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Jacques Lacan: Discours de Tokyo

[Jacques Lacan], The intervention of Dr. Lacan took place 21 April 1971 in Tokyo, in the premises of the publisher Kobundo, who published the Japanese translation of Les Écrits, and a meeting organized by Professor. Sasaki Takatsugu, with the team of translators that had gathered around him for Les Écrits. The transcript of this speech of Dr. Lacan was established, from a recording now lost, torque M. Philippe Pons, Tokyo correspondent of Le Monde. It is thanks to Professor. Sasaki who has kept the transcript that this document is arrived to us. This text was translated into Japanese by Professor. Sasaki, who has published it under the title "Discourse of Tokyo", together with the translation of "Radiophonie" conducted by Mr. Ichimura Takuhiko, in a book published in 1985 par Kobundo, entitled "Speech by Jacques Lacan". Photocopy pp. 1-21., Date: 21 April 1971, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 77K bytes, Collected by aejcpp