06-07-1907 Jung to Freud

35 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 6. VII. 07.

Honored Professor!

Are you upset if I bore you with things that I have experienced personally? I would actually tell you a story that happened to me instructive in Paris. I made there the acquaintance of a Germano-American who gave me a print friendly. This is Mrs St. (1) of trente- five years. We spent a few hours together in society and we spoke of landscapes and other things indifferent. Was served black coffee. She did not take it, me making the point she could not stand the slightest sip of black coffee, she felt even the smallest amount the next. I told him that it was a nervous symptom; in any case it was only home she could not stand coffee, but when it was under different circumstances [in other circumstances (2) ], she certainly better supported. Just unfortunate that word had she missed that I was terribly embarrassed but soon I realized it had fortunately "not heard". I noted that I had not the slightest knowledge of the history of this lady. Soon after, another lady suggested that each tell a number, because such figures were always meaning. Mrs St. this : three. Knowledge of Mrs.. St. cried : "Of course, you, your husband and your dog. » Mrs St. answered : "Oh, do not, I thought that all good things come in threes! "I conclude that his marriage was barren. Mrs St. became a little silent, then said abruptly without transition : "In my dreams my father is always so wonderfully transfigured. "I learned that his father was a doctor. A few days later she presented me, despite my refusal, a magni-fic etching. Wise sat! My wife knows, she said Last : "I will announce during psychotherapy for men. »

A hysterical woman told me that from a poem by Lermontov(3) constantly turned his head. The song is about a prisoner whose only friend a bird in a cage. The prisoner is led one desire : he would once in his life, supreme act as, give freedom to be any. He opens the cage and lets his beloved bird fly. What is the supreme desire of the patient? Elle dit : "I would like once in my life help a complete freedom to obtain a psychoanalytic treatment. "There is evidence that in her dreams she is confused with me. As it recognizes, his supreme desire would be having a child of mine, that would fulfill all his desires unfulfilled- shortbread. For this course should I leave first "flying bird". (Swiss German is spoken by example : « ton ” small bird ” he has also been whistled? »

A beautiful chain, is it not? Do you know the pornographic image of Kaulbach 4 "Who wants to buy the gods of love? » (Winged phallus, that resemble cocks and engage in all sorts of games with girls.)

I have recently asked about a hysterical patient can never finish a cup of coffee. I suspected you as an analogy with feces. It is now revealed that the patient was maintained until the sixth (?) years prolapse of the anus, without coming out as she goes to the bathroom, and must always be set up by the mother. Later itchy anus, fighting in the patient sitting on the stove with the bare posterior. She fights the pain is also present hysterical heating the posterior. But his pain is localized to the hip and left leg. Paresthesia anal lasted almost until the thirtieth year. Later she tried to make them go away by lying in bed and her sister against her by heating. In the analysis, what made me pay attention to the history of the anus is it said that we should listen when the lower part of his back, that it "cracked" strangely there in the bones. In her twentieth year she had severe diarrhea. His mother wanted to call the doctor, but the patient is put into a state of anxious agitation, because she did not want to be examined, fearing that the doctor wants to examine her anus. But what terrible tortures until all that is left.

Now some mystical historical!

Of Vienna left three reformers antliropologico- medical : Mesmer — Gall — Freud. Mesmer et Gall (5) were inhibited in Vienna, Freud (accordance with the time) has not been recognized. Mesmer and Gall are thereupon went to Paris.

Mesmer's views remained confined to Paris, until Lavater (6), of Zurich, the imports into Germany, in pre-Mier to Bream. Hypnotism was again awakened in France and was imported by Trout of Zurich Germany. The first and oldest student is Forel Delbrück (7) of Bream ; He is now director of the insane asylum of the city.

Freud found its first clinical consideration Zurich. The first asylum State German Freud recognized that Bream (regardless of personal relationships with us). Furthermore Delbrück, the only assistant in German Burghölzli (AFAIK) is Dr Abraham (8) of Bremen. He came here in Berlin and has no relationship with Delbrück.

Thinking by analogies, analyzes such as your exercise-ment, bad fruit, you probably think. But it amused me. .

The dem. pr. is currently enforced rest. The i4 July I have to go for three weeks in military service9 Lausanne. Then my boss left for four weeks. I have all new asylum on the back. The outlook is bad. I hope that the work of Binswanger's coming soon. You will see that you have also mastered the secrets of the galvanometer 10. It is true that your associations are excellent!

Receive my best regards!

Your ever devoted


Anxiety neurosis and anxiety hysteria are still quite obscure things for me - unfortunately - due to lack of experience.

1. Abbreviation Jung.

2. The phrase that the French equivalent would be in a situation "interesting" means "enclosure".

3. According to M. Vladimir Nabokov, 1 there are two errors in reference to this poem : it is not Lermontov, but Pushkin, who wrote in 1822 in Chisinau, two years after being expelled from St. Petersburg;

and paraphrase that Jung gives back the whole meaning. Here is the poem, translated into French from the English version of M. Nabo-hot and cold :

Ptichka (Small bird)

In a foreign country I observe religiously

The ancient custom of my own country :

I put a little bird freedom

On a beautiful spring day.

May befall me and consolation :

Why murmur against God

If I have a single creature

Make gift of freedom?

(Copyright © English 1974 by Vladimir Nabokov.)

4. Design sans date de Wilhelm von Kaulbach (1805-1874), exposed to the Staatliche Sammlung in Munich Graphische illustration of Goethe Who buys Liebesgôtter? [Who buys gods of love?). Reproduces in Eduard Fuchs, The erotic element in the cartoon [The erotic element in the cartoon], Berlin, 1904, p- 221.

5. Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), Austrian physician, founded the theory of animal magnetism (mesmérisme) ; He went to Paris 1778. - Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828), German doctor, founder of phrenology; He went to Paris 1807. Both had studied in Vienna.

6. Johann Kaspar Lavater (1741-1801), Swiss theologian and writer, ami de Herder, Hamann et Goethe. His main work. Physiognomic fragments for the transport of human nature and human kindness [Fragments of physiognomy, to promote the knowledge and love of men], 4 flight., 1775-1778, gave a strong impetus to the physiognomy.

7. Anton W. A. Delbrück (1862-1932), German psychiatrist, Burghölzli formed at the time of Forel, from 1898 director of a psychiatric clinic in Bremen.

8. Karl Abraham (18771925) studied psychiatry at Berlin; he entered as a medical assistant at the end of Burghölzli 1904 et fut You Inhe January to 11th November 1907 first assistant physician in the medical- young chef (information that we owe to the kindness of Mr.. Professor Manfred Bleuler, Zollikon). He contacted Freud in June 1907, by sending a reprint; cf. 36 F, n. 2, and Correspondance Freud / Abraham, Paris, 1969. He returned to Berlin in November 1907 where he opened a cabinet of Neurology. He returned shortly after a visit to Freud, cf. 55 F and 57 F, and later became one of his friends and closest collaborators. Abraham fonda le 28 August 1908 Berlin Psychoanalytic Association. In 1912 He was a founding member of the "Committee". In. infra note after 321 J.

9. We know that the annual military service is compulsory in Switzerland. Jung first belonged to the infantry, then became in 1901 doctor of Staff, Captain 1908, then unit commander 1914 à ig3o, when he was released from service.

10.Binswanger repeatedly cites Freud's work on the phenomenon psychogalvanic. Cf. 61 F, n. 1.

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