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30-09-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

508 Iron A

Budapest, the 30 September 1914

Train missed – Materials for two sessions I ask tomorrow afternoon 1 – Arrivée midi Queen.


A. Telegram.

1. Ferenczi began on 1″ October 1 analysis with Freud, interrupted after three and a half weeks as a result of its incorporation as a military doctor stationed at the Hungarian hussars Dad. (See J. Dupont, « Freud’s analysis of Ferenczi as revealed by their correspondence» [L’analyse de Ferenczi par Freud, as their correspondence reveals], International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 1994, 75, p. 301-320.)

29-09-1914 Freud to Binswanger


Prof.. Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 29 September 1914

Dear Doctor !

I would willingly heed the warning contained in your last transmission. (Between us, is that I would not know that The anonymous author. B, (1) ?) But I can not tell you anything other than what you yourself have assumed. That is to say that we are completely subject to the consequences of the events, the continuation of our work requires tremendous efforts and we expect a massive reduction in our therapeutic activity. My eldest son (2) is a volunteer, So even in Tyrol, with fille (3) returned to England in the train of the diplomatic mission.

Our journals will continue to appear, somewhat reduced and delayed, the Jahrbuch is looped long Deuticke but has not yet shipped. The 7 October will be held the first session of the Association. I can tell you there, as agreed, your transfer (4) ?

I went last week in Berlin and Hamburg (5) to seek solace. I hope to receive good news soon from you, your dear wife and your offspring promising.

Sincerely yours


1. Binswanger wrote to Freud's work Clinical contributions to the theory of the relationship nonsense (1914a), that (with regard to his master Bleuler) appeared under the pseudonym "Lothar Buchner".

2. Martin Freud as a volunteer was enlisted as a gunner and pursued his education in Salzburg and Innsbruck ; cf. Jones (1960-62), t. 2, p. 209, and Freud's letter to Ferenczi's 23 August 1914 (Austrian National Library in Vienna).

3. Anna Freud, who stayed in England since the 18 July, returned to Vienna and Genoa Gibraltar under the protection of the Austrian attached ; cf. Jones (1960-62), t, 2, p. 209.

4. Cf. Protocols, t. 4 (1981), p. 257.

5. Freud had been the 16 September visiting his daughter Sophie Halberstadt in Hamburg, return, Abraham spent five days in Berlin ; cf. Jones (1960- 62), t. 2, p. 210.

22-09-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Hamburg, 22.9.14.

Cher ami,

Thank you very much for all the preparations that you plan to do for my second trip to Berlin, especially as regards England (1). It is based on this that I intend to leave here Friday morning to arrive by a ten to Berlin, where I could stay until the evening six hours. The time is too short for a group session; it is better, if you can, the whole book at our meeting.

This is not the first time that I am in Hamburg; but this is the first time that I did not like in a foreign city. I stay with my children, I'm talking about the success of "our" borrowing opportunities and discusses 'our' battle for millions. It reminds me a little further discussion, about an ancient battle gigantic, that, after some partial successes, is lost in the sands (2). Thus, according to the theory of metempsychosis, we must remember a previous existence.

My little son (3) is a cute little guy, who knows you so enthralled by his laughter as soon as you take care of him, someone well educated, civilized, which, in an era of unbridled bestiality, is doubly valuable. The strict upbringing a wise mother, educated principles Hugh Hellmuth 1 made him the greatest good.

My son has, occasionally, to portray a hero in the war and expand the death of a hero on the battlefield; but the rest of the time, he can devote himself to his family, so the day passes pleasantly.

I happen to think the station just for lunch; and in my calculations, the hospitality of your home is always a constant.

Hoping that this letter will come to you anyway before me, I extend my warmest greetings to you, your dear wife and all your children, that, I hope, labor are taking up quite.

Your Freud.

1. Refers to projects to establish a connection with Anna, who had been surprised by the outbreak of war in England.

2. Allusion to the quarrel with Jung.

3. Seriously, Sophie et fils de Max Halberstadt.

4.Hermione by Hugh Hellmuth, Viennese psychoanalyst nonphysician.

13-09-1914 Abraham to Freud

Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

I suppose that many cards and at least one letter reached me in your hands. The delivery is always difficult. Your letter and stamped the 3 September arrived here yesterday, So after a nine-day trip.

I learned with joy that you are in good health and that your sister is on the mend. My best wishes accompany your two son; thank you, the remainder, card that you have written with Martin.

Home, the whole family is doing well. A Berlin, the impact of the war is generally insensitive. We are reassured by the complete defeat of the Russians in East Prussia. We hope to have in the next few days of favorable news of the battles of Marne. They end well, the fate of France will be set to the most, that is to say, taking strongholds in the south-east is no longer a matter of days. Tonight, we learned the news of the retirement Austrian Lemberg; I still expect that the fortresses and the Carpathians do obstruct the advance of the Russians.

Let the little world of our concerns! I wrote a card Rank Tuesday and I had hinted a little work. The same evening, I was advised that a convoy of wounded arrive very early in our hospital which is far enough out of town. This meant that I get up at 4 thirty, I remain continuously in the operating room to 2 hours, then the afternoon, I spend a few hours Customer; and as the situation has not changed in the following days, I could not write any end item. Maybe next week it will get better. - As the most important work I wanted to give extracts in the form of a presentation to Congress, there is no question that I will put for now. I am especially pleased to present my ideas when you come to Berlin. I will arrange to be as embarrassed as possible, during your visit, by my service to the hospital.

I add my warmest greetings to you, yours and all your friends.

As always, your

Karl Abraham.

15-09-1914 Freud to Eitingon

69 F

Vienna, the 15 September 1914a

Dear Doctor

Thank you very much for the news you give me conscientiously! I will answer you with pleasure. My son is still in Bozen, I have visited him last week in Innsbruck. Tomorrow I leave for Berlin and Hamburg. Too bad I do not meet ! I – back, I basically found my ability to work, although our psychoanalysis is somewhat confused (1). These are difficult times. Maybe I bring back news of Germany's victory in Paris.

Sincerely Your Freud

a. Postcard.

1. And allemand : deroutiert, French borrowing. Here means output trajectory.

11-09-1914 Eitingon to Freud

68 It

IGLOO, the 11 September 1914a

Dear Professor,

as I wrote it when I received my orders to leave Prague, I was sent to Kaschau and, de là, assigned to the reserve hospital at Iglo1 ; this is now my metamorphosis into a military doctor and surgeon and war nearly completed. We have many transport wounded from neighboring Galicia. – How are you, dear Professor? Do you get occasional news from your elder? And how do you do personally? –

We have here little new in the newspapers. The beginnings, of incomparable beauty, west and east2, [seem] having a bit slow. –

I send you all my best wishes to you and yours, with my faithful devotion

Your M. Eitingon

a. Military Postcard.

  1. Czech town of Nova Ves, which now belongs to Slovakia, at the time in Northern Hungary.
  2. Reference to very rapid successes early in the war by the German and Austrian armies allied.

08-09-1914 Ferenczi to Freud


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, Î. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price : year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = MK. 18.

Budapest, the 8 September 1914

Dear Professor,

I send you herewith a small dream analysis for the Zeitschrift (1). I do not need to tell you that it comes from my self-analysis and it is only afterwards that I recast in the form of dialogue. You will recognize as – in the person of the doctor who does not want to analyze. All that is essential, I fully rendered, word for word, as I came.

Saturday I hope to finally come to Vienna anyway, and spend the Sunday and Monday.

Sincerely your Ferenczi

I ask you to surrender the two manuscripts Rank (2), but not to mention from my own personal.

1. "The dream of the occlusive pessary", Ferenczi (1915, 160), Psychoanalysis, II, p. 171-176.

2. The context does not determine what is the second article in question.