21-04-1907 Freud to Jung

23 F

21. 4. 07.

Dear and honored colleague,

It's a nice thing you asked me so many questions, although you know that I can only answer the smallest part of them; for me also the exchange of thoughts with you becomes a need, at least Sunday.

I see that you are closer to the idea of ​​regression to enforce self-eroticism of the. pr. I can not do anything there, not under the impression material, and I know you learn more than three detailed analyzes in detail that all we can ever tinkering in his office. I've recently sent, that was such a provenance, has value only as it is retroactive conclusions on the matter, always on my mind, the other two PN [= Psychoneuroses]. (And let you understand such abbreviations). Overall I think we need to have patience in resolving issues, until we have learned much. It is authorized in the meantime to make assumptions, for example in the form of hysterical many cases starting in the manner of obsessional neurosis. Theory can easily understand what is tried first, is a kind of defense in the usual hysteria (curb the unconscious representation of affect invested libidinous), which then, when it is no longer enough, is replaced by the much more radical defense and what setting fatal cleavage investment and retraction in me. According to this, If would be really early hysteria and later to transform. pr.

You observe that it would be incorrect to say that hysteria becomes d. pr. ; rather it is discontinued and replaced by the d. pr. Our ways of expressing ourselves indeed become accessible to the judgment and if we write the state of accurate representations of the process of repression. Other cases may begin directly by the method of defense characteristic of. pr. ; in other cases, it remains to hysteria, because "somatic compliance" allows an abundant eruption. The analogous example of the organic field is for example the report of tabes and paralysis. Paralysis usually adds only a very thin tabes; It is well known that the subsequent métaluétique process is not progressing if true tabes blindness develops. Can we discern that from the outset in the process? This will remain a matter of finer diagnosis or further deepening of the experience.

I am very surprised that the return to auto-eroticism is needed in your case with the results as grandiose. Probably the youth is really the condition, and a passage once badly done self-eroticism love object is it the element predisposing, which should be sought in the’ "Originating" authors. Roughly expressed : dementia would be the success of this return, para-noia its failure, that is to say, the return of libido returning perceptions. Added to all intermediate. Return to auto-eroticism is really as destroying the integrity of the person you suppose. Throughout the process, should also take into consideration all components libidinous, especially bisexuality. If only I could leave my business plan and discuss with you the most informative and certainly form more understandable FN; but unfortunately I have to save my life and I have to stay in the daily task, that in this moment I am very tired.

A determination of catatonia does not seem to me absolutely necessary. (Il me faudrait relire Riklin (1) about it.) The movement of investment must indeed be related to major changes in the innervation, So physiological, as in hysteria. I naturally interprets the movement of the sensation of sexual arousal in the region of the anus in the dem. pr. and other perversions in the direction of the "theory of sexuality", not as displacements, but as restitution of the former primary power of these erogenous zones, who thus betray beautifully in the d. pr. The recess is located in the stomach area of ​​the mouth, respectively in the anterior zone, stomach comprising, du intestinal tract, cf. hysteria. I have not read the work of solfier. I also know him (hysteria, memory), is the inane chatter and grossly misinterpreted the nature. You will find that I ton again pope against heretics. But then I see things in two different ways?

I must say that what you said in the last letter of the reaction behavior of a patient dem. pr., the lack of resistance of the analysis, the fugitive nature of the transfer, this causes the diagnosis of virtually autoerotism. It is obvious that this auto-eroticism presents itself differently in children. The senile idiocy is also very different intellectual child behavior, even if it is a regression to infantile degree. It lacks the ability to make progress, here and there. The aphasia and child learning to speak well give us the same differences.

My comparison between obsessional neurosis and religion (2)yesterday appeared in the first issue of the new Journal for Psychology of Religion [Journal of Psychology of Religion]. I do not yet have reprints. It also requires me to wait the Materials.

Maybe you can take the boy later Görlitz. It should be very informative.

Do not be too overwhelmed by the burden of my substitute. You are young to want, self-catering, you may well be the’onus, but not the’odium the thing, and you engrangerez in the years to come the full reward of labor. In consideration of the importance of the case, resistance is perhaps not even so exorbitant.

Let me soon hear of the new Burghölzli. When Bleuler and you'll also accepted the theory of libido, there should be an audible noise in the literature.

Your cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

1. "Contribution to the psychology of the cataleptic states in catatonia» [The psychology of cataleptic states in catatonia], Psychiatric and neurological weekly, flight. VII, n0s 32-33, 1906, Cf. the "reports" of Jung, G.W., 18.

2. "Compulsions and religious practice» [Obsessive actions and religious exercises], G.W., VIII. Ed. in French The Future of an Illusion, Paris, 1932. Freud had read passages during the session 6 March, which took part Jung and Binswanger (et le names 2 March, as stated incorrectly Jones, II, p. 35). See Minutes, The, p. 142.

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