07-10-1906 Freud to Jung

3 F

7. X. 06.

IX, Berggasse 19.

Although honored colleague,

I am much pleased with your letter, and the news that Bleuler you converted me to express special thanks. That you extend not quite your appreciation of my psychology my views on the question of hysteria and sexuality, that I had long suspected based on your written; I do not, however, waive the expectation that over the years you approach me more than you can hold for now. You must have just learned of your beautiful analysis of a case of obsessional neurosis (1) knows how the sexual component to hide, and what it is capable, Once unveiled, to provide for the understanding and treatment. I continue to hope that this part of my discoveries will prove the most important.

I will not respond to the attack of Aschaffenburg, for reasons of principle, and also because of the lack of kindness which he personally testifies. I would judge naturally a little more severely than you. I do not find there that nonsense and ignorance more enviable state of things in which he wears his judgment. He continues to fight hypnosis, abandoned a decade, shows no understanding of the symbolism the simplest (see his note) (2), the meaning of which linguists and folklorists could enlighten, if he does not accept this lesson I. What drives, like so many other "authorities", is of course the tendency to repress the sexual, this factor annoying and frowned upon in polite society. Two worlds fighting there, and that little is held within life there will soon be no doubt as to who decline and those who will be victorious. Of course I expect myself to many battles yet, and considering my age (The), I can not believe I see the end. But my students, I hope, will present, and I also hope that those who manage, for the love of the truth, to overcome internal resistance, happy to count among my students and their thoughts extirperont remnants of hesitation. I do not know Aschaffenburg also, but after this test I designed a very poor opinion of him.

The book you advertise on dem. praecox is impatiently awaited me-ment. Let me say that work like yours and those of Bleuler give me satisfaction every time, necessary eventually anyway, for not being accomplished quite unheard work so hard in my life.

Your devoted and respectful colleague.

Dr Freud.

My "transfer" should completely fill the gap in the mechanism of healing (your personal report).

1. « Psychoanalyse und Assoziations experiment », [Psychoanalysis and association experience], G. W., 2, in particular § 666.

2. Cf. the notes 18 section Aschaffenburg, where the author describes some absurd interpretations of Freud.

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