06-06-1907 Freud to Jung

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6. 6. 07

IX, Berggasse 19.

My dear colleague,

I am very surprised that this is me rich table that he fell something for you. This statement should probably refer to things that are not mentioned thereafter. If only I had this! I am just miserable before your efforts around the dem. pr. Found on the attached sheet the results of efforts which you hire me. Since I do not feel the case, they are unsatisfactory, - I do not take these doodles for an opportunity to repeat things that I, as you write me, expressed clearly too little the first time.

A picture book as you would be very instructive ébauchez. It would above all to embrace the architectural look of the cases. I tried something similar several times, but I always wanted too, I wanted to guarantee perfectly clear vision at all, I wanted to represent all the complications and so every time I'm stuck. But do not you want to take such a serious intention to? Dare you ever take seriously the fight for the recognition of our new? The first thing would be to start a magazine, eg "for psychopathology and psychoanalysis", or more insolently only psychoanalysis. We would find a publisher, the editor could be you, Bleuler not refuse, I hope, to serve as director at my side. We have not other employees! But something like this attracts. We will not fail equipment, nothing will cause us more trouble than choosing, shorten and refuse contributions. With our own analyzes (two of us) easily we fill more than one volume per year. And if the saying is right : insulting buys, then the publisher will make a good deal.

It only attracts Does not? Think so!

I now have more free time and can therefore catch some things the current flowing in each day next to me. I note in my new analyzes. One of my patients just come in consultation, me and already turning heads now, so I have no ideas at all. Its main symptom is that it can not hold a cup of tea a cup of tea] in the presence of someone; This is of course only one of the most important condensation outraged inhibitions. This morning she has worked very poorly. "No sooner was I in the antechamber, she says now, I wanted it all together. Naturally, when someone has innate cowardice! Indeed cowardice * and Schale Thee are not so far away. "It always returns the words. The story of his childhood is played between his mother and nurse, which has long remained with her. The mother's name Emma; flip it : Public [nurse]. To hell with the criticism argumentative ! Suggestion, etc. !

Your cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

[Annex] (1)

So I have to fantasize [fantasize] Both your. I do probably do not need to copy notes, you have certainly.

The first is the easiest : He begins to 9 years, the essential determinations are naturally located behind; each hysteria, in my, relates to sexuality years 3-5. But we can not prove it without a long analysis. Your history does not provide so that the historical material; these are childhood memories preserved prehistoric material that would lead to. In dementia praecox, it will probably often settle historical material.

Everything happens then clearly, love for the brother she reigns without discharge, but unconscious sources. Under growing conflicts, gradual discharge, guilt as a reaction. Very nice behavior during the engagement's brother, Compared with the bride. No conversion symptoms, only conflicting moods. At the time of reconciliation with reality, with the marriage proposal of Mr., she associates with her brother, repression occurs, she falls ill. Masturbation probably had continual prevent a case of hysterical conformation, as a real hysterical would long ago stopped to masturbate and have had symptoms substitutive. Your diagnosis of dementia is then quite right, confirmed by the delusion. It seems then detach it reaches his libido to his brother, by substituting indifference, euphoria [is] theoretically strengthened me through investment object removed.

Therefore a case only partial, probably incomplete, few days totally drilled.

II. Le paranoid.

It starts with homosexual experiences. The girl's head boy is the mediator of the libido back to the woman. London A conflict, not support the collapse of his hopes, kills himself in front of the plight (symbol : No. 13), after several attempts to get what he wants. He did not succeed by hallucinations tion, there is no regression of mental representations perceptions, but perceptions are influenced, more exactly, fresh memories of perceptions are influenced in the direction fantasies of desire. We can easily distinguish this kind of accomplishments desire delusions. However, they have a special character, which is specific to paranoia, and that the theory explained by a localization. In the battle between reality and fantasies of desire, these appear to be the strongest, because they have unconscious roots. The discharge is not taken into account here, but probably subjugation [Over-coping], that is to say : we are facing a process of psychosis, this is not the unconscious has been repressed, the unconscious has captivated me attached to the reality. At least temporarily here : shows that suicide was not a lasting success, it is an act of self defense against psychosis normal.

London between then and the final entry in the disease is a period of health, that is to say delivery val ve succeeded. But now that the libido is back with a new engagement, disease follows a form typically paranoid, with projection. The final result, namely that Lydia is in everything and did everything, means in effect that the love object took entire possession of him. From the shape of the event, however,, it is a libido that has reinvested something repressed. Repression occurred in the healing, and was - which can not be proved in this case - a projection outward, not, however, a representation strong as in the delirium of desire, but rather a weak representation, which may not have been possible thanks to the detachment of the libido. Libido on his return found his object as outside, projected. I find pure cases of dementia that libido has gone into auto-eroticism in the discharge through; this case paranoid does not show anything. Paranoia, generally, shows only the return of libido, detachment (suppression) (2) can be seen in your comments on dementia.

The psychological problem (not the clinical problem) is the mechanism of projection in the world of perceptions, which can not be identical with the simple regression of desire.

This is very interesting and, I hope, will soon be studied in other cases, is the ratio of paranoia later (with projection) a psychosis subjugation original. Reality has first been subjugated by the strong desire fantasies, but so that there were only memories distorted, desires not hallucinated. As a reaction then follows the discharge fantasies of desire; This is perhaps due to this preliminary stage that the libido to return so close to the end of the perceptions. In the paranoid process, regression does not seem to go really Perception System, system but only to the nearest : remembrances. I hope that in subsequent analyzes the difference with the type of hysterical conversion will leave more clearly demonstrate.

I can not give more, but am very ready to receive more.

* In French in the text. (N.d.T.)

1. Written on both sides of a large sheet, 25 X 40 cm; the letter itself on the small stationery.

2. Written under the previous word in the original.

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