23-05-1907 Freud to Jung

25 F

23 may 07.

Dear and honored colleague,

Because you make me wait so long for a response to the Materials, I have to believe that you are deeply engaged in the work of the dem. pr., and I do not want to wait any longer my information.

I see two problems in your writing : a) shall mean that the retraction of the libido away from the object, b) What are the differences between the paranoid projection outside and other projections. I'll tell you what I think.

a) I do not think not the libido withdraws from the real object to fall on the representation fantasy replacement, with which it conducts its game then auto-erotic. According to the meaning of words indeed, it is not auto-erotic as long as an object, that is a real object or fantasy. I believe instead that the libido leaves the object representation, which, by precisely devoid of investment designated as the inner, can be treated as a perception and projected outward. It can then be allowed so to speak coldly for a moment, and subjected to the test of reality usual. "They told me I like coitus. Well they say, but it is not true. "The successful repression would far, libido manifests itself then become free of any auto-erotic as in childhood. - I think all our misunderstandings arise because I do not have enough accentuated the process in two, decomposition of delivery and return of libido libido.

We can then build 3 case. 1) Repression by the process described successfully permanent, then this is the course that seems characteristic of the dem. pr. The projected object representation appears perhaps only temporarily in’ "Delusion", libido definitely runs in auto-eroticism, impoverishes the psyche as if you know exactly.

2) Or else, upon return of libido (failure of the projection), only a portion is directed Towards auto-eroticism, Another new research subject, which must now be found at the end perceptual, and that is treated as a perception. Then the delusion becomes more urgent, contradiction against her increasingly violent, and all combat defense comes again, as rejection of reality (repression turns into rejection [Rejection]), and this may continue for a period, until finally the newly incoming libido is still thrown to the auto-erotic, or in part is permanently fixed in the delirium of desire against the projected object. This is, in proportions varying mixtures, the course of the dem. praecox in the paranoid, If certainly the most impure and the most common,

3) Or the delivery fails completely, after reaching a while the projection object of desire. Libido newly incoming wins now become the object perception, produces extremely strong delusions, libido changes to belief, secondary processing of my trips; women also hides the paranoia, in which auto-eroticism fails to be fully, but the mechanism is, however, explained that through this series up to the dem. pr. complete.

These three patterns that I represent. You'll see what we can prove clinically, thus bringing into existence. I look for now that it is in the dem. pr. the return to pure auto-eroticism is doing the best. What you say is indeed conclusive! I repeat here in passing that I do not believe that the known mechanisms are demonstrable in dem. pr. and not in real paranoia as Bleuler thought.

b) Less clear, because I lack the fresh impressions, are my ideas on the problem (b), how is the paranoid projection from the hysterical projection and projection in amentia. It is certainly in the latter we have the hallucinatory fulfillment purest, where the image of the desired object perception becomes directly, by regression, - Discharge with no libido overvalued. Refoulement concerns me here instead the opponent and reality. There is not here either reversing the sign, pleasure is pleasure, it is not changed in displeasure as paranoia. So for this type - see my analysis of the past (1) - Two characteristics : not discharge the desired object, subtract libido (with excessive force) to the object representation. This is also undergoing a reversal, a prolonged struggle and not a chronic paranoia as in (the. pr.).

In hysteria, the analogous process, hallucination of the idea of ​​what is desired with the subjugation me, occurs, as episode short in crisis, by regression from the object representation to the perception overvalued. Lability that characterizes hysteria. The repressed becomes, only temporarily, displacing the. During its course, any hysteria can become acutely psychotic hallucinations of the above-mentioned species.

In paranoia (which is the theoretical; the. pr. effect appears to be primarily a term clinical), representation of the desired object is never made directly, or by means of regression, due to excessive investment of libido. Here we have the first delivery through the projection, with libidinous investment diminished, and only secondarily on reinforcement by hallucination libido back after discharge. I must say, even if it is demonstrable that a good scheme, the regression and projection are two different processes, which also take different paths. Which is also characteristic of paranoia, is that the regression fades as; the idea of ​​what is desired is seen as word heard, and not as visual image; So it comes, by capacity-, thought processes. Visual hallucinations, certainly secondary, I still do not, it looks like a secondary regression.

The Destins of libido, where it is localized in relation to me and to the object, and variations in discharge regarding libido, and also the chronological thereof, this is what should be the characteristic of neuropsychoses [Neuropsychosen] and psychosis.

After these things more than difficult, something more comfortable. From your six year old girl you will definitely learned that the attack is a fantasy become aware, as we discovered during regular analysis, and as they have led me to recognize common sexual trauma in childhood. The therapeutic task is then to find the sources from which the child has reached his sexual knowledge. Children usually give little indication, but confirm what was said and that they guessed. Research in the family is essential. If it succeeds, This analysis gives the most challenging.

I must add something to Bleuler. Auto-eroticism is yet unequivocally identified in Three trials. Mentally, if you want, negatively. The fact that the child does not speak just as he starts to immediately and fully in the full transfer, as your observation also shows.

My patient is very informative Görlitz, as any errors. Everything was still in effect recognized, and dem. pr. is added. Mon Gymnasien, I speak of the Materials, who fled to the geometry, showed the best obsessional symptoms, the most beautiful fantasies. Also remained infantile in his genitals. I saw him there a few months, in demented apathetic.

With my cordial greetings and waiting for your answer,

Your cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

1. Cf. 11 F, n. 5.

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