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Jacques Lacan: Critique

[Jacques Lacan], "Kant with Sade" appears for the first time in 1963 in the number 191 of the Journal Critique (pp. 291-313) and dated September 1962. It was written by Lacan to appear in the preface to Volume III of the complete works of the Marquis de Sade, in the Cercle du livre précieux, Volume III including "Philosophy in the Boudoir". But this third volume of the complete works published in 1963, the preface to Lacan is absent. In October 1966 in the republication of these complete works by the same publisher, the text "Kant with Sade" is included, but then as a post face and reworked by Lacan. This edition of 1966 is reprinted in 1980 at the Club du Livre Secret des éditions Borderie. "The Oblique library". Virtually all corrections in the Cercle du livre précieux of 1966 about which we can speculate a corrective intervention are based, the text of the writings also appeared in Q4 1966 atr the Seuil being regularly offending. There is also author's corrections in this version of the Cercle du livre précieux, which can therefore think they are subsequent to the delivery of the manuscript of "Kant with Sade" for Les Écrits. The order would be: the text 63 published in Critique, that in the Écrits 1966, the one of the Cercle du livre précieux 1966 also, the one of Les Écrits in the "points" collection 1971, and reissue 1980 by the Club du livre secret. Date: 01 September 1962, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 114K bytes, Collected by aejcpp