29-09-1914 Freud to Binswanger


Prof.. Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 29 September 1914

Dear Doctor !

I would willingly heed the warning contained in your last transmission. (Between us, is that I would not know that The anonymous author. B, (1) ?) But I can not tell you anything other than what you yourself have assumed. That is to say that we are completely subject to the consequences of the events, the continuation of our work requires tremendous efforts and we expect a massive reduction in our therapeutic activity. My eldest son (2) is a volunteer, So even in Tyrol, with fille (3) returned to England in the train of the diplomatic mission.

Our journals will continue to appear, somewhat reduced and delayed, the Jahrbuch is looped long Deuticke but has not yet shipped. The 7 October will be held the first session of the Association. I can tell you there, as agreed, your transfer (4) ?

I went last week in Berlin and Hamburg (5) to seek solace. I hope to receive good news soon from you, your dear wife and your offspring promising.

Sincerely yours


1. Binswanger wrote to Freud's work Clinical contributions to the theory of the relationship nonsense (1914a), that (with regard to his master Bleuler) appeared under the pseudonym "Lothar Buchner".

2. Martin Freud as a volunteer was enlisted as a gunner and pursued his education in Salzburg and Innsbruck ; cf. Jones (1960-62), t. 2, p. 209, and Freud's letter to Ferenczi's 23 August 1914 (Austrian National Library in Vienna).

3. Anna Freud, who stayed in England since the 18 July, returned to Vienna and Genoa Gibraltar under the protection of the Austrian attached ; cf. Jones (1960-62), t, 2, p. 209.

4. Cf. Protocols, t. 4 (1981), p. 257.

5. Freud had been the 16 September visiting his daughter Sophie Halberstadt in Hamburg, return, Abraham spent five days in Berlin ; cf. Jones (1960- 62), t. 2, p. 210.

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