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Jacques Lacan: Bulletin de l’Association freudienne Nr 54

[Jacques Lacan], Published in the Bulletin of the Association Freudienne No. 54 September 1993 pages 13 at 21 with the following introduction signed Charles Melman : "I found in my papers this text of Lacan, undated. I think it was given to me to be published in Scilicet, then (for what reason?) withdrawn by the author of the bundle. I guess as being unpublished, at least for the most part. Who would contradict or correct me? ». In fact it is the preparatory notes to the session of the seminar "From a discourse which would not be a semblance" of 09 June 1971, as they were published in full with complete facsimile, the free supplement reserved for subscribers of Unebévue No. 8/9 Spring / Summer 1997., Date: 09 June 1971, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 74K bytes, Collected by aejcpp