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31-12-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

526 Iron

Potato, the 31 December 1914

Dear Professor,

Or donc, pay tribute to the ancient magic of thinking and we want to each other a happy new year. One, in addition métapsychique, use this magical substance had a metaphysical or physical, then the collective desire of so many millions of unhappy and dissatisfied should, this time, condense into a formidable power which would eliminate all obstacles on the path to peace. Hope, even without the help of such occult (that, unfortunately, not occur anywhere), material and mental exhaustion of all parties to the agreement will soon lead. Retrospectively, I must point out as the most precious personal events from the past year a few weeks in your analysis. Despite its incompleteness, I notice every day she was able to change, to some extent, my neurotic disposition significantly in recent years. This personal factor increases again – if possible - the gratitude I owe anyway the creator of psychoanalysis.

At our last meeting in addition to the force of your mind and fertility, my own behavior, also, I was pleased ; spontaneity and lack of discomfort in my relationship with you is surely a success mode analytical expression.

You are probably more exposed to external events than me ahead. Is that you must ensure that the work of your life and your family ; for my part, I still have not reached the final options * - Despite my age – and am still deeply caught up in the juvenile - not to mention the child. Perhaps this chronic juvenility she retains a bit premature aging ; it prevents certainly fulfill its duty personal and social.

Let these ruminations ! I take the spells and wishes to all those who are dear to you all the best for the coming year.

Receive cordial greetings and appreciative of

Your affectionately dedicated, Ferenczi

I will send the manuscript2 when the position is less busy. I received the new theory sex.[ow] and thank you.

* Latin in the text : definitivum.

  1. The 20 and 21 December, Ferenczi visited Freud, Vienna (Freud to Abraham, 21 XII 1914, unpublished letter, Freud Museum in London [henceforth : FM]).
  2. This is perhaps the article on "The dream of a pillar of salt" mentioned in previous letters.

30-12-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

I am very sorry to hear that you are not yet restored and your wife through the same ordeal. We live in a time where we should be at least health. Epidemic in our family ended, Ernst but must keep the bed in Klagenfurt with severe angina which he probably never recovered slowly. We obviously can not do anything for him. According to today's letter, although still feverish, he returned to the barracks.

Impotence and misery have always been what I hated most, and I fear that both did threaten us now.

Deuticke me that he did not publish in Jahrbuch 1915, since he could not send even one of 1914- He said that all his activity is reduced, and he claims the example of German publishers known that many suspended publication during the entire duration of the war. That's what I thought when I heard your intentions in your last letter.

The Heller, we do not know yet; Moreover, we have nothing to expect.

When you come here - I'm glad you do not have renounced - you can, of course, to talk at length with D. I reserve for this opportunity all my information on the discoveries made by Homer about Rank. My own work is stopped. I was not able to overcome difficulties and, because of my mood, discoveries I've made so far do not give me as much pleasure. As a result of this alienation I often wonder in bewilderment how I can be very good. The first remedy to be applied is that of course we now recommend to all : wait and take good.

Jones writes tirelessly in the same tone; I do not know if my answers reach the.

Perhaps you will receive the Theory of Sexuality before this letter.

I wish you all a very speedy recovery.

Your cordially dedicated


26-12-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Your letter of buffered 22 dated December 21 arrived here from the 24; postal links seem to improve. We are also required, of course, to give our letters to Austria still open to post; if you are my last letters received closed, is that they were killed by the supervisory authorities. It also happens that I receive your letters sealed; they bear an official stamp on the back.

I do not lose sight of my planned trip to Vienna, and as soon as I can arrange me, I will put into action with great pleasure, especially since I know that I can be of some use personally.

The scientific part of your letter seemed light, in the strict sense that I've been able to assimilate. But some points I still do not. I do not suppose that unless I have not understood me seem equally convincing as soon as I have understood. I would like this book at our meeting, that. I hope, does not delay.

What you say is fine by Rank ; I certainly do not know yet what the problem unraveled Rank in Homer, but I'm very happy for him and for us all perseverance and success. As for my thesis, I do not know at all what is happening with. I hope to work a little, on occasion, during the war, on psychoses; but the observational material has so far hardly been favorable. This is also the default equipment appropriate for the work I had already found himself interrupted. I do not know at all yet what will happen at the end of the war, - It seems, From what you say, Ferenczi goes well. Long ago that I no longer new Eitingon. Here, I received a card through Jones Van Emden; the tone is so friendly that it is permissible when writing an enemy country. Nothing new in what he writes. I find touching Trigant Burrow.

To you, and all yours, I send my most cordial greetings !

Votre Karl Abraham.

25-12-1914 Freud to Jones

International Journal of Psychoanalysis MEDICAL

25 December 1914 Vienna

Dear Dr Jones*,

Your letter arrived just on Christmas Eve and I was very pleased and touched, and all attempts you have made to maintain a link between us. I did meet several times through the kindness of Dr. van Emden and have not yet seen evidence that you have received my answers. So if you do not receive a response from me, How can I let you know that it is not my fault ?

The history of the translation of my article history is virtually impossible to clarify in these times. I think I finally understand now how it happened. Brill was obviously suspicious and Jelliffe phony as usual. But I think you also, you have somewhat changed attitude vis-à-vis psychoanalysis Review. Total, the moment she was born, I do not care where the translation appears and who made. I have of course never wanted to cause injury to Brill, him and consequently left the initiative of all decisions.

I am under no illusion and see that the heyday of our science is now rudely interrupted, As we move into a period bad, and there can be no question as to preserve the state fire embers in some homes, until a more favorable wind allows us to kick-start. That Jung and Adler left the movement collapsed in strife now nations. The Verein is no more tenable that everything has an international dimension. Our journals will soon cease publication ; may arrive- us to continue the Zeitschrift. Everything you wanted to deal carefully and closely monitored for should be left to his fate and anarchic grow in all directions. The future of the cause, you so much at heart, do not worry, naturally, but the near future, the only one I can interest, seems hopelessly clouded, and I did not throw stone to leave the ship rat. I try once again to bring in a kind of synthesis for what I can still contribute2. It is a work that has already produced many new, which unfortunately is disturbed by my sudden mood swings.

You write that your "operation" will take place at the end of this week. I do not know obviously not what you mean, and concluded that a letter has been lost; but the way you talk, it can not be something serious. As you can imagine, my medical activity is reduced to a minimum, two to three hours per day. In fact, even in Vienna, I never really found a minimum customer ; most of those who want to come can not do. It is this limitation that I actually supports the less, Accustomed as I am twenty years to work abundant, and not to use little more than a fraction of my free time to write.

Strangely, I have no news of Putnam3 ; Trigant Burrow me recently proposed a refuge in his house in Baltimore ! ! Pfister wrote on the occasion ; he left Zurich, but we have not reached, and I'm not exactly in the mood friendly and warm hesitant. I think other Swiss will soon realize that the psyche is not, currently, the kind of thing with which we can do business and they will direct their work in other directions. If we had not been spoiled by years triumphal, could settle the situation.

I guess we will arrange you somewhere, as soon as the noise of war will be dropped and that travel will be allowed back. But when it does it will be ? For the time being, it has not even the shadow of an idea4. This kind of private conference may be a new beginning of our public activity, but nonetheless it marks the end of that which was ours.

I cordially greet you and thank you for your friendships on behalf of all my. Hold until our reunion.

Yours faithfully,


  1. In English in the original.
  2. Studies "metapsychology" only partially survived ; see Freud (1915 c, 1915 d, 1915 and, 1917 d, 1917 and) ; Grubrich-Simitis (1987), et Barry Silverstein, «Now Comes a Sad Story»: Freud’s Lost Metapsychological Papers, in Freud : Appraisals and Reappraisals : Contributions to Freud Stu­dies, flight. The, ed. Paul Stepansky, New York, The Analytic Press, 1986, p. 143-195.
  3. The apologetic tone is evident in Putnam's letter to Freud (beginning 1915), in Hale (1971 a, p. 177),
  4. German shows here : "It Can not even guess to book now. "The use here of Freud Ahnen, literally have a premonition or foresight, is very strong. The word comes from der Ahn (the. Suspect), means that the ancestors, the ancestors. Le improve allemand deem (n. Attention), which means esteem or respect, has the same root as Gothic der Ahn.

22-12-1914 Eitingon to Freud

73 It

Iglo, the 22 December [1914]a

Dear Professor,

two days we returned to Iglo. Our hospital was transferred back. Likely related events in Galicia and Poland and we are so supportive1. –

How things going with you? What are your son gentlemen? You do we let Rank and Sachs2 ?

My warmest greetings, dear Professor, yourself and your family

Yours M. Eitingon

a. Military Postcard.

  1. Of 5 to 17 December took place in the Western Carpathians (near Limanova) a great battle in which the Austro-Hungarian army triumphed over the Russians.
  2. Rank and Sachs were reformed at this council, then enrolled in the summer 1915, Sachs, however, was again fired after three months (BL/W; Lieberman 1985, p. 216).

21-12-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna IX, Bergasse 19


Cher ami,

I venture a paradox, telling you that your letters are always pleasant, even when they bring, like

last, of unpleasant news. I hope you're back on your feet, as are sick of my family.

You are right, I need someone who gives me courage. He did not remain much. I appreciate your letter all the qualities by which we impose our allies and, above all, personal qualities, your " Courage Casimiro! ». I sometimes shudder at the prospect of a meal. If you can really arrange to visit me, 'll find a great service to my moral, and we will also have ample opportunity to discuss. Your proposals for journals to be discussed by the parties, when one of the editors will be delivered. We do not want to cut the grass under the feet of person.

The only thing that advance satisfactorily's my job, that, in fact, leads me, d'interruption an inter-ruption, to new and quite remarkable clarification. Recently, I managed to characterize the two systems of conscious (Cs) and unconscious (Ics) in a way that makes them both almost tangible, and by means of which one can solve, I believe, quite simply the problem of the relationship of early dementia to reality. All investments are things the system Ics, the system Cs. corresponds to the linking of these unconscious representations with representations of words that make possible the access to consciousness. In the transference neuroses, the discharge is in the withdrawal of the libido system Cs., that is to say, in the separation of representations of things and representations of words; in the narcissistic neuroses, it consists in the withdrawal of the libido unconscious representations of things, which is, of course, much deeper disorder. This is why early dementia begins by transforming the language and processes across representations of words in the same way as hysteria treats representations of things, that is to say, it causes them to undergo condensation with the primary process, displacement and discharge, etc.

It could be that I finished a theory of neurosis with chapters on their vicissitudes, repression and the unconscious, if my hard work does not succumb to my annoyance.

Reik presented again a very good job of puberty rites (1).

A letter is now 7 days ahead of Hamburg! How is it that you can write letters already closed? We ignore such progress toward freedom.

Here, Trigant Burrow(2) told me with great tenderness of his affliction to the miseries 0f my country, and he seriously proposed to seek asylum in his house at Baltimore! That's what they think of us in America.

I do not know if I have already pointed out that Rank has found a solution to the problem of very pungent Homer(3). I'd like to do it in his thesis. I'd like to see, and you and Ferenczi, Chairholders, so that the teachings of psychoanalysis pass unhindered through the difficult times that lie ahead.

Receive with your wife and children cordial greetings

Your Freud.

(1) "The puberty rites of savages. On some correspondences between the psychic life of savages and neurotics that ", Image, t. IV, 1915- 1916.

(2). Trigant Burrow, MD, American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

(3). “Homer; psychological contributions to the history of the genesis of the popular epic”, Image, In, 1917-1919.

18-12-1914 Ferenczi to Freud


Pope, the 18 December 1914

Dear Professor,

Your letter of today has really brought a lot of pleasure. Judging from its contents, a significant amount of intellectual satisfaction awaits me when I will read your latest ideas ; Furthermore - and although he and of itself this is a regrettable statement -, I was delighted to be one of the few to see if your ideas develop in statu nascendi * and make their profit. I noticed also, translating your sexual Theory – incorporated in porant word for word its contents - that your sentences short and often dry concealed innumerable problems – indeed all the problems of psychology - and partly an indication of the direction in which the solution should be. However, that your latest finds, and the ideas that arose independently at home, are already prétravaillées, without exception, in the first version of the Theory of Sexuality, seems even more remarkable. The mystic in me (you safe-timez) Silberer affirm with all that came later was stored in your drawers, at that time already, as feeling. But the most sober of my power of judgment suggests to me that you obviously still forced to strict honesty and prudent and have demonstrated an incredible severity against products of your imagination ; This is enough to explain the fact that everything fits so well. Truth, there is only one /*/ ; and truths must be in harmony with each other.

I believe that we should not abandon the Zeitschrift, provided that it is possible. Rather renounce its size and the magnificent title of "international", etc. But there must be a place to get your work are of lesser importance and also gives you the opportunity to write a few things, technical or other. For us "five" as, such a body is essential, especially for me, the author of ψα the shortest breath, who certainly never succeed exploit a booklet independent. Your pessimism – justified as regards the A.[utriche]-H.[ongrie] – seems to have partly shifted from the political science. Neurotics, there will also after the war, as well as psychological problems unexplained, or therapy and, neither theory can not do without psychoanalysis ; they have "simply" no chance to advance without it.

My observations in my current position are really characteristic, I hope I can soon tell you personally. Certainly, I do not think the trip would be in a single day, but you would need two days to the shipping ; which, it is true, is already a bit more difficult to achieve.

Tell personal things is not easy, once you've tasted the thoroughness ψα. Physically I'm pretty much, mentally not bad, in the existence of private thoughts - somewhat dull - I do not dare go out rarely, or almost never, to venture into spheres painful - not yet clarified - my Ics. These weeks of analysis, the major psychological benefit that I recorded is the recognition of violence in homosexual urges me. As for the solution of the relationship with the woman - and it is she who gives us the first real life - I'm not able. Occasionally, rapid examination of a dream brings me confirmation of your proposed solution : 1) urinary eroticism - ambition - scene observed by night (?), 2) importance of the issue of child, etc.

The rest, it comes to mind, instantly, that the resistance with respect to Ms. G. (whom I have not written for two weeks already) could be related to the fact that Elma is these days in Budapest Bride, and that it could awaken in me the whole question, unresolved in Vienna, my relationship with her.

More, what good place all these problems ? Perhaps correct me- you again one day treatment ; until then we must learn somehow.

I have a more severe commandant now. But if you could come (what is possible given what I said above, and your health), then I would go to Vienna for two days, weekdays. In no event at Christmas : Christmas gives absolutely no one permission.

Cordial greetings to you and those you love

de Ferenczi

/*/ And not more, as suggested Zurich.

* Latin in the text : nascent.

15-12-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

524 F

Prof.. Dr Freud

the 15 December 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

Further evidence of the smallness of the world. One of my patients has found sporadic, few days before your letter, in your beloved Dad gave me and departure times, but thought it would not be possible to return the same day. My visit is now challenged by an aggressive resurgence of my chronic intestinal disorders. For three years already that the effect persists for four months Karlsbad.

In the work, en revanche, everything works again. I saw, as my brother, trench in my private, I indulge in speculation and I write ; and, after heavy fighting, I have taken the first series of puzzles and challenges. Anguish, hysteria and paranoia have capitulated (1). We'll see how far the success can be pushed. Many good things have come out, the choice of neurosis and regressions are completed without difficulty. Your introjection (2) proved quite usable ; some progress in the development phases of me. The meaning of the whole depends on my success in controlling what is proper dynamic, is the problem of pleasure-displeasure, which I doubt, the true, after my previous attempts. More, even without that, I can say that I have already given the world more than it gave me. I am more than ever now isolated from the world, and I will also later, because of the foreseeable consequences of the war ; I know that I am currently writing for five people (3), for you and a few others. Germany did not deserve my sympathy as an analyst, and it is better not to talk about our common homeland.

My son Max (4), also, passed by the board at Hamburg ; it will however mobilized in an indeterminate time. Spring, happen when the great bloodbath, I will, for my part, three or four son. My confidence in the future after the war is greatly reduced. Indeed, we learned today the evacuation of Belgrade (5), occupied so spectacularly there fifteen days. We maintain three months of the inevitable collapse of Serbia. Many distaste for the way we do things.

I can not expect you to work a lot to Dad ; I presume also that New Year Heller propose stopping our magazines (6), and we shall have nothing relevant to oppose him, since there little work, no readers or subscribers. It will not prevent the erosion. Naturally he will promise to resume after the war. More… Association, also, died. We do not wake up more. We can not keep the word "international" in our title (7).

Rank meanwhile found an attractive solution to the problem of Homer, using a hypothesis ψα (8). That we had fun, it was almost as funny as research on fire Brioni (9).

At home, we crossed, fortunately without damage, including my elderly mother seventy-nine, flu epidemic currently raging. A Noël, Ernst may come ; for Martin, it is unlikely. Do not you intend, you also, permission on Christmas ?

I cordially greet you and await your news,

your Freud

1. These three articles metapsychological, Unpublished. See "Introduction to the metapsychological writings” of 1915 in the German edition: Study Edition, III, p 71 sq.

2. Introduced by Ferenczi in "Transfer and introjection" (1909 [67]), Psychoanalysis, The, p. 93-125.

3. The five members that then included the Secret Committee : Abraham, Ferenczi, Jones, Rank Sachs et.

4. Max Halberstadt, mari de Sophie Freud.

5. The 15 December, Belgrade was abandoned without resistance.

6. The Magazine and Image. First appeared still 1915 ; year 1916-1917 was printed in 1918. Image interrupted its publication in 1915 and reappeared in 1916; she interrupted again publication between 1917 and 1918 ; year 1919 was published in Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag newly founded.

7. It is the title of the International Journal of Medical Psychoanalysis.

8. See 519 F, note 4

9. T see. The, 469 Iron and notes 3, as 470 F.

15-12-1914 Jones to Freud

15 December 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor,

I was delighted to learn that Van Emden my letter had reached, I hope and patiently answered, if possible. Since then, there is not much- something new. I received a long letter, characteristic, Putnam1, seems to write and lecture, etc., much more than it ever did. It is of course quite horrified by war, and his sympathies are clearly acquired Allied camp (i.e. Agreement). Brill, on the contrary, looks to his homeland, I believe that natural. Loe and Herbert came here to tea yesterday. It fits like a charm, and they have moved into their new home (ten minutes from here) in late January. My operation is the end of the week. The labor progresses with writing, meetings of the society, etc. ; last week, I presented a case before a éreutophobie Club private psychiatric (2). In January, my hours of analysis climb from eight to ten or eleven day, what will be an interesting experience for me. If I had the choice, I'll stick to seven, but in these uncertain times, where fees are also smaller, must [do (3)] accept what comes. I intend to take a holiday in April after a winter of hard work.

It seems there is some confusion on the matter of translating your Geschichte. Here it is. When published, I wrote to Jelliffe to tell him that you had written an article, I hoped, would neutralize the effects of Jung in his articles Review (that of Jelliffe), and I suggested to him to ask if the Brill translation could not be published in the same journal that Jung, in order to reach the same audience. I also wrote to Brill in the same direction. Brill ensures Jelliffe told him that I had offered to translate the test, which, of course, is not true. What Jelliffe asked Payne to translate, since it belongs to the Review Committee and he has done a lot of work to Jelliffe, he is a friend. Payne wrote and you, apparently, you replied to him to make contact with Brill, and the trial was published in the Journal of Prince, not that of Jelliffe. When I wrote on this point, I have suggested to leave Brill publication would decide what the best case, Review or the Journal, because he knows the local situation better. I never heard from Jelliffe about it. In his last letter (4), Payne cites a remark you, following which you were told that I had proposed translation Jelliffe, that you qualify rightly very credible rumor; I wonder where you stand. Brill's jealousy seems to be offended that I have spoken to anyone, and perhaps he would have been more prudent for me to say nothing, but I have been driven by the satisfaction that I conceived the idea that your test will soon be available in English in order to influence Americans warm. Naturally, I was miles away from wanting to interfere with the prerogatives of Brill. I did my best to make things clear with him, but it is "suspicious", as we say here (5).

Since I wrote, I learned that your brother Martin died suddenly in Manchester (6). Please accept my condolences. I hope it will not shock you too much for, although I know that you were intimately tied him.

Sincerely hope you will have a Christmas period as comfortable as possible in these sad circumstances, and that the New Year will bring lighter days. I imagined, last Christmas, I surely find you in Vienna this year, but the ability to predict human about human affairs has, now, very defined limits. But it is comforting to think that, over time, our work is to reduce these limitations, may be very significant. He should never be any salvation of the world, to snatch these nightmares, This will definitely pave the way psychoanalysis. Hence my feeling that if I had to weigh the future of psychoanalysis and the future of my country, I sirais first choi-.

With my kind regards and good wishes to your family, our friends and especially to all of you

your always very affectionate

Ernest Jones.

1. Probably Putnam Jones, 1he November 1914 ; see Haie (1971 a, p. 283-286).

2. Jones (1919 c) distinguishes éreutophobie, fear of blushing, the erythrophobia, or fear of red ; see Jones, Papers, 2and eds., 1918, p. 226.

3. English do. Word crossed out in the original.

4. Jones wrote better, best, instead of letter, letter.

5. "Shade" translated touchj. A propos of Freud (1914 d) and Brill (1916 b), see also Jones (1955 a, p. 175-176 ; 1955 b, p. 197).

6. It is actually Emanuel, half-brother of Freud.

14-12-1914 Freud to Jones

[summary of Freud's letter by J. It. G. in Emden]

14 December 1914 La Haye

Cher ami,

Prof.. Freud was of the opinion that it can respond to you directly, he asked me to let you know that :

Rank and Sachs are free ; he will try to urgently send you the Zeitschrift ; you must make his compliments to Loe and J Herbert. and encourage them to write to him. The question of the English translation of the history of the movement ps. a., Of course he transferred to Brill (1). New Year released at Naples Italian translation by Bianchini lectures on American Ps. A.(2) The third edition of the sexual theory is in press (3). Practice very low ; the whole situation becomes monotonous. He prepares a few items which. Martin and Ernst are still lively and writing instruction. Anna is occupied by the nursery and the soup ; old ladies are fine, his wife spent two weeks in Hamburg. Oli built barracks in the district hospitals. The weather is bad, and everyone suffers from catarrh and fever…

Nothing new here. With my best wishes

sincerely to you

J.v. Emden

1. Brill (1916 b).

2. M. Levi-Bianchini, On psychoanalysis, Bibliotheca International Psychiatry, Naples, Nocera Superiore, 1915.

3. Freud (1905 d), 3and ed. 1915.