06-12-1906 Freud to Jung

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6. XII. 06.

IX, Berggasse 19.

Honored colleague.

Certainly you draw your conclusions from this "acceleration reaction time (1) "And I guess that welcomed your last letter without restriction or auxiliary hypothesis. I thought that you let your true opinions change to an educational effect, and I am very glad to make the acquaintance of such a distortion free.

I deal, as you well know, all the devils we can drop against the "innovative"; one of them, not the most docile, is forced to appear on my own supporters as a morose * or a fanatic, incorrigible and constantly wanting to be right, I'm really not at all. It is understandable that, left so long alone with my opinions, I was led to increase my confidence in my own decisions. Occupation of fifteen years, always thorough and managed for years to an exclusive monotonous, also gives me a kind of resistance against accepting invitations to different things. (I am currently ten hours of psychotherapy per day.) But I'm always remained convinced of my fallibility, and I returned the matter any number of times, so I do not freeze in an opinion. You yourself once raised the flexibility of my views as a sign of a development process (2).

I subscribe unrestricted feedback on the therapeutic (3). I had the same experience and I feared for the same reasons to say publicly that more : "This method takes us further than any other". I do not even want to pretend that all is curable and hysteria, all that much less is known of the name.

As I attached no importance to the frequency of healing, I have often taken treatment also brushed the psychotic cases, or forms of delirium (delirium observation [Compliance delusion], anxiety etc. blush.), and at least I learned there that the same mechanisms extend far beyond to the borders of hysteria and obsessional neurosis. We can not give explanations for ill-intentioned people; so I kept to myself a lot of things he should say, the limits of the mechanism and its therapeutic, or so I presented so that only the initiated recognize. There you will have noticed that our healings occur through the establishment of a reigning libido in the unconscious (transfer), encountered most surely in hysteria. It is she who provides the necessary drive force input and translation of the unconscious; where it refuses, the patient does not bother and do not listen when we propose the translation we found. This is actually a healing love. It is therefore also transfer the strongest evidence, the only unassailable, neuroses that depend on the love life.

He is extremely nice as you promise to give me your faith for the moment, then your experience will not allow you decision yet, ment only, of course, until you allow one. I think - in criticizing myself I believe the most severe - I deserve the credit. But I do requires that very few people.

I hope to learn a lot in this writing you, announced long, on dementia praecox. I am not yet sure about its position of distinction with paranoia, nor for all denominations in this recent, and I confess a certain disbelief in communication Bleuler 4 that the delivery mechanisms are demonstrable in dementia but not paranoia. My experience, certainly, is thinner in this area. I will try, is, you believe.

Your cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

1. Allusion à l'écrit de Young "On the behavior of the reaction time in the association experiments» [La variation du temps de réaction dans l’expérience d’association], Journal of Psychology and Neurology, flight. WE, n. 1, 1905, G.W., 2.

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3. This paragraph and the following are cited by Jones, flight. II, two read errors.

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* And allemand : Grouch. (N.d.T.)

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