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Le Groupe de Travail Lutecium

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The organisation, Rules and regulations, Rules concerning the member only area, Providing financial support, Subscribing, Good behavior policy.

The "Groupe de Travail Lutecium" Organisation

Groupe de Travail Lutecium is an organisation governed by the French "1901" legal status (equivalent to charity status in the UK). It was registered in Paris on June, 14 2000. Its statutes can be freely inspected.

Its purpose is the analysis of the transmission, by students, of lectures, academic or otherwise, resulting from seminars, congresses or teaching.

We host and discuss utterances collected by those lucky enough to have attended those lectures.

However, you are advised that these are lecture notes as recorded and transcribed by members of the public, and not the speaker's official texts or utterances. As such, there will be notable differences from the texts themselves. The speaker's official texts are put together by himself and/or his estate. The transcriptions offered on this site therefore should not be regarded in anyway whatsoever as the speaker's works.

Rules & Regulations

Parts of this site may be freely accessed by anyone. Access to other parts require that you become a member. Application for membership must be made by yourself, and not by someone else on your behalf.

Once you are a member, you will have free access to all of the texts, reproductions and sound recordings held on Groupe de Travail Lutecium's site.

Each member undertakes to use the available material for personal research purposes only, not to distribute the material outside of Groupe de Travail Lutecium or sell it, and not to allow anyone else to use their user name and password.

Failure to comply with that undertaking will result in members being expelled from Groupe de Travail Lutecium, absolve the management from any liabilities, and may expose members to legal action from any party whatsoever. Anyone unable to comply with this agreement should not access the material available on this site. Anyone accessing this site consents, by default, to this agreement.

Rules concerning the members only entry

Whenever you are requested to provide your user name and password, you are entering the member only area.

Traffic volume for this area can be quite high, given that many of the sound recording files are 20 megabytes in size or more. Therefore, a priority policy has been put in place. Members who financially support the organisation have priority. Other members have to wait for a drop in traffic volume before they are able to access those files.

Once you are a member, you are automatically subscribed to the Lutecium-Group discussion list, which allows you to exchange information and opinions with the other 600 members. Archives of those exchanges are available and can be consulted at any time.

Providing financial support

We strongly encourage you to assist Groupe de Travail Lutecium financially. Your donations are our sole revenue source. We definitely are against any form of paid sponsorship or advertising. Even a contribution of just a few euros can go a long way.

After you have subscribed, you can go to the Financial Support page, where you will find information about how to contribute to Lutecium's high speed Internet connection costs and its servers.


In order to subscribe, you will have to fill in the subscription form. You are advised to fill in the fields correctly. Since subscribing engages your liability, you may not use aliases.

Care must be taken in entering your email address, as spelling mistakes will result in your NOT receiving a reply to your request.

User names and passwords are case sensitive. Be careful not to confuse the upper case form of the letter "O" for the number "0" zero, or the lower case form of the letter "L" for the number "1" one!

Warning: we cannot guarantee that emails sent to "" will reach their recipients. From time to time this company decides to mark emails from Lutecium as spam and therefore refuses to deliver them. Although a market leader, their engineering staff is quite incompetent. To ensure that you receive your emails, you are advised to use a different email provider.

Good behavior policy

Derogatory or inflammatory comments made on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or religious affiliation as well as remarks or comments aimed at creating dissent on the discussion list are strictly forbidden and will result in their originator being immediately expelled.

All members are requested to use their real last and first names. Members subscribe as themselves, and as such, must take responsibility for what they say. The use of aliases is not recommended and is to be avoided. Multiple subscriptions under different aliases is forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion.

To avoid the distribution of viruses, emails with attachments or in HTML format are forbidden and are usually rejected.

You must therefore send your emails in "Plain Text" format and, accordingly, change the "Send Options" of your email client. If you do not know how to do this, do not hesitate to ask for help.

If you accept all of the above conditions, you may proceed by clicking on the link below. Otherwise, be good enough not do so.

Membership form is here

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