30-05-1907 Jung to Freud

28 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 30. In. 07.

Honored Professor!

Today I can not unfortunately short answer to your kind letter if, because I am constantly taken by all sorts of matters concerning the clinical.

Receive my warm foremost thank you for the news about Jensen. It's almost like you could imagine. Yet he accuses his medicine, here is excellent and arteriosclerotic already alarmingly. In the circle of my knowledge on bed Materials with pleasure. Women are the ones who best understand what you are doing, and usually immediately. Only those who have a culture of 'psychological' boards have before my eyes.

I gladly write something for your collection. This idea is very friendly. I just do not know what. It would have to be something suitable. The section of the Future or something like that would be too bad; Harden me l'a extorqué. I'd never written spontaneously. At this time it is the experimental work that I meet the more, and they are not adapted to a wider circle of readers. It is not excluded that the dementia praecox sends me, its inexhaustible depth, something good. To this is added as an obstacle that I have for now so overloaded with administrative work that I just found the time to my own work. A fortiori there is no question of material immerse myself in the. A systematic development of dementia praecox is also impossible for the same reasons, because there must be an unlimited time. So I formed the project, there is some time, to change my situation so that I have more free time, able to devote myself entirely to scientific work. My project, RAM-ment is supported by the Pr Bleuler, is assistant clinical or laboratory psychology, as more or less independent institute, I would then appointed director. In this way I would be independent, freed from the shackles of service in the institution and I could work exclusively on what I want. From this then I would tend to separate the professorship of psychiatry at the direction of the establishment. Because the two together, this is too much and it prevents productive scientific work. It is true that I would not leave the actual career of psychiatrist asylum, but the damage was not so great. I would anyway equipment. And I can imagine that I would have enough satisfaction with the only scientific work. As I can see in my dreams the last period, this change has an underground base "metapsychological-sexual", which is trans-parent for you, and which I also promise a series of sensations of pleasure. Who knows your science has tasted the tree of paradise and became light.

I still relaterai different things soon.

Yours most dedicated,

your Jung.

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