Жак Лакан робіт

Through this page one can access to many of Jacques Lacan’s documents available on the Internet.
Important notice: Many documents presented here differ from the official versions published by Éditions Le Seuil, Paris and Jacques Alain Miller. He, himself names these publicationsThe popular versions”. On Lutecium site you will find versions dedicated to researchers. Therefore we call themScholarly Editionsas they respect Jacques Lacan’s particular utterance as well as slips of tongue and errors, and failure to follow perfect French syntax.

These documents are either standing on Lutecium site or available on other sites. Some of these are mirrored on Lutecium. It means they are similar to the original ones on the primary source. Therefore you can browse or download them from Lutecium or from the original site.

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Among the source sites there are lÉcole lacanienne de psychanalyse, Лакан пробілів, Liliane Fainsilber, Cyril Veken, Lise Demailly, Pascal Gaonac’h, Patrick Valas and a few others.

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Access to Jacques Lacan’s works sorted by year:

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