04-12-1906 Jung to Freud

7 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 4. XII. 1906

Honored Professor!

I must first of all express my sincere appreciation for what you do not want to have me in various parts of my "apology (1) ». If I allowed myself to certain restrictions, it was nothing to criticize your doctrine, but by political, As you have probably noticed. As you rightly say, I let the opponents of freedom replicate, in the conscious intention not to make too difficult revocation. It will be hard enough as it. If we attack the opponent as he really deserves, it does not follow that discord big misfortunes, which would that disadvantageous consequences. As already, found my critique too harsh. If I am happy with any part of what we can defend, this is simply because I can not defend so many things that I learned myself in the experience, and that, compared to your experience, is naturally very little. I'm just about to understand many of your assertions me and some are still inaccessible, by which I do not mean, understand me, you are wrong. I gradually learned to be cautious in disbelief as.

I saw enough that the opposition has its roots in the emotions, and I know no reason remedy in this.

If I underestimate seemingly therapeutic success of psychoanalysis (2), it is only against diplomatic; I make the following observations :

1. The bulk of the hysterical uneducated is unfit to psychoanalysis. I did here some bad experiences. In these cases hypnosis occasionally gives better results.

2. More psychoanalysis will know, more doctors devote themselves unfit and there will, of course a lot of bad experiences. It will then it to your account and the your science.

3. The concept of hysteria is still almost entirely inéclairci. It is still under the diagnosis of’ "Hysteria" countless cases of mild hebephrenia, and in those of the result is doubtful bad, I know from my own experience. (In some exceptions, it is true that the result was good temporarily.) Seen in a recent publication of the Heidelberg Clinic (3) how he reigns some clarity in this area : a CAS indubitable catatonia there was declared as a hysteria.

For these reasons I considered prudent not to rely too much on the therapeutic success, otherwise it will quickly gathered material suitable to show that the therapeutic outcome is very bad, that would hurt the theory also.

Personally, I am full of enthusiasm for your treatment and I know very well appreciate the excellent services. Generally, your education means to us, now already, an enormous increase in our knowledge and expression of a new era of infinite possibilities.

Your very devoted


1. Freud's letter has not been preserved.

2. Psychoanalysis, form of the word used in the Zurich group

3. Has not been identified.

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