Monthly Archives: September 2003

The semantic field of jouissance in Lacanian discourse

Enjoyment is a term marked by his polysemy in its uses in french. Here I shall detail in an incomplete, partial and biased the semantic fields in which Lacan uses the term.

I will note two points in the preamble.

First the use which is made in law. The enjoyment of property makes no assumption on the pleasure that the usufructuary may make.

Then the curiosity that I remarked, that this word is lacking in the English tongue so that English speaking psychoanalysts use the French word to talk about it.

In the section 2 We find the modalities of jouissance I've spotted, in the section 3, referrals from the texts written by Lacan, and in the section 4, referrals from a few seminars. Jacques B.Siboni

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