00-03-1907 Jung first stay in Vienna (March-1907)

Jung first stay in Vienna (March 1907)

Jung made his first visit to Freud Sunday 3 March 10 am; cf. Jones, II, p. 35 (where the date is erroneously given as the 27 February), and Young, My life; sovereign souvenirs, dreams and thoughts, Paris 1966, p. 166 (2) (Young also the site visit in February). Ludwig Binswanger (cf. his book Memoirs, p. 10 sq.) and torque Young were guests of Freud; they participated in the session on Wednesday and took part in the discussion. Cf. protocols, Minutes, The, p. 144, and 23 F, n. 2. Binswanger stayed another week in Vienna; Carl and Emma Jung passed through Budapest, where they met Philipp Stein, cf. J, n. 1, and Fiume, taking a short break before returning to Abbazia Zurich. (We need this information, which is from a log Emma Jung, to M. Franz Jung.)

2. Translation Memoirs, Dreams, Thoughts of C. G. Young, recorded and edited by Aniela Jaffé, Zurich, Rascher, 1962.

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