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Projective plane and Lacanian subject — some examples

The projective plane is a non-orientable surface which is not representable (embeddable) in our usual three-dimensional space. After a recovery of some definitions and properties of the projective plane, I will give some examples of the uses that Jacques Lacan does of this topological object. These include representations that involve the subject of the unconscious. However, what is presented is not a formal mathematical work and includes trivializations which may offend mathematicians. Jacques B.Siboni

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The semantic field of jouissance in Lacanian discourse

Jouissance is a term marked by its polysemy in its uses in French. Here I will detail in an incomplete, partial and biased way, semantic fields in which Lacan uses the term.

I will note two points in the preamble.

First, the use that is made in the law field. Enjoyment of property is not a hypothesis about the pleasure that the usufructuary may make.

Then I noticed that curiosity, that this word is missing in the English language to the point that Anglo-Saxon psychoanalysts use the French word instead.

In Section 2 we find the modalities of jouissance I identified, in section 3, references from texts by Lacan, and section 4, references from a few seminars. Jacques B.Siboni

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