26-05-1907 Freud to Jung

27 F

26 may 07.

My dear colleague,

Warm thank you for your praise of Materials! You would not believe how few men come to something like this, This is actually the first time I hear about it a warm speech. (Not, I must not be unfair to your cousin(?) Riklin.) This time I knew little work deserves praise; it was done on sunny days 2 and gave me so much pleasure to myself. It brings nothing new to us, but I think it allows us to celebrate our rich. I do not expect that it certainly does open your eyes to the severe opposition; long since I tend more ear on that side, I hope and since so little of the conversion of the professional, I have brought to your testing galvanometer, as you rightly recognized, a half-interest, what you now have me punished. A profession of faith as me yours is actually more valuable than the approval of Congress over, also because it provides me in passing that future congresses will give me their approval.

If you are interested in the fate of the Materials, I drained maintenance-aware about it. So far there has been only one report in a Viennese newspaper 3, laudatory, but devoid of understanding and affect that could be for example about your demented. A journalist like this, who does not understand the accent of passionate abstract property, it does nothing to write : Mathematicians say that 2X2 frequently 4, or : 0n ensures that 2 X 2 are not usually 5.

That Jensen himself said? He spoke very loved-ably 4. In the first letter he expressed his joy, etc., and stated that the analysis was, for all the essential, hit the intentions of the small work. Hence it does not hear our theory course, as well as in general, by old man, he seems unable to understand other intentions than its own poetic intentions. He thought the match was probably put in the account of poetic intuition, and may need to assign a part in medical studies he made at the beginning. In a second letter I then became indiscreet and I asked about the subjective poetic work, from where the material came from, where his person, and other things. I then learned that it is actually ancient relief, he owns a copy Nanny (5) Munich, but has never seen the original. It is itself a fantasy woven this, namely that it is a Pompeian; himself loved to dream in the furnace from noon to Pompeii and entered once there in an almost visionary. Otherwise he knows nothing about the source material; in another early work it suddenly came, he left everything aside, began to write, has never been blocked, almost always found it just as ready and arrived at the end of a line. This probably means that further analysis would lead to his own childhood through to his own most intimate erotic. Everything is new fantasy egocentric.

In conclusion let me express the hope that something will happen to you as you one day that you will able to interest a circle of secular, and then you just doterez my collection rather than Future (6).

You are right, I kept silent about the’ "Bird", for reasons that are known to you, respect the publisher and the public, or soothing your influence, as you want. Someone who takes care of the issue will be very grateful for the reference work Steinthal. Riklin I was made aware of work in the journal Steinthal (7) in 1869. Hear- you the same thing?

I'm really curious to see the work of Bleuler on dem. It will probably contain a progress report to the theory of sexuality, but little progress must be. I hope it does not make your job redundant. Theoretical constructs that I sent you twice (8) were for me, I must say, a beautiful torture; this is not my usual kind of work and without observation equipment. But you have nothing against such theorems. If I were younger or richer or reckless, in each of these three cases I will take up to three months in your clinic and together we piocherions this and certainly would come after.

I really have no reason to expect Bezzola and Frank among us. I am glad to B[ezzola] if you got rid of him without sweetness; judging from his acts symptomatic, we do not make him certainly not harm. The mechanism of its success - they are durable? very doubtful, - Is certainly, as you sup-pose, transfer, you say : transposition. I believe that I myself have recently expressed to you this suspicion when I wrote to you for the first time about her (9).

I receive your work well, apart from my reaction this time. Me you should expect in the coming time as the second edition of the Daily Life (towards the end of June), which is taken in one or both of your examples (10). Bresler (11) did not send reprints from little essay on religion and compulsion, you just heard on Wednesday examples where you were with me. The publisher has failed to make! Two small trials, m'a qu'on extorqués (12), probably appear only later.

Thank you very much for two shells from the enemy camp (13). I'm not trying to keep more than a few days, until I can read without affect. It is only the emotional idiocy. First they write as if we had never communicated with dream analysis, case history or explanation of a failed act; However, when they put the nose on the material evidence, they say : but it is not evidence, it is arbitrary. Try to give proof to someone who does not want! There is nothing to do with logic, we can say that it Gottfried of Strasbourg, I believe, has said irreverently of God's judgment :

Holy Christ that create wind as a sleeve is (14).

[the holy Christ is made of wind like a handle].

But let take five to ten years, and analysis " aliquis(15) », Now that is not a proof, will become evidence without that nothing is changed. Nothing is here and continue working, do not waste too much energy rebuttals, leave on the fertility of our designs against the sterility of those we fight. The aggressiveness also clear from the work of each line Isserlin. Some things really are too stupid too; any evidence of ignorance.

Yet, be quiet, all happen. You live now, if I did not see. We are not the first to have to wait until we begin to understand their language. I still think we have more supporters secret that we know; I'm sure you will not be alone in the Amsterdam Congress. For each experiment repeated mockery to us, my belief that we have something great hands grows. In the obituary you write me one day (16), remember me present this testimony : any contradiction that I did not even troubled.

I hope that your head will recover soon, and your workload decreases while. I miss your letters when you're too long pauses.

Your cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

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