Turkish version of " Flight of Fancy"

2005 april the 26 th

Dear Jean Pierre,

My name is Murat Cakan and I have the honor to write you these lines from Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department where I teach fluid dynamics, turbomachinery and experimental methods in mech. engineering as assistant professor since year 2001.

I came across your name in either 1996 or 1997 in Brussels. A British friend of mine who was doing PhD in the von Karman Institute for fluid dynamics had brought to me a small present from California: "Flight of Fancy". He was from aeronautics department and I was from turbonachinery doing my doctorate in gas turbine cooling. Von Karman Institute prepared the ground for many academicians and researchers like me coming from NATO countires. Anyhow... What I wanted to tell you as a matter of fact is that receiving that present Iimmediately fell in love with the adventures of Archibald Higgins. Myself being an aquarelist appreciated your talent in art and your wiz in education. Then as a leisure time activity I rolled the sleeves of my shirt and started translating Flight of Fancy in turkish, thinking one day I would use them -with your permission of course- to teach some fluid dynamics concepts in a better way to my pupils.

This was, as I said before, some 7-8 years ago. Since then both the translations and the "present" dwell in my library.

Today out of the blues it fell in my mind to search for Archie and I found your web site. With my poor french I read the lines you wrote. Now, apparently you are looking for some benevole action. I am more than ready... Tell me what I can do with the already existing turkish translations. Could they be included in a CD for instance? Could I see the turkish flag and better "clickable" in your site, etc.

By the way, although not as talented as you are I would like you to visit my site (unfortunately only in turkish for the moment) and see my watercolors. To be able to do that you must click on SULUBOYALAR which means watercolors. Here is the address: www.mkn.itu.edu.tr/~cakanmu

Best regards,

Dr. Murat Cakan

ITU Mechanical Engineering Faculty
34439 Gumussuyu Istanbul

telephone: +90.212.2931300/2137
GSM: +90.532.2503080

From J.P.PETIT : If somebody wants to help Murat Cakan to translate other books devoted to the adventures of Archibald Higgins, contact him. I hope more and more books will be translated in as manu tongues as possible.

Long life to Archibald Higgngs ! ( Anselme Lanturlu )

Presently, this is the album "Flight of Fancy" ( " Si on volait ? " in french ), translated by Murat Cakan.




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