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Jacques Siboni’s brief Resume

To begin with, I was trained as a Medical Doctor and psychiatrist. I went through psychoanalysis personally.

My thesis for degree in psychiatry – a requirement for this degree in France – was to build and create an expert system integrating all of the DSM III rules (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — American Psychiatric Association).

Till 1979, I worked in many psychiatric institutions and hospitals. Then I decided to leave them to start a private practice as psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, and psychiatrist. A practice I still have today.

Since I had been trained as an engineer in computer science and electronics at the time I was studying medicine, I decided to work in the world of industrial engineering. From 1980 to 1986 I was involved in Artificial Intelligence projects.

Meanwhile for my personal researches I was building a system able to automatically analyse a corpus of Jacques Lacan’s quotations. The system can be understood as a system for syntactic and semantics analysis. It had been named Sinfrasis.

Then I started a company called Symphrasis specialized in speech processing and natural language processing in 1987 with a friend. The company lasted till 1994. In this context I met Ron Brachman from AT&T Bell in NJ. Through him I had access to very interesting Knowledge Representation systems dedicated to building intelligent complex taxonomies, KL-One, Classic, Loom.

Since 1995, I have been working in psychiatric institutions for abused children, drug addicts, deaf children, teenagers with major speech disorders

Presently my major research focus is automatic language processing systems, topology, and logic.

By applying these techniques to Jacques Lacan teachings, I write papers on the topological approach to the subject of the unconscious, and I have published two books that are thesaurus of thousands of quotations made by Lacan. They are presented as a kind of paper hypertext where quotations can be accessed through each of the various concepts involved.

I am or have been a member of the following associations:

  • Founding member of Dimensions de la Psychanalyse, Paris.
  • Founding member of TCPP — Théorie et Clinique des Pathologies de la Pensée (Theory and Practice of Thought Pathologies), Paris
  • Lettre de Topologie, Paris.
  • Founding member of Lutecium, Paris
  • Member and former president of Centre de Recherche en Psychanalyse et Écritures, Paris
  • Member of Insistance, Paris
  • Founding member of the American extension of Groupe de Travail Lutecium, Lutecium Psychoanalytic Training Group in San Francisco, but had to leave.