely, when East Prussia inspired us the greatest concern.

My very best wishes to Sachs, Rank Ferenczi et, as well as all the Viennese friends. I have no news of Hitschmann. What does he?

As for Jones, I think we all no news. Do not you also experience a strange feeling to the idea that it is part of our "enemies"?

I am very eager to learn when you leave for Hamburg! Fast service works fairly well with new Vienna. Via Berlin, of course; and it will be a joy to see you arrive in the city, instead of the Cossacks (that, if you believe the prophecies fearful souls, should be here soon). Compensation for Seis, even if it is short! My wife and I wish you in advance a very warm welcome.

With my cordial greetings to you and all yours,

Abraham your.

29-08-1914 Eitingon to Freud

67 It

Prague, the 29 August [1914]a

Dear Professor,

thanks for this news so fast, I was very pleased to know that your home was younger. For my part I just received the order to leave the hospital with some colleagues of the garrison of the city to go to Kaschau in northern Hungary1,

probably closer to where Austrians and Russians are meeting in Galicia.

My warmest greetings to you and yours

Your M. Eitingon

a. Postcard.

1. See 81 E 2.

25-08-1914 Freud to Abraham

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

I would : finally hear from you (back to the last 2.8), if I could hope that this open letter will reach your hands. Since that date, I've written several times, unsuccessfully it seems, I learned Eitingon, that is Prague, you expect to stay in Berlin.

In our case, Here we can say. We arrived here my som-, retour de Carlsbad, the 5; my sister, which finally gives, had come before us, that its sana-toriums had closed. Was[1] made its appearance a few days after; about Ernst, we have learned during 12 days he had managed to win from Salzburg to Munich, where he had made an excursion. Finally, He made the trip Munich-Vienna as the Austrian consulate passenger with local 1 mark 55 en poche; but here, he was graciously postponed, and since, he lives with us. Annerl is virtually a prisoner of war in England; after long days of anguish, we came into contact with her through The Hague, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Van Emden. We learned that she remained, unmolested, in his institute at the seaside, and it is related to our friends from London who, in no doubt, would take care of it if necessary. It seems to go well and behaves with great courage. En effet, stay in an enemy country can not fail to be thorny.

Martin did his legal training before the war broke out. When the storm broke, he volunteered, showed that the femur fracture was well healed, and he managed to get accepted into the weapon which he had belonged incurred as a volunteer for a year (artillery regiment No. 41 According to his letter, he could not pass up the opportunity to the Russian border without changing religion [2]. He expected to be held in Salzburg to continue his training, but he announced today that he is gone. We do not know where, of course, if it is south or north.

My son in law is called the Hamburg 7 September for war service.

I now turn to other. Rank and Sachs are here. Rank, still gay, has found a job : it stores and catalog my library, given that we are currently working with any good scientific. Ferenczi is called, he expects to be used as a doctor and will visit us here one of these days. Tomorrow Wednesday, the remaining members of the association will meet in coffee. I know Federn was aboard the Kronprinzessin Cäcilie, that, warning against France, turned back, and has returned to New York!

Here I finally in my office leisure I always desired. But it is always so fulfilling desires ! I find it absolutely impossible to undertake anything of reasonable. Like other, I saw a German victory in the other, and in the interval, I am tormented by the fear of further complications, new rape neutrality, etc. It seems that the incredible prowess of our allies have already saved. This is a great and terrible time.

Of all projects in the summer and fall, I shall mention only one. I'm going to see my little son in Hamburg, and at the same time, I will also Berlin, when travel conditions are bearable again. It will probably soon, in september. Echaudé, of course, by the experiences of recent times, we shrink from any plan, any project.

What are the hopes,

designs that are

human, be ephemeral ![3]

(or something like that)

I'm glad to hear that you and yours are doing well, and I only wish that the correspondence between allies is again facilitated. More forsan and haec olim meminisse juvabit, we read in Virgil.

Sincerely on behalf of all of us.

Your Freud.

[1] Oliver Freud, born in 1891, second son of Freud.

[2] The entry in Tsarist Russia was forbidden to Jews.

[3] What are the hopes, what are designs, the man, -Possible makes the vergän! Quote of The Bride of Messina Schiller.

24-08-1914 Eitingon to Freud

65 It

Prague, the 24 August [1914]a

Dear Professor,

I joined the Austrian army as a volunteer doctor – is that I am an Austrian citizen1 – and very likely I will stay for the duration of the war in hospital garrison town, I was assigned to the psychiatric ward. Today I had to give an expert on severe obsessional neurosis. As soon as we arrive injured, there will be things to do in other medical fields. –

I do not myself yet heard from Abraham.

Yours very cordial to you and your dear family

Yours M. Eitingon

a. Postcard.

1. See the Introduction, p. 10.

24-08-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

499 Iron


Budapest, the 24 August 1914

Dear Professor,

Instead of telegram, anyway, not happen much earlier, I'll answer this in more detail.

Your letter aptly describes the mood changes that alternate almost hourly, and that we are all subject, culminates in the same derogatory judgment of Madam A.[utriche], I had to forge, me too. As an example of compliance with the rules of psychic processes, I can tell you that for me, My penchant for libidinal personality above, which appeared at the time of new more favorable, was transformed in the same way in the opposite ; together, est un peu from libido, to some extent, become available to our scientific efforts. J'ai, me too, amount of slip is repeated (I jokingly interpreted as paralysis 1 debutante, in the manner of the hypochondriac who learned medicine).

Recently I told you (writing) my confusion and my inability to work were accentuated, but not created, by the crisis ; your incentive to come to Vienna and put me out of time on this occasion - as unconscious - that's how I would enjoy : I prefer, it would go to Vienna for four weeks and you do with sessions in analysis rules ; I have the money (I had withdrawn from the bank for the voyage to England, before the moratorium 2).

I promise to do my utmost to mitigate the difficulties for which you refuse to analyze Tausk 3. If this happened, partly, otherwise - would that material for further analysis, where you should proceed with all severity necessary. You know : I suffer from the memory of the good father. Maybe ill untie me he language !

I await your response telegram.

Cordially, Ferenczi your

A. Header pre-printed or stamped, purple.

  1. There is general paralysis, symptoms of the terminal stage of syphilis. The joint disorders are an early symptom.
  2. "The banks and savings banks do not refund deposits beyond 200 crowns " (Freud's letter to Abraham's 2 VIII 1914, Correspondence, on. cit.).
  3. Ferenczi's allusion to Tausk is not entirely clear. According to Paul Roazen which is based on his interviews with Hermann Nunberg, Philippe Sarasin and Helene Deutsch, Freud refused - but only some four years later - analyze Tausk because he felt inhibited in the presence, and because he feared that Tausk only steals ideas (Paul Roazen, Animal mon frere, you, Paris, Payot, 1971, p. 112 sq., and The Freudian Saga, Paris, PUF, 1986, p. 250-251).

23-08-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

498 F

Prof., Dr Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 23 August 1914

Cher Ami,

Naturally, I thought you were already mobilized, and yesterday I've been missing by giving news Emden, it is neutral. I accept your offer more readily come to Vienna, where it can be placed any time limit or obligation to spare me. Anyway, I do not try to open my consultation before 1he October, attempt would be, the remainder, now and later, purely "symbolic". I can not for the work. During the first week after Karlsbad, I had a good start ; I could spend three or four hours to read and reflect ; at the end of the week, very little, and now it's been a week that I have not thought about science. Psychological problems were too hard to adjust and, from an adaptation succeeded, arose a new requirement that you removed the benefit of the balance already acquired. I note only that I became more irritable, slip and I do all day long - like many other, also. Those of us whom I speak are in the same state. To escape boredom, Rank undertook to establish a catalog of my library ; it will start tomorrow, and I, I invented a diversion similar : I'll take my antiques, study and describe them one by one.

The inner process was as follows : rising enthusiasm, Austria, I was first won me too. In exchange for prosperity and international clients, missing for a long time now, I hoped that I would be given viable homeland, where the storm of war had swept the worst miasma, and where children can live in confidence. I suddenly mobilized, like many other, the libido of Austria-Hungary, eg my brother Alexander who, located in the middle of the hustle administrative, has seen with surprise how labor and availability could be found among officials, whose number is now reduced. Each day, I shared with him the emotion of the moment. Gradually, discomfort was installed when the severity of the censorship and swelling of the smallest success made me think of the story of "Dätsch" *: return

his family dressed in orthodox modern man, it can be admired by all his relatives, until the old grandfather gave the order to undress. It was then discovered, in all segments of modern clothing, that framed his pants are tied with a piece of wood because the cords were torn ; whereupon the grandfather decides that it is still not a "Dätsch". Since the release before- yesterday on the situation in Serbia I am fully convinced regarding the A.[utriche]-H.[ongrie] I see my libido and turn into rage, which we can do nothing. The only real thing that remains, it is the hope that our august ally 2 fighting for us out. I now hope that all our interest, to be removed after, back when even our science, and your visit will certainly in this direction.

Martin has justified its decision by saying he does not want to miss the opportunity to the Russian border without changing religion 3. I'm not very happy, up to now, he has made a career dotted, but I understand its considerations and finally I must give due. There should still be two weeks in Salzburg for instruction, complete before leaving the number of his regiment (Field No. 41). Here, I finally received a postcard from Annerl, pédiée re-exported from The Hague ; I learn that she spent a day in London with Loe and Davy Jones4 and then she returned to St Leonards. She writes that Trottie was extremely pleased to see her ! Your pessimistic predictions did not realized. Davy Jones adds these words : Your daughter is frightfully brave, if you could see her, you would be extremely proud of her behaviour **.

Postwar, we can not go to England long before, perhaps not even in Italy ? Germany also is impossible, due to the morgue Germans, which is not without justification.

We are all here, Curly at home, to save money, which is a detestable occupation and unusual. Minna is recovering from his bad-vaise flu, slowly, but obviously.

Mainly, Coming soon, and see if the boat does not go faster than a telegram !

Sincerely, your Freud

* Dätsch : deformation Deutsch German, written phonetically by the Yiddish pronunciation. One way to describe, among the Jews of Galicia, assimilated German Jew.

** In English in the text : "Your daughter is terribly brave, you would be extremely proud of his conduct, if you saw. »

  1. Freud may be referring to the order of withdrawal of Austro-Hungarian troops on their starting positions, Despite successes in Serbia, because of the need to send troops on the Russian front.
  2. Germany.
  3. Jews could not visit Russia.
  4. This is Herbert "Davy" Jones, Can que Loe, who had been a friend of Ernest Jones and Freud analysand, married June 1 1914 à Budapest, Freud and Ferenczi and Rank as witnesses as an interpreter (t see. The, 476 F).
  5. Anna Freud had already left England with the Austrian ambassador and arrived in Vienna 26 August 1914, after a journey of ten days and forty hours by train, by Gibraltar, Malta and Genoa. See E. Young-Bruehl, Anna Freud, on. cit., p. 63.

21-08-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

497 Iron


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Budapest, the 21 August 1914

Dear Professor,

I'm always civil and home, but I can be called at any time, although my "Assignment Sheet" says that I should introduce myself as telegraphic order.

Events had the effect of paralyzing me in any intellectual activity. I felt abroad enthusiasm warrior, anachronistic to my mind. It seems that I am making misconceptions about the true state of civilization of our society, How else to explain the intellectual and emotional vacuum that emerged in me after the war broke out. But I think purely personal factors also contributed. - I began gradually to restore me and hold me in thinking of ideas that we hold dear.

Two daily sessions of analysis are "wretched remnants" of my practice.

My family, up to now, one nephew 1 was mobilized as a reserve officer of artillery ; it is already on the Russian border. Among our members, Dr. Levy and Dr. Hollos were called in the reserve of the territorial army ; Dr. Rado is currently a volunteer service a year, but, is suffering, it was left to his.

What do you think of the heroic decision of your Martin ? And know- you more about it ? Do you have news Annerl ?

A sister of Mrs. G., from Canada, was visiting here with her husband, just as the decree of mobilization. They began the journey to return home, through Germany and Holland ; could they, and the extent to which, closer to Toronto, we know nothing.

How is Mrs. Loe and Trottie ? The plan, beautifully pre-prepared, contraband dog has not resulted 2 !

One, meantime, I am not called, I would like to come to Vienna by steamer and compensate me for the loss of this year's holiday with a stay of three to five days. Please, tell me if you see any objection.

Cordial greetings to you all, of

Ferenczi your

  1. The son of one of the elder sister of Ferenczi, Ilona (born in 1865), Bertalan ou Gyula. See also 580 Iron.
  2. En effet, Loe Kann had struggled to get his dog Trottie fraud in the Netherlands- Low to make it to England (Jones to Freud, 3 August 1914, Freud/Jones, Correspondence, p. 297-298).