30-12-1906 Freud to Jung


30. XII. 06.

Honored colleague (1), Maybe you can get something useful from the following observation, despite its brevity : I was called as a consultant physician of a woman 26 years, which is six weeks of her first child, and whose condition has developed almost at the middle of pregnancy. The doctor, which is fairly aware of our views, reported that the woman gives as a reason for severe depression accused of having made "brutalized" (2) the habit in childhood to hold urine long, until discharge could provide him with sexual feelings. She said she continued it for a while in marriage, but have subsequently dropped (when the disease has probably begun). She found a love after long struggles in his family and an attendance of six years, loves her husband (he is an actor), but remained completely insensitive in the sex trade. The patient says here that she never thought that her husband might be the cause of his dissatisfaction, and she knows that it is only her fault. The emergence of a mood change was probably due to the expectations that were attached to the next delivery. She always claimed that she would not be able to normally a child into the world, and when forceps was necessary, she triumphed, having kept because. Child, she said quite seriously that he is hopelessly "asshole". She has repeatedly attempted suicide, not entirely without ensuring, husband and written farewell letters a deep sadness. She even ran away once, but is simply made with one of her sisters, in which she played the piano. She sometimes beat the child. Asked if she loves, it responds : yes, but it is not good.

The excited states of nature are not delusional entirely absent. One is struck by statements that make his illness cause delusions of grandeur : a state like hers is never seen, doctors can not help him and will long to understand. She argues with great penetration, is totally impervious to persuasion, says she remembers very little of his life and also the things she accuses. This is-exactly the’ "Stupidity" in his brain, she can not think clearly, not think about anything, only illness is especially clear for her. Although overall it makes an impression quite sad, there is undoubtedly a natural assignment without his speeches and gestures. The doctor said it appears to him as an actress (eye movements as I have not really seen that in paranoia).

We have previously called this masturbatory insanity, descrip-tion is quite reject. Do not hold you for a dementia praecox? The revelation of the etiology, so carefully guarded for itself in the hysteria, do you think it not interesting in this case?

We could not draw more. This is an initial case, I probably see him again in several weeks. Pardon the importunity.

Yours colleague,

Dr Freud.

1. Stationery, 21 X 34 cm, no header

2. And allemand : stupid (N.d.T.).

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