17-04-1907 Jung to Freud

21 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 17. IV. 07.

Honored Professor!

Thank you for your great communications! Unfortunately I have to tell you right away that we have absolutely no place in our institution at the moment, This is very unfortunate. We are again in a period of more terrible congestion. On this occasion I would like to mention that our department residents, in comparison due to the establishment of state, is not a luxury somptu them-, but simply means adapted to bourgeois. The board price for foreigners is 10-12 francs per day maximum. A private guard back a little more 2 francs per day. It is cheap and moderately well. As I said we are currently overwhelmed and it is unfortunately quite impossible to take your patient. I hope this does not set a precedent, because I would be very happy to consider a case one day you know thoroughly. In a few weeks we will possibly already in a position to welcome new patients.

I understand that you must deeply reluctant to risk cockfighting, as it is and not otherwise that the public sees something, and it satisfies his bloodlust sublimated. As I am less deeply committed, and there is no defense of my own children, it attracts me still partly try me once in the arena. Identification with will be very flattering later, mainte-ing honor cum onere.

Your case is very interesting. Access seem more hysterical than catatonic. However, the voices are more worrying, it already shows a very deep cleavage and low resistance level mental *. I have met many cases who have spent so apparently flat hysteria or obsessional neurosis to d. pr.. But while there I did not know absolutely! These cases were they already previously, but so unknowable, from. pr.?? We still know too little, nothing actually, the intimate nature of the. pr., of’ so that we could go as ancient physicians who believed that croupous pneumonia sometimes turning into tb. [Tuberculosis]. There you can riddling ment, at some point in the development of some complex interconnected, the relationship with the environment partially or completely stop, the influence of the objective world and increasingly fall into place appear subjective creations, suraccentuées which are relative to the fact. This condition remains steady principle, oscillates only in the intensity. There are even cases die simply that self- eroticism (de façon aiguë, without autopsy gives results) (symbolic death?) If in these cases is not very large anatomical surprises, we must admit the’ « inhibition ». It must be why a constraint to properly infernal autoerotism, far beyond all known limits; maybe a boost that comes from an organic brain's inability. For auto-eroticism is so un-necessary, suicide so early, that while we should rise against him. And it still produces.

This "still" remember that recently a young catatonic grown drank half of stool night of his fellow sufferers, with obvious enjoyment. He masturbates from an early age, premature sexual activity with his sister. Catatonic at puberty. He hallucinated sister in question, which occasionally appears also as the Christ (Bisexuality). Then there was worsening, of intense hallucinations but unknown, which relate in part to the sister. Growing unrest, masturbates continuously, rhythmically pushes his finger alternately in the mouth and anus, drink urine and eat feces. Is it not, a very handsome return autoerotic !

In many cases I was struck by this :

The sensations of sexual arousal to move in the. pr. (women) frequently from their original location to and around the anus. Lately I've even seen a case where they were located in the pit of the stomach. Masturbation anus common in d. pr.

Does the pit of the stomach is also part of the infant theory of sexuality? I've never seen traveling to other parts of the body.

The catalepsy is common in the acute phases of catatonia.

In hysteria I have observed a case, where an arm stiffened catalepsy was a symbol of penis. But what the general stiffness and flexibilitas required in catatonia? Logically it should also have a psychological determination. It is one of the most serious symptoms of the lower stage, where usually the most blatant self-eroticism appear. Catalepsy appears to be more common in women; it is certainly more common in individuals of both sexes who become ill early, as well as in general this seems to break down much deeper and have a worse than those who fall ill late prognosis; they generally seem to stop the delusions and hallucinations (hypothesis Lugaro (1)).

Bleuler looks more of auto-erotic side, that is to- say in theory only. Here is your "truth running * ». Do you have access to Journal of Abnormal Psychology? Sollier (2) reported in Volume I, No. 7 the "cenesthetic disorders" at the beginning of the. pr., which are related to the processing of the personality. He claims to have had the same experience in the hysteria when the "restitution of personality" (transposition?) : Storm afïects, pulsation vessels, anxiety, detonations, wheezing, tightness etc.. etc. in the head. *. Have you seen something similar? Excuse my rage question!

Your grateful and devoted


* Rousseau (Confessions), similar case[4].

* Mental level : in French in the text. (N.d.T.)

1. Ernesto Lugaro (1870-1940), psychiatre italien. The’ "Hypothesis" has not been identified; from a personal information Dr Assa- gioli, it could be the theory of pseudo-hallucination Lugaro.

2. Paul Sollier (1861-1933), psychiatrist in Boulogne-sur-Seine. La cita­tion provient de « On Certain Cenesthetic Disturbances with particu­lar Reference to Cerebral Cenesthetic Disturbances as Primary Manifes­tations of a Modification of the Personality », Journal of Abnormal Psy­chology, flight. II, No. 1, April to May 1907. (The reference given by Jung is inaccurate.

4. The Confessions, part. 1, life. WE, 1738. Note Jung is added along the left margin.

* In French in the text. (N.d.T.)

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