27-10-1906 Freud to Jung

27. X. o6.

IX, Berggasse 19.

Honored colleague,

My thanks to the new analysis. You really have not been very successful, and also "transfer", primary evidence of the sexual nature of the drive force at all, You seem to have emerged with sufficient clarity. As for the "critical", we do not want to do that once critics have gained some experience own.

I have nothing in principle against the equal rights of other basic impulse, if she would announce its claims in a manner not psychoneurosis unrecognizable. What we can see in hysteria and obsessional neurosis leaves explain without difficulty by the anastomoses between the two, therefore the damage to the sexual component of the drive power. I recognize that these are issues "sensitive", that still require a thorough. I confine myself for the moment to draw attention to what appears grossly and obviously, on the role of sexuality. We may also find, in melancholia-mania, in psychosis, what we lack in hysteria and obsessional neurosis.

What is pleasing in your Russian, is that it is a student; uneducated people are currently far too little transparent for us. The history of defecation is nice that you bring, not without many similarities. You might remember this statement in my Theory of Sexuality (1), that the retention of feces is already operated by the infant as a source of pleasure acquisition. The 3and– 4and year is the most important period for sexual activity after pathogen (ibid). The view from the beaten brother awakens a memory trace back to the 1re– 2and year or a fantasy forward at this time. It is not uncommon for small children defile the hands of the wearer. Why did not he would be arrived? And therefore his memory awakens tenderness of his father in early childhood. Infantile fixation of the libido to the father, typical, as object choice; Self anal eroticism. Then chooses its position must be decomposed into its components, it seems also formed other components. Which? Anal excitement must then be recognizable in symptoms such instinctual strength, even in the character. Such people have some typical combinations of traits frequently. They are very ordinates, greedy and stops, traits that are somehow sublimation of anal eroticism (2). Cases like this, based on a perversion repressed, are especially beautiful to see through.

So you have bored me at all. I have great pleasure to receive your items, and am, with my college greetings most dedicated, your

Dr Freud.

1. Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, 1905. Ed. franç. citée Paris, Gallimard, 1962, II : Infantile sexuality.

2. Cf. Character and anal eroticism, 1908 [Anal eroticism and nature], where these ideas are developed by Freud two years later. G.W., VII. See also 77 F, n. 6.

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