13-05-1907 Jung to Freud

24 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 13. In. 07.

Honored Professor!

Above all, I urge you to forgive me for the long break I am permitted. I could not not write Vou-lais earlier, to see a little clearer. I really wanted to first welcome and fully assimilate your notes on paranoia. First, the chronic! You will soon learn that assistant kraepelinien (1) I was killed in the Zentralblatt Gaupp of a book review on dem. pr.. You are naturally included. It is touching seeing as he struggles all around the helpless thing. If you do not have the Zentralblatt, I can send you to build the handout I received. He nevertheless had to write explicit work on it. Now at least one draws with guns. But in the end the case was once again the effect on me, because I see that it is infinitely difficult to communicate your ideas to the people.

The auto-eroticism another triumph to bring to its active. We recently succeeded analysis in a catatonic cultivated and highly intelligent, which has a very good look. She walks always stiff and without affect and can with difficulty keep it in a good department, because it occasionally filthy with excrement. She told us spontaneously since she got sick, it becomes in his thought as a child, that old childhood memories emerge en masse, where she completely loses. When she defiled with excrement, it is simply the idea (in a state close to’ "No thoughts") do not sit on the seat of the cabi-net, but to defecate on a paper on the floor. Ble remarkable thing, she did that as a child. She had then, dit-elle, constipation and is too tired on the seat; she then began to defecate still on paper. The disease appeared also excited states local, with masturbation. Significantly, sexuality sensu strictiori does not at all on the psyche, but is in most cases local and is perceived as something alien and unwelcome, or at least it does not produce corresponding discharge.

I thought many times your "views on paranoia", also accompanied by Bleuler. The delusion that takes its origin in affect (= libido), that we are quite understandable. It seems to me that your explanation of the "outward projection" you can hear the genesis of the idea of ​​persecution. But in the d. pr. everything is projected outwardly. Delusions usually involve a mixture of disordered wish-fulfillment and obstacles. Up to now, I've always found the illuminating analogy : the ecstatic religious, wishing divinity, sees himself one day filled with the vision of divinity. But the contradiction with reality brings also the opposite : certainty is doubt, the devil and god sublimated sexual pleasure sexual anxiety mystical union, with all its historical ghosts. Here we see how desire creates directly outward projection, because there is a desire to reality. One can often find the same desire [Wish] in the unconscious of paranoid, except that the contrast tends to objectify. Persecution is then often simply compensated by a feeling of grandeur, happens less often to produce objectivations. In the paranoid dem. pr. however, the fulfillment of desire is much more frequent. When you say that the libido withdraws from the object, you probably want to say that it withdraws from the’real object reasons for normal delivery (obstacles, obvious impossibility of the fulfillment, etc.) and it turns to a fantasy of reality markdown, with which she begins her game auto-erotic classic. Projection towards the end of the original desire emanates perceptual reality, that, If it is impracticable, its reality is created on the hallucinatory mode. Only it succeeds in psychosis wrong, in that only the contrast is expressed objectively. Where did it come from? it is not yet quite clear to me, perhaps that the contrast component is reinforced by the normal component correction. I am extraordinarily grateful for any corrections you make to my design. It is only there that I hope to bring you.

Bleuler still lacks a clear definition of self- eroticism and its psychological effects specific. However, he accepted the concept for the presentation of the dem. pr. in the manual 2 d'Aschaffenburg. It does not mean, however autoerotism (for reasons known), but "autism" or "ipsisme". To me, I'm already used to "auto-eroticism".

Your patient Görlitz now catatonic symptoms unmistakable level auto-erotic Lowest, it stains. This is what his father wrote me recently. A psychological treatment, even a simple analysis are totally excluded, Unfortunately, as I see it quite often in our daily catatonic.

Maeder (3) has now published analyzes of dreams in the past Archives of Psychology.

Here I also get your Materials (3). Please accept my heartfelt thanks ! I immediately put myself reading eagerly.

I am now in analytical treatment of a girl six years with excessive masturbation and Lies, after an alleged seduction by his foster father. The thing is very complicated ! Do you have experience with such small children? Except representation entirely without color and without trauma affects the consciousness, I did manage to get either spontaneously or by any suggestion abreaction accompanied affect. Currently, it seems that the trauma is a deception. But where the child knows all the stories she sex? Hypnosis is good and deep, but prevents the child with the greatest innocence all suggestions to represent the trauma. There is meaningful that this : in the first session she spontaneously hallucinating one - "small sausage roasting, whose wife said she was becoming bigger - ". When I asked where she saw so sausage, the child said quickly "on Mr. Doctor! "So everything you could want in fact transposition. But since the sex is completely blocked. No sign of d. pr. !

With lots of friendly greetings, Your most devoted


1. Max Isserlin, "About Boys Dementia praecox Psychologie der and the application of Freudian research maxims in psychopathology " [On Psychology of Dementia praecox Jung and the use of maxims of Freudian psychopathology research ], International journal of Neurology and Psychiatry, flight. XXX, n.s. XVIII, may 1907. Isserlin (1879-1941), de Konigsberg, was a neurologist in Munich; it was a long time assistant to Kraepelin, He died in England, where he lived as a refugee.

2. Cf. 272 J, n. 7.

3. Alphonse E. Maeder, "Test interpretation of some dreams", Archives of Psychology, flight. WE, 1906. Maeder (1882-1971), psychotherapy therapist Swiss, for some time president of the Zurich psychoanalytic, Jung followed after the break with Freud latter; later, Maeder developed a technical analysis short and joined the Oxford Movement.

4- Delusions and Dreams in "Gradiva" W. Jensen. Ed. orig. : Journals in applied psychology, fasc. 1, Leipzig et Vienne 1907. Ed. franç., Paris, 1971. Cf. Jones, II, p. 362. : "It was Jung who drew attention [of Freud] on this story, and it was, According to Jung, wrote his little book on purpose to make him happy. "This correspondence supports this assertion, however, affect; Perhaps he confuses the Jones Materials with the volume of new About Powers [Higher powers] the same Jensen, Jung pointed out that, in fact, Freud.

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