Jacques Siboni’s brief Resume

To begin with, I was trained as a Medical Doctor and psychiatrist. I went through psychoanalysis personally. My thesis for degree in psychiatry – a requirement for this degree in France – was to build and create an expert system integrating all of the DSM III rules (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — […]

François Leguil et Mathilde Morisod Harari, Seminar “Freudian readings”, meeting 13.03.2012, “Defense, semblance”

http://lecturesfreudiennes.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/audio-avec-francois-leguil-et-mathilde-morisod-harari-seance-du-13-03-2012-defense-semblant/ François Leguil et Mathilde Morisod Harari, Meeting 13.03.2012 : "Defense, Pretend "... During transcription ... So here we are X-, 13 March and another audience, at another time than usual, we break our habits a little, I believe that this meeting today particularly, this is a cut against our traditions, […]