01-07-1907 Freud to Jung

34 F

Thehe July 07.

IX, Berggasse 19.

My dear colleague,

I am happy to see that you are back to your work Burghölzli and I am very happy with your travel impressions. You can imagine that I would very much regretted that the complex Viennese had to cope with a complex in Paris in the sharing of available investment. Fortunately it is not happened and you have gathered the impression that the time of the great Charcot are gone, and that is our home, Zurich entre et Vienne, beats to the pulse of this new life of Psychiatry. And we would happily overcame a first danger.

You give me this time especially a lot of material "professional" for answers. You are right, business is good. Will it ten years and can I wait until then, it remains veiled. But the trend is undoubtedly the rise. The activity of the opponents is necessarily sterile; insult each in turn, says me (you now also) stunned, and thus ended. Its activity is consumed in it- same. But anyone who joins us can relate the results of his work, and then continue to work and relate. It is understandable that each works in its own way and brings perhaps the distortion specific to the intelligence of the thing unfinished.

It is only you that I know Bolte-Bremen. Gross's book(1) I was especially interested because it emanates from the clinical Pope Supreme, at least he was admitted by him. Gross is a highly intelligent man; for my taste, it's in the book too much theory for thin observation. The analysis is seriously incomplete - it is certainly not his fault; the principal, the path that leads to theft, is certainly right, but not sufficient in determining. Have you noticed how he is prodigal of superlatives? The only one who is not designated as "opening gaps", "Upsetting", etc., it is just me, which is an advantage. There is undoubtedly shows abnormal emotional life G[ross], you have told me. He also recalls some ancient Egyptians, who have never changed anything in their pantheon, but each new god seated and each new concept on the old, which has resulted in an incredible confusion. Gross did the same to me and a synthesis of all the ancient gods : Wernicke, Anton (2), etc. While I am a bad judge those who have the same aspirations as me; about the work of Wernicke psy I always thought he had not been a new idea as a psychiatrist, but he had extended his mental habit to break and layered cuts.

There is almost nothing to tell about my Materials.

The same journalist 3 who welcomed the Vienna time devoted a section, also much higher, in the supplement of the Allgemeine Zeitung. He must want to get some-thing to me. Perhaps it is also the best books that we do not write anything?

The subsequent evolution of this insane who finds his brother the doctor is a brilliant experience transfer paranoid. The lady Lüders, it is of course itself again. I read the work of your student 4 with great interest and with respect to the problems of individual psychology. I am fully aware of course at any point your ideas and caution. I think it is quite right that the attitude towards what the examiner is directed first and foremost the content of responses. This is how we organize the more easily "transfer studies". I organized as a joke self-examination, making me myself reacting to stimuli words we use here. It works pretty well, and I was able to solve the most bizarre answers. A lack of experimentation was annoying in that while copying the next word mingled with the reaction to the word being precisely. For example, I responded to Book [book] by Bushrangers [bandit highwaymen], then Frog [frog] by Busch [bush]. Once everything is cleared up course. Frog had contributed to determine the response to Book, bringing me to our friend Busch.

For six weeks, the frog was ill.

Now he smokes again, Thank God 5 !

Six weeks the frog was sick.

Now she smokes again, Praise be to God !

Yesterday I had my first good day after several weeks of dyspepsia. Otherwise I have responded by complex personal and libido, often hidden and very artful. The Klepper [bandit] just kleptomania in the work of Gross.

The newspaper is agreed between us. We conclude no later than a date.

You will still be mailed a small thing6 Me, a soap a colleague Hamburg extorted me. Please Judging by this motivation.

I find your references that you laboriously drawn during the hot summer months ahead. The influx of workers is a great honor, and experience of association provides good material to fill these young people. I yearn to be free the 14 this month; year I was severely tested, I was of course also made many beautiful things, including your first visit with all the expectations attached to it. I have the right to behave this year already so a bit silly, that others can more easily after work. So do not expect anything intelligent to me before I am restored. I still start to have confused the idea of ​​working on the "epistemological difficulty of the unconscious" (7), for which I will take a few pounds in the summer.

Dr Windows , you know, whose criticism is not usually the strong side, I presented a paper on cases of anxiety, that was required of him by the "clinical Berlin" (!) (9). I influenced it up for cases, as an’ "Anxiety hysteria", next to the "hysteria of conversion"; I intend to defend this theoretically available one day(10), and I would recommend the meantime this view. We arrive thus to cram phobias.

With cordial greetings,

Your Dr Freud.

1. The Freudian Ideogenitätsmoment, cf. 33 J, n. 6.

2. Gabriel Anton (1858-1933), Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist, later professor at Graz and Halle. S. ; known as brain surgeon.

3. Moritz Necker.

4. Emma Prince, "Statistical studies on word associations and familial type of reaction in accordance with uneducated" [Review statistics on word associations and correspondences in the family type of reaction uneducated people], Journal of Psychology and Neurology, flight. IX, 1907. Emma Fürst remained after 1913 in the Freudian camp.

5. The two ducks and the Frog [Both ducks and frogs], Munich broadsheet, No. 325 (citation inexacte).

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7. This work has never been performed in this form.

8. Wilhelm Prickly (1868-1940), one of the first four members of the circle Wednesday, which he took after completing an analysis with Freud. He was considered a brilliant writer and as an analyst full of intuition. He was the editor (with Alfred Adler in early) of Zentralblatt Powered by Freud, he continued to publish for more than a year after his break with Freud, in 1911. He spent the rest of his life in London, during which the suicide if. On the development of his thought on the anxiety states, see infra 61 F, n. 5 and 98 J, n.

9. Probably the journal Medical Clinic, Berlin, where the work of Stekel is not, however,.

10. In Analysis of a phobia in a five year old boy, ed. orig. 1909.

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