14-06-1907 Freud to Jung

32 F

14. 6. 07.

IX, Berggasse 19.

My dear colleague,

Good news, that Geneva also interested in the cause. Claparède Flournoy and have always shown a friendly attitude in their review. I'm very happy now that they intend to attract attention to your work with a detailed account. I certainly will take advantage of me too.

Just today I received a book by a man who seems to bear his name rightly (1), To psychology and therapy of neurotic symptoms, A pair. Muthmann (2). It focuses on the way the words "a study based on the theory of neuroses Freud". M[Uthmann] was assistant in Basel. This can not be a coincidence; a Swiss as he seems indeed to have more courage about a German free. The book is good, beautiful case histories, good results, dignified and modest; I hope this is a solid contributor manifested here. Perspective it is still lacking, it addresses what has been found in 1898 like new, he said not a word transfer.

I therefore take the word about the magazine. You agree more its necessity; we do miss little readers. Do not give ourselves a period of hesitation too long, in the fall 1908 about the first issue. Of course, you hit the nail with your observation on outpatient cases. According to their customary way of life experiences, reality is too close to women to believe in fantasy. If I wanted to organize my statements according to the indications of the maids, it would come out as negative cases. This behavior also agrees with other sexual peculiarities of this class; informed people assure me that these girls are easier coitus for example look undressed. The chance of treatment consists in that first learned so much in other cases they can tell their story themselves to these people, without waiting for their contributions. They certainly confirm RONT then; can not learn anything from their case.

Too bad my case with the cup of tea is not finished yet; otherwise it could shed light on your patient vomits when there is a crumb of bread in coffee. According to some evidence, these symptoms refer to the excremental (urine and faeces). Should enter the case starting with disgust at the corpse of the mother. Disgust at the mother probably goes back to the time of sexual initiation. I also forgot that menstrual blood is also counted among the feces. This makes it almost impossible a short outpatient cases, is the tem-poral element. In periods as short, no change psychi- that can not be accomplished, so we said nothing to a man who has known so little time.

Thank you very much for what you enrichissiez my experience by communicating if dem. pr. Your last, woman 36 years, mother fixation, can actually be called ideal. The question : where then put libido which must be detached from the mother? can then be solved, if the thing takes shape as in other cases your, by Derou-ing [Course] : to the auto-erotic. It is interesting that the investment of the mother who succumbs to the process of repression is at once a pathological component (pensatoire com-). It is because there is excessive diversion away from father; must presuppose a preliminary stage of common childhood inclination for the father. May be important theoretically. Your intentions to travel to Paris and London show me, to my satisfaction, that the time you provide overwork happened. I wish you interesting complex in Paris, but I would not know the complex Viennese repressed by the other. The obstacle in French is probably essentially national in nature; import to France has always had difficulties. Janet is a fine intelligence, but he went without sex and can now move more; we know that in science there is no turning back. But you certainly hear many good things.

With cordial greetings, Yours

Dr Freud.

1. Courage (h) — courage.

2. Arthur Muthmann (1875-19..), To psychology and therapy of neurotic symptoms; A study on the basis of Freud's theory of neurosis [Contribution to psychology and therapy of neurotic symptoms; a study based on the Freudian theory of the neuroses]. Hall, 1907.

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