04-06-1907 Jung to Freud

29 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 4. WE. 07.

Honored Professor!

I found this excellent sentence of your last letter, we can "rejoice in the wealth", I look forward each week your wealth and saw the crumbs that fall from the rich man's table.

I have a pretty new cases of depression in a dem. pr. :

9and year : The patient sees traces of menstruation of his mother, What about sexual arousal and masturbation

12and year : Beginning of menstruation. Study of instructional books on sexuality. Fantasies on the genitals of his brothers and sisters, especially his elder brother. The other brothers and sisters committed this year to drive more reserved with his brother, since this is adult.

16and year : Symptoms of high emotion. Crying for days when the fiance of a friend is in danger oldest in the Alps. His brother is great mountaineer.

18and year : Violent agitation and nervousness during the day for the marriage of his sister. Masturbation and sex drive increased accordingly. Guilt dissant gran-.

20and year : The older brother became engaged; it feels as if struck by lightning. Must constantly compare the bride, which has all the advantages, while the patient disappears completely beside her.

21and year : Made for the first time met a gentleman who published intentions of marriage. She is friendly, because it reminds him of his brother in many respects. But she immediately guilt increased : it is not good to think of marriage, etc. Increasing depression, sudden impulse extremely bright suicide. Internment. Very dangerous suicide attempts. Indubitable symptoms of. pr. Delusion : his brother can not marry, because bankruptcy. After about half a year, sudden change in euphoria, when talking about her sister's brother wedding gifts. Therefore euphoric, takes part in the marriage without the slightest emotion, what seems most striking, because at the marriage of a sister, three years ago, she was in tears. After the wedding, decline to normal euphoria. Is one distortio pedis. Do not talk willingly "go home".

In this style I might make a very nice picture book that can only enjoy one who has tasted the tree of knowledge. Others remain empty-handed!

A cas of paranoia (d. pr. paranoid) :

Env. 10and year : The patient was attracted to mutual masturbation by an older boy.

Env. 16and year : Falls in love with a girl who has a head boy (mowed short). (Elle se nomme Berty Z.)

Env. 18 years : Done through the girl above said knowledge of a person named Lydia X., of which he definitely falls in love.

Env. 24 years : A London. It is fired from his job (for why?), through the streets for three days in a troubled state, without eating, refers repeatedly call him by his name; a horse rears up near him, he is afraid : By this we want to make him understand that he will get a good position. It finally goes home in the evening. On the way to the station is an unknown lady, She apparently wants to approach. But when she sees that this approach is an unknown lady, honest and not a casserole. At the station take a young man and a young girl, Z is Berty. de Zurich. There is, however, not quite sure. Front of his house, he sees for the first time she wears the number 13. In the same night he shot himself in the head, but without dying. Healing.

Env. 34 years : At Zurich laid a. Lydia learns that X. is engaged. State of agitation, is confined. Delusions of grandeur and persecution. God, Bishop, Doctor, etc. Lydia X. and the sister and mother of the latter are contained in all the people he came to see. All that happens is the work of these people. They are constantly around him, but never show themselves in their true face. "It would take me once Lydia, so I can make my sperm on it. Then the thing would be in order. »

Three years ago delirious image is transformed. At this time the patient met, during a celebration of the establishment, a girl who has the tic shake your head. Her hair was shorn short. It is clearly fell in love with it. Soon after, Lydia did nothing directly, but that it "drew a princess by the hair (1) ». This singular mechanism performs two tracks now everything that happens around him.

Since the marriage of Mfor X., remission more!

I would be very grateful if you would explain to me your views on the theoretical case. Your last exhibition was detailed, I confess, too difficult, so I have not been able to follow. My understanding is better when it follows specific cases.

The next time I want to tell you about another case that interests me theoretically, seems to be built a little differently than those cases, but that is very characteristic of a large class of cases of. pr. Currently I have a case where, despite all my efforts I can not distinguish whether it is of a. pr. or hysteria. I must say that in general the differences of. pr. and hysteria disappear at me quite worrying since I analysis.

Yours truly!

Your fully committed


1[1] Cf. About the psychology of dementia praecox, § 169, n. 152, where one statement about a similar patient.

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