23-10-1906 Jung to Freud

4 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 23. X. 1906

Honored Professor!

In the same letter I would send you back a reprint, which contains new research in psychoanalysis1. I do not think that you will view the "sexual" I will defend to excessively moderate. This is the same as the criticism will pounce.

As you observe, it is possible that my deference to your views are so far based on insufficient experience. But do not you think that we can perhaps consider a series of frontier points rather under the aspect of the other basic impulse, the hunger? Such as eating, suck (preponderance of hunger), kiss (preponderance of sexuality). Two complexes that exist simultaneously does not always have to blend psychologically, so that one always has the constellations of the other? Perhaps you also think that only; then is that I do not really understand, and in this case I would be quite of your opinion. Yet you feel frightened by the positivism of your presentation.

I need you to abreact, leaves you bored, experience that I experienced recently. I currently treats hysteria depending on your method. Serious case, a stu-dent Russian, sick for six years 2.

Thehe trauma : 3and-4and year. She sees her father hit his brother on the bare posterior. Strong impression. Forced to think then she defecated on the hands of his father. From 4and to 7and year, forces applied to defecate on his own feet, as follows : she sits on the floor with one foot tucked under her, Press the foot against the anus and tries to defecate and at the same time to prevent defecation. Thus retains several times until the stool 2 week! Do not know how it came to this strange story; she said it was quite impulsive, with a sense of voluptuous thrill. Later this has been replaced by a violent masturbation.

I would be extremely grateful if you could contact me in a few words your opinion on this story.

With the expression of my respect.

Your very devoted

C. G. Young.

1. Probably "Assoziation, Dreams and hysterical symptom ", [Association, dreams and hysterical symptom], Journal of psychology and neurology, VII, 1906, G, W., 2. Jung writes here Psychoanalyse, although it seems to prefer this time Psychoanalysis. Cf. also 7 J, n. 1.

2. Jung describes the case in "Die Freudsche Hysterietheorie" [The Freudian theory of hysteria] G.W., 4 § 53-58. This conference is made in Amsterdam 1907.

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