26-11-1906 Jung to Freud

6 J Burghölzli Zurich, 26. XI. 19o6. Honored Professor! In the same letter you will receive a reprint, a response to the conference Aschaffenburg (1). I arranged a little thing my subjective point of view, That is why you will perhaps not agree with everything. I hope I did not hurt you with it! In any case I wrote honest conviction. Moreover, I also pleaded your cause in Tübingen (2) à l’assem­blée [...]

13-05-1907 Jung to Freud

24 J Burghölzli Zurich, 13. In. 07. Honored Professor! Above all, I urge you to forgive me for the long break I am permitted. I could not not write Vou-lais earlier, to see a little clearer. I really wanted to first welcome and fully assimilate your notes on paranoia. First, the chronic! You will soon learn that assistant kraepelinien (1) m’a tué dans le Zentralblatt de Gaupp par une [...]

24-05-1907 Jung to Freud

26 J Burghölzli Zurich, 24. In. 07. Honored Professor! Your Gradiva is beautiful! I recently read a line. The clarity of your presentation is fascinating, and must, I think, be struck by the gods sevenfold blindness not to see finally. But the real psychiatrists and psychologists to manage all! Je ne m’étonnerais pas si du côté académique on ramenait à cette occasion tous les lieux communs imbéciles qu’on a [...]

19-09-1907 Freud to Jung

45 F Rome, 19 seven.07 (1). Dear colleague When I arrived here I found your letter on the further course of the congress. She did not depressed, and I noted with satisfaction that you're not either. To you, I think this experience will have the best effect, at least those who are closest to me heart. Home, respect of the cause increases again. J’étais déjà sur le [...]

30-11-1907 Jung to Freud

54 J Burghölzli Zurich, 30, XI. 07. Honored Professor! Last Tuesday I had the association of doctors my presentation (1) almost half past one on your research, and he was received with great applause. Over a hundred doctors were present. Person, but two impor-tant neurologists, who straddled the workhorse of morality, has opposed. Our meeting yesterday of the association was held Freudian pleasantly and with animation. [...]

02-04-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24 2.4.14. Dear Professor, About your two manuscripts. I have already spoken of 1′ "History". I read it several times and I make myself better and better account what constitutes important weapon. After much thought, I also think that everything that concerns people should remain unchanged. I just want a formula, one, be avoided : vous dites d’Adler qu’il se [...]